Wednesday, 16 November 2011

My sister was my dog, for a second time

It is the second time I substitute my sister with my dog in a dream. To be perfectly honest it is the third time these two change places in my mind, because I have also dreamt of my dog talking in my sister's voice, but this substitution was the other way around.

I saw I had gone to take a nap and when I woke up my sister had chewed some of my things and left them as a messy pile in front of my mother's old couch. I could not figure out exactly what it was that she had destroyed. She did the same thing again when I left her alone for a little. When I came back I asked her why she was doing this to me and if she did not know I would always be returning. She run off into the bathroom to hide and would not speak to me, only give me a hurt stare. She looked much younger than she is.

Then I saw that I was with P. and we were climbing up to a terrace at his parent's house. We went up too quickly for me to understand the process, but when we got to the top of the balustrade I realized that we had used a hanging rope. There was a level with stairs, yet in order to get there I would have to hang from, and move slowly on, the previously mentioned rope. It was not even properly stretched and the distance to the stairwell was 3 or 4 metres, while the distance from the ground must have been at least 5 metres. I knew I could not do this. I have a fear of heights that makes my palms sweat instantly when I glide a bit higher than the ground. I panicked and started to cry. P.said he would find something to make me feel safer and left. He returned with a small mattress and a second piece of rope. I still could not do it and I was starting to get angry and searching in my mind for somebody to blame. I have been trapped high in other dreams as well, mostly on staircases, and usually I choose to jump. I can't remember having been trapped before so badly, though. The thought of jumping crossed my mind but the distance looked so big that I was not sure at all that I would not miss the mattress and crash on the floor or even that the mattress would absorb the shock. I did not do anything because I woke up.

Friday, 11 November 2011


It's been a while. It is not that I haven't been dreaming, I just did not feel like writing in the morning.

For example, a few days ago I saw I had caught a strange disease but they had saved me by putting my brain in a new body that was an exact replica of mine. The transplant was 100 % successful and I was happier than ever. I had my previous body in a very small coffin next to my bed. I was impressed by how small it was. We would bury it the next day. I kept thinking that I am a rather small person. Over all, it was a happy dream.

A funny thing about dreams is that if you don't put them down on paper, or tell them to someone right away they just fade within minutes. For example, when I woke up I knew I had seen at least two lengthy dreams. I've been awake for just an hour and now I know I will only be able to recall bits and pieces.

I think I dreamt that I had moved with my mother, sister and P. back to my hometown. We had also kept an apartment at the capital, just in case we needed to spent a night there. I had to be there to meet the sister of my sister's godmother, whom I haven't seen for years. I think she studied advanced mathematics and got married to a very tall man (she is a rather small woman, too). In my dream she was a lawyer, like her sister. We met and she invited me for a drink with her colleagues. We went to a nice area with lots of crowded small bars. We got inside and squeezed through the crowd. Apparently somebody was dissatisfied with the first table we chose because we moved to another spot in the same place by some stairs. I can't remember if we went upwards or downwards but the access was not easy. We had to join two tables because we were a lot of people. A big waitress came to take our order. I wanted a glass of white wine but I never got the chance to ask for it because the waitress ignored me. The girl's husband came over and I thought he was not as tall as I had heard he was. He was taller than her and me but still, he was just average for a man of his age. The time passed and I got bored, so I decided to leave. Everyone would leave. I thought it was too late to catch the bus back home and I said I was in a pickle because I had nowhere to stay. She responded I could crash on her couch. I was glad she did so because I had not really had the chance to talk to her in private until then. Then I thought I might be a burden and remembered that I also had an apartment in the city. I searched in my backpack and luckily I found the keys. They would all leave together but my apartment was in the other direction, or so I thought.
I said good-bye and started walking. I thought I was quite close but I had the wrong impression. After walking for a little on a wide street with yellow lights and no other visible pedestrians I started feeling I was in trouble. I thought of taking a taxi but there was scarcely any traffic and no taxis at all. This and the fact that I saw movement behind trees and buses made me think I might have been lost in a dodgy part of the town. I asked a woman I spotted getting into a dimly lit building if it was too far to get on foot where I was going. She said it was not so far, but it was not close either and further more I would have to walk towards the other direction and pass through some rather dangerous districts. I noticed that I was standing in front of a peculiar bed and breakfast facility. It seamed other-timish and it reminded me of unknown W.M.C.A. interiors. I saw that the woman was making crochet flowers from thick yarn. I had been making the same thing a few days ago. Further more, some of the yarn she was using was the same as mine. I was impressed and convinced I had to spent the night there just for the experience. I said I had no money and she informed me it was like a homeless asylum. I felt that I could not spent a night in a place where I belonged less but this made it so attractive. It was similar to the excitement I got as a child when I got a glimpse into strangers' houses when we went to sing the Christmas carols. It was another world I had to explore with all my senses. I accepted the bed she offered me. Perhaps we could chat about crochet and maybe some day I would visit her again to show her mine.
All the beds where in the same room. They were all single wooden beds with thick woolen blankets in various faded colours that reminded me of aubergines. I also remember a large, double wooden door that led to another small room. I got into bed and this is as far as I can recount form my first dream.

I had another one, later on. I can't remember how it all started but I was with P. Something had happened to my waist and despite the fact that my whole body was fully functional I was on a wheel-chair. We were going to a public health institution. We passed by the railroad tracks and kept walking on the narrow pavement of a wide street with large public buildings on either side. I could not really see them, just the tall grey fence. There were children, young thugs, that were returning home from school walking towards the opposite direction on the pavement. Not only did they not make way for me to pass with my wheel-chair but they also stared at me in a provocative way. At that point I figured out I could do a lot of cool stuff, like go round a tree on two wheels etc. I moved forth and got behind the kids and I looked back to find P. He was nowhere to be seen. I called out his name and started moving towards the other direction but there was no sign of him. I went to the public health institute on my own. I had to climb up a scaffolding to get to the appropriate office. By that time I was worried but not crazy-worried about P. because it was no longer him. It was Popeye I had lost. Soon Olive came where I was and I told her what had happened. I asked her how come she was not so worried either. I can't remember her answer.
I got into an office that was grey and cold. I had a simple desk and some metallic storage cabinets. Then I was sent to another office and from there back to the first one. The second time I got in there I saw a mash of fat old fellow-students of mine, dressed in featherless chicken suits rubbing on each other on the floor. And then the dream got embarrassing. I asked for a penis because I wanted to f.. them all. I was given a device I would attach to my genitals and it would vibrate while it looked like a plastic pointy chicken leg on the other side. I pushed a girl down and placed this object inside an orifice of her costume. She objected for a moment but started co-operating soon. I did not do this for long because despite the vibration I could not enjoy the process. I got up and started having casual chat about the oddness of the machine with the office clerk. The rest were still cuddling and rolling on each-other on the floor. They looked funny because even though they were all obese their heads looked small in comparison to the masses of the uniforms they were in. Luckily I woke up soon after that.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

I found toys

I saw that I was in an older Athens. I was making clothes. I had made two similar dresses. One in the colour of mustard and one black with mustard coloured details. I got outside on an alley between tall buildings. I was co-operating with a team of artists that had gotten into some politician's eye and we had to flee because they would try to attack us. Then it all changed and I was there with my mother. I told her I would take a small walk. I got to an opening at a crossroads. I had bought some herbal tea from the mountains and was holding it on my hand. When I reached tho other side of the road I noticed that somebody had threw a lot of toys at the garbage. I squeezed through items until I was close enough to collect my loot. There were Lego and Playmobile and lots of other toys inside tin boxes, baskets and bags. I picked two of the largest tin boxes and started filling them with toys. As I was searching I found a bigger box and exchanged my previous one with it. I collected as much as i could carry and started walking back home. I had to pass between a couple of kiosks and stools that sold snacks. I saw then that I was carrying one of those old-school wheeled trays, the kind that was used to carry groceries back home. It was too bulky and I had to lift it up in order to pass. Up to that point it was making a terrible racket but when I lift it up it stopped. I woke up soon after that, terribly disappointed with the thought that it's a great pity not to be able to bring thingd back from your dreams.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

London with K. and P.'s kimono

Last night I dreamed that I was in London with my good friend K.. We had just arrived and I would only stay there for a day. There were so many things I wanted to do that I had no time for a break. I remember us walking around in wide avenues and pass through grassy parks. Whenever I dream of London it seems to have some made-up characteristics. It is more grey than brown and much more industrial. Actually, London in my dreams resembles to Canary Wharf, despite the fact than even when I leaved there it was one of the places I did not visit so often, although it always intrigued me.

My friend K. and I passed through a local market with groceries and bought some snacks. It was getting late in the afternoon and we did not have much time left. We passed through a museum and then we were about to visit Tate Modern. I wanted to go to the loo but I needed 50 p. and I did not have any change on me. I decided to wee outside the toilets between a couple of bushes. A security guard in a yellow t-shirt and blue trousers saw me and notified someone through a large radio. I tried to lifts my panties and accidentally I urinated on them. I called to the guard to apologise and make an excuse but he was disgusted by me. Another on came near and I was still trying to lift my underwear. Finally, a woman joined them and I called for her. She came near me and not only was she not disgusted but she gave me a sympathetic look. I apologised to her and informed her of my lack of time. I asked how much would be the fine I would have to pay, so as to finish with the process as soon as possible and proceed to my errands. They lead me to an office where an alcoholic red head was waiting for me. She invited me in for a drink. I followed her in a room covered with bookshelves. I tried to explain why I had been caught urinating outside the designated area. She did not seem to mind it much and would not make me pay a fine but neither did she let me leave either.

And then the dream became really complicated. While I was waiting in this woman's office I transformed into a plate with some watery dough. Then my face rose from the surface, followed by the rest of my body. Soon I was standing with crepe dough dripping from me. My skin stabilized and I was holding a rather stable and descent crepe au chocolate.

In my second dream I was with P.. We were walking around a Mediterranean market. I can't remember exactly what it was we were looking for but the shops were about to close and we had to hurry. We got into a shop that sold fine fabrics. Large kimonos made of tartan in various shades of muddy colours were hanging from the ceiling. I looked at P. and saw that he was also wearing a kimono in the colour of Salmon, I had given to him. He was asking how he could remove some stains it had on the shoulders. They suggested to over-paint them but I disagreed. P. went to find another clerk and I stayed there, attempting to make small talk. I told them how I had bought my kimonos. They were not very interested though. While I was standing there I noticed how many people were working in this shop that had initially seemed empty. P. called me to show me how excited he was to be helping a young girl cut bronze ribbons from a long roll of bronze she ad in front og her. He had big iron scissors and he was cutting and cutting, looking very proud of himself.

I woke up and got up with a very small hangover and sweating.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

A sci-fi adventure with explosive diarrhea

Last night I woke up with terrible abdominal cramps. Half-awake, I saw images of lighted cores that represented a path through which I would manipulate the pain. It resembled a game I was playing last week. I was sharing a single bed with P. and I know he had trouble sleeping in such a narrow space, especially with all this heat, so I was trying to take as less space as possible. I really needed to fold my legs though, so I turned against the wall and tried to get into a position that would ease my suffering. As I was relaxing, I saw that I was enfolded in pristine mechanical parts, white and cromium. They were folding and unfolding slowlly. Eventually, I slept deeply and dreamt a dream of my favourite genre; a sci-fi one.

I was in a city with P. It was war time. I was in a public building after curfew. It was very dangerous to be out because there were people that wanted to manipulate our minds. If we got cought we would get brainwashed. I was hiding behind some desks. I met two more people there that seemed to still have full contiousness. Together we would probably manage to escape. A few officials came in the building. Among them was a beautiful dominant woman. Somehow they convinced us that we were not in danger. We thought we had tricked them to believe that we were with them. I decided to make an attempt to escape but when I tried to locate my comrades I realised we had fallen into a trap. They had brainwashed one of us, Bob, and erased his memory. He no longer knew who he was, neither who I was and he tried to capture me.

I got into a narrow corridor with more than ten high-tech elevators. I pushed a button and waited. A very short and chubby woman with thick black hair and black clothes, pulling a medium size trolley, stood in front of an elevator door oposite me. My lift came first and I suggested she came with me. She said that she would not use an elevator unless she would be alone in there. I felt sorry for her and told her she could go first, then and that I would wait for another one. She left and soon after that I also got into a cubicle. I pushed a button for the eleventh floor but realised it was the seventh I should get to. I pushed the stop button and the lift stopped between two floors. I ould hear people outside so I started punching the door with my fists but no one would respond. Then I realized that I could actually move the whole thing by pushing the wall and I did so untill I was infront of a door. I got out.

I was in a hospital. I took the stairs this time and atarted going downwards. When I got to the first floor I saw a coridor that would lead me out. The whole place resembled slightly to MOMA, architectur-wise. A man in white was walking in front of me. I followed him. He was carrying a large metallic construction. He placed it on the floor and crawled under it. I did the same but when I was about to get out, a couple of doctors blocked my way with a barier. I asked permission to pass through but they suggested that I go the other way because they were baout to use this space for patients with contagious explosive diarrhea. I felt really bad for having crawlled on this space and made my way back as fast as I could. From a distance I saw people shtting frozen blood. The doctors where saying that these people's sacrifise would save million others.

I got out on the street and met P. It was dusk. He told me that somebody was making a film about the nineties, which was why the whole city was covered in peculiar retro debris. He had a large wooden cart and was very happy about that. His friend O. also had one of these. Somebody had parked it on his back yard. Among all the things that were layed out on the street were some bags for cat food I had found at IKEA. I asked if there had been IKEA shops since the nineties. I also wanted to push the cart and he gave it to me. It was rather heavy and hard tro manage, but so much fun to operate on the empty streets. We passed through corridors and alcoves.

I woke up.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Liquid gas

This month, I have seen at least five dreams I haven't felt like writing. They were long and fast and confusing with rapidly changing context. I shall try to write down what I dreamt about last night but before I do so I will Mention P.'s dream.

P. woke up about half an hour after I did and he announced that he was was not talking to me, because I had been really shitty to him in his dream. He said he saw I was flirting with somebody's American cousin and that I was paying no attention to him. Subsequently, he saw that he was sitting on a beach and that I came running towards him from a big distance. I approached him and smacked him on the face. I broke his glasses that also seemed to swallow as if they were hurt instead of his face. I appeared not to give a damn about how he felt and I was laughing. A real bitch.

I dreamt I was at a party. There I met a friend of mine, from high-school, with whom I had been flirting for a short period. He informed me that his brother would also drop by later. He mentioned that his brother was adopted and that he was half-Chinese. The brother, indeed, came to the party and I thought he was remarkably handsome. We started chatting by the buffet. There was a lot of tension between us and despite the fact it felt really nice to be flirting, after being in a relationship for so long, I was so worried that P. might make his appearance in any minute and I would have to stop. I had no intention to lie to either of them but since the half-Chinese brother would leave the country on the next day, I thought it was safe to stay with him and hide the whole thing. I kept feeling that P. was near by, as if he was in the next room, or something.
I also remember talking to my sister and then I found my self sitting in a conference room with people from my masters course. More specifically I remember an English girl called E.. She was a small girl, small for English that is, with honey coloured hair. Her hair was much longer than I remember it in reality. We left together and passed through a hotel lounge. A couple more girls were with us. I can't recall who they were, though. She asked me about the half-Chinese fellow and I told her I would met him once more within a few minutes. He had asked me to deliver some sort of fuel to the hotel. We would meet right afterwards. We walked together to a car that was parked on a prairie some distance from the hotel. I would have to drive this car to the front door and give the fuel to somebody that would be waiting for me. It was in a big metallic vessel, like the kind that is used for liquid oxygen, or liquid gas. I was a bit worried it was not a safe thing to do and the request made me feel odd too. The girls got in the car with me and E. asked me to give her a handmade crochet scarf I was wearing. I did not want to because I had made it myself and I really liked it. She was pulling it form me, telling me she was freezing. I offered her another one that I had left in the car. She objected violently. In the end I fixed a hole she had created in the second one and she took it.
I woke up. It was a turn off because it was a nice dream in comparison to the things I have been seeing lately. I slept again and tried to recreate it but I was unsuccessful in it. I woke up and got up.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

dog sister

In my dream I mixed my sister and my dog. I saw that I had left my sister at my house for a little and when I came back she had eaten one of my dolls. I hit her and she took the dog's expression. Then she run away. I run after her so as to apologize, despite the fact that I was still raging mad. I caught up with her and apologized. I asked her why she had done it and she said that she thought I was not coming back. It was a very disagreeable dream.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

pregnancy, on my behalf

I dreamt I was pregnant. I saw myself in a grey dress with a big belly.
Then, I saw I was with P. and we were about to get married. I don't remember seeing the process or wearing a white dress, but we did and afterwards people were gathering for the reception. Although the pregnancy was unexpected it was received well, unlike the marriage ceremony that was rushed. I was wondering who had decided about it and I told P. that it had not been my intention to marry him, just because I did not believe in marriage. He said he agreed but we had to do it for his father. I was in a room with other women, having some sort of lukewarm bachelor's party. I did not know any of them- they came from P.'s family-but we were sitting around a table playing a painting game I don't know. We were drinking something from plastic cups and it just dawned on me that I should stop smoking and drinking. One of them was looking for the markers and I realized I had collected most of them. I gave then back and she said they were finished and that I should through all of them away. She was repeating "all of them, all of them" in an "off with their heads" tone of voice. I did not plan to do this as I was sure that some of then were still functional.

I left there and I wondered for a little while on the yard that surrounded the house. I met P. and we sat down besides some bushes. It was dusk and the light was very odd. He said he really liked sitting on that spot. We could also see in the neighbor's garden. We saw a small girl running towards her house.

The wedding ceremony must have taken place in the meantime because I was expected to go to the reception. People were in the house and I was trying to serve food, but we did not have enough salads. All we had was some boiled wild greens that looked really miserable. It was not so important as people would eat properly at a restaurant later. Everyone left and P. and I were left alone in his parents house. (It didn't really look like their actual house but more like a memory I have from a generic house from the eighties, maybe in a summer resort). He said he wanted to take a nap and he would meet us later.

Apparently we were so late that people started coming back home. I asked his mother about mine and she said that my mom was having a very nice time with hers and that they had stopped to play something between tennis and volleyball at a nearby court.I thought of P.'s grandmother as an old, elegant, lean, cheerful, tipsy woman with black hair and a big smile, jumping around with a racket in her hands.

In the meantime I had doubts about my pregnancy. My belly was restored almost to its original size and I though it had only been two weeks since my last period, so I wasn't late. I found my mother and told her I did not feel pregnant. She smiled sweetly and said that she thinks I had been for two to three months. She asked why I said so. I replied that I did not feel as swollen. I also said that people might think it was a scum so as to get married and that this could not be further from the truth.

I went to find P. again. He took me to a strange building. We went through an underground passage with shops. The Japanese embassy was also there. I saw a beautiful Japanese woman in an elegant white outfit shutting a door and lowering the railings behind a big window. We went in a building in the colour of graphite. Inside the walls were covered with crimson drapes. I peeped inside a couple of rooms. It looked like an art show. We met with guy that was crouching under a platform. Him and P. started fooling around until they both fell on the floor. Then they stopped and looked at me and I saw they looked almost identical. P. got up and introduced me as his girlfriend and mother of his child. I was relieved not to be called a wife. I left them there and walked further inside the corridors to see what was happening there. I took some dust from a box and left a trail with it behind me as I went. I remember meeting another man behind a curtain.

I woke up soon afterwards.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

undertakers +2

I have been watching a series about undertakers and it affected a dream I saw this morning. It was about undertakers. I saw that the women that work as undertakers or belong to families of undertakers have a small scarecrow tattoo near their vagina so as to prevent ghosts from inserting. Later I dreamt I was an undertaker. I was in the desert, walking on the dunes, when I decided to check if I could fly. I could, even though it was more like hovering than flying. I was not very high so the landscape unfurled slowly under me. My vision seemed slightly blurred and the sand resembled the texture of a slightly rippled sea, apart from the fact that the waves were still. I flew for a couple of metres and then I landed, as I was waking up.

Some days ago I was taking a cat nap and I dreamt I was in a car crush. A vehicle was coming towards us in top speed from the opposite direction and we could do nothing to avoid it. I was busy doing something else in the car, thus when I saw it coming I rushed into getting the embryonic position but I could not do it properly, as if I did not have enough space. Eventually we crushed. I felt no pain. I saw the windshield shatter and the fragments of glass flying all over the place. It was happening for so long that I started thinking about it. I thought that, perhaps, I should change my position or that I might be already dead and starting afterlife.

Another day I saw that I was with P. and I.. She was about to poo when P. decided that she was not standing properly and pulled her leg slightly. She got up and searched for a new place. Then she made a huge turd. It must have had a diameter of 9 cm as it was coming out. The end-product was so big that I was not sure if I could pick it up with the plastic bags I usually use for this purpose and I was wondering whether I should just leave it there.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

the half homosexual manor

My dog made an attempt to wake me up at half past six. The sun was already shinning but I was 3 hours of sleep short. I refused to get up and she returned to her bed. I slept again and had a dream. I saw I was with a friend of mine, apparently not a very close one. He was a lean blondy that talked a lot about his love nest. I got into his car and he drove me to a big cottage surrounded by nicely trimmed loan. Instead of opening the front door for me he opened a window under the porch and invited me in. He said that he shared the house but that the basement was his, only. I thought twice before going in. It looked dodgy to get into an underground room through a window. I refused and eventually we went into the house by the appropriate entrance. It was an expensively decorated house. He led me into his room. I asked if I could use the bathroom first. This room was covered by black marbles and the sink was covered by traditional embroidery. I removed it carefully, washed my hands and rearranged it carefully. I went back to the guy and we started getting undressed. The door opened and two old fellow students of mine got in. I put my dress back on, over a checkered shirt I was wearing, but it had the front side on the back. I tried to take it off so as to turn it around but it was too tight. I asked for help. He was just staring at me as if he had never helped anyone take a dress off before. I was left standing there with my arms raised above my head. One of the girls helped me. Then his brother joined us. He was an african classy homosexual with posh shoes, white shirt, grey trousers and shaved head. He was wearing a golden ring and had a glass of whiskey in his hands. I noticed at that point that there were two of everything in the house, half of which were covered in the previously mentioned embroidery. I understood that these objects belonged to the brother. The time had passed and I remembered that I had left my dog alone for many hours. I did not have my dog in mind but my sister's. I decided to leave but wanted to schedule a date for some other day. Then the guys wife appeared and they got together in a farmer's truck. He signed that he would text me. It thought it was really silly on his behalf and was turned off.

Then I found my self in an urban area. I felt that I was walking aimlessly around when I saw a nice little corner cafe where friends of mine were sitting. I approached them and the alarm clock went off. I woke up

Sunday, 3 July 2011

the pre-historic lizards

I dreamt I was with my sister. We were at the sea. The shore was very shallow and warm. I had to walk for quite a distance until I got deep enough so as to be able to swim. I was swimming when I passed from a spot that was especially warm. I thought it might be a volcanic source and dipped my head to see. It was not clear so I would have to get rather deep to trace the source of the heat. I swam underwater and saw that bellow me were carcasses from strange amphibian animals. They looked like oversize lizards. For a moment I thought that they were crocodiles but they looked different. The heat was coming from these animals. I could not decide how I felt about them and if I wanted to be swimming above them. I called at my sister to tell her about my findings. I kept going bellow and observing them. They were different kinds of animals. Some looked like a dried-up lizard I saw yesterday in the evening (not in a dream) and some like some graphic animals I saw in a computer game. It was very muddy and greenish-brown down there. The thought that I might get infected passed through my mind but my curiosity surpassed my feeling of self-preservation. I saw more but by the time I managed to write about it I forgot everything else apart from the lizards and the feeling of swimming in this primordial heat.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Empty warehouse

I vaguely remember trying to tech in a class. The bell rung, the students left the room and I remained alone to collect my things. The teacher of the next lesson came over. It was a woman that looked very strict. She told me I was slow and that I should have evacuated her class by this time. I thought she was very rude and decided not to pay too much attention to her. She started making small talk. After a while I had managed to put all my possessions in my bag and left. I was looking for my next class when I got into an empty building that reminded me of a zinc warehouse. It was dark and dusty.

I must have woken up soon after this.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A new friend

Last night's dream was sexy.

I dreamt I was with my sister and mother. Our mother would leave us and take the bus home. Me and my sister would take the subway. We were in Athens, near the "panepistimio" station. We went down the stairs but realized we didn't have tickets. I asked my sister to wait for me in the platform while I would buy these.

We were in a hurry because a protest was about to take place above us and the tube station might stop functioning. I passed through a complex of staircases and walls and got to the area where from I could by tickets. There were very long ques of people and all the automatic vendors were out of order. I tried going into another room. There I found a couple of functioning machines but they were rather old. I inserted the money and touched the screen so as to get the amount of tickets I wanted. I noticed that the fees had changed and I did not know which to get. I chose the most expensive, just to be on the safe side. In the mean time the station had transformed from an underground one to an overground railway one. I started searching the platforms for my sister, getting increasingly worried as I understood the vastness of the building and that we were also running out of time. I asked a clerk who said that they might have to close down the station early.

As the time passed I thought that my sister might have taken a train without a ticket. I decided to walk to another tube station, where the bus to our home town left from to see if she had got there. What stopped me was the thought that there was a massive demonstration taking place out on the street.

I got out and faced a block of policemen. I lifted my arms and passed through them showing them my hands. Apparently I could not go very far, thus I decided to get back inside the station from another entrance. I found my self once more in a complex of staircases, alcoves and corridors. In a dark corner I met a man that seamed to work for the subway. I told him I had to get either to the platform to find my sister, either to the tube station where my sister would meet my mother. He was thin, not very tall with pointy hair, a charming little triangular beard under his lips and sparkling eyes. There was something bewitching and sinister in the way he was looking at me. I did not feel perfectly safe near him whilst finding him very attractive.

He led me through strange passages and secret doors, hidden behind purple drapes, in a part of the subway that appeared not to be in use any more. It was dusty and I could see the woodwork on the ceiling as well as pipes. Soon I lost my sense of direction and further on I did not know how deep we had got. Finally we got out on the street in an area that reminded me of Soho, London.

It was night time by that point. We were in a narrow street lit with neon inviting lights above suspicious doors. He pulled me near him and took me to a cafe. I asked where we were. He said he would take me to one of the most interesting little shops. I had become less tensed and worried and I let myself be guided. I asked what was the name of the tube there. He said it was the Kitchen station. I looked behind me and indeed I saw the sign that wrote "Kitchen" in the London underground font. I told him it was not were I was supposed to be. He responded that it must have been a misunderstanding then.

We went back inside the tube and soon we were where we got to the bus stop. The protest had been there as well. Yet I could not see the bus anywhere. I supposed that my family had got home safe, because since they had not departed together, either of them would have called me if they hadn't eventually met.

I got back to the first station and met the guy. We embraced and kissed. He let me understand that originally his aim was to destroy me but he had become fond of me in the meantime. I liked him a lot. We were standing there, among people, with his arms around me, looking at each other when I saw my previous boyfriend. I thought that from sear solidarity he wouldn't tell P. anything about it. Just to be sure I asked him not to. He was eating a sandwich and was talking about something else he had eaten in a trip he had made recently. He told me we were late and that D. with whom I was supposed to be flatmates again, was waiting for me to have coffee. I told my new friend that we would meet soon and left.

I met D. among other friends in a cute pink cafe, near our new house. She said she had accidentally set fire to our living room and suggested that I go there to see the damage and count my money to see if I had it all. The house was just around the corner so I went there. I saw that it was not the living room that had been on fire but the kitchen. It looked slightly chagrined and futuristic. All the devised were smoked but I could still see the black steel and the chromium under the smudge. It was nothing to worry about. I did not have any money in the house that could get burnt, and my dog was intact.

I left the house and went back to the cafe to tell them about my amazing new friend. I woke up thinking about it and if I should consider it cheating. I decided that maybe but never to mind. I slept some more, lightly this time, thinking that I should get up to keep a record of the dream. I made my self some coffee and baked a feta cheese tortilla.

Monday, 27 June 2011

chinese wee and circus freaks

This morning I had one of the strangest dreams.

I saw that I had agreed to go and work in my fathers workshop while he would be absent. In the dream it was located to the outskirts of a town. There were two separate spaces, formed like cubicles, but their walls were old wooden bookshelves enclosing desks with lots of rusty old things on top. He also had two apprentices the wore dirty overalls.

In order to get there I had to pass by a garage. The road that passed in front of the building was hectic with traffic, so I was obliged to stand there for a couple of minutes so as to get the opportunity to get to my job safe. The garage was owned by a Chinese that peed on me once. He starting urinating in front of me and then started aiming further and further until a few drops fell on my legs. I did not particularly disgusted but I got really angry. The same thing happened on the second day as well. He had an awful grin on his face as he was doing his extraordinary stunt- after all, he could hit a target with his wee within a distance of three metres if not more- while I was asking him to stop doing this. I got to my work rather annoyed and as soon as I got there I saw a very peculiar crowed looking for me. They looked like circus people. There was a small man in a tall hat and brownish/gray/ greenish clothes. He could move very fast and followed me where ever I went. I was sitting on my desk and he was looking over my shoulder and as I turned my head away from him, he would be facing me behind my other shoulder. This man wanted something from me. He would not say clearly what it was though.

At the same time I had an exhibition taking place in the building behind me. It looked like a massive post-industrial barn. A big crowed had gathered and they were sitting on long benches as if in a traditional feast. I approached my old professor of aesthetics to ask about the sort of work she would like me to present. I found it hard to locate her because her appearance had changed. She looked very thin and small. She was in a flowery dress and had bright orange curly hair. I went near and she burst out crying that non of us really cared about her. She jumped on one of her friends, L.,and got into a paper bag. I looked inside it and saw that she had decreased even further in size, she was sobbing and she was practically blond apart from a miniature mohawk of the previously mentioned bright curly hair. I left her there because she was too upset to speak and I had my circus-freak stalker right after me.

I got into the attached house because I had stored my work in the attic. I was accompanied by an unknown girl that was supposed to be the younger sister of a friend of mine. The house was roomy and was decorated as if it was 1990. I found the ladder that would lead me to the attic. At the bottom I met my friends from high-school. None of them payed much attention to me though and anyway I was in a hurry. I walked up the stairs and got into a strange room. It was rather clean, filled with old furniture and objects. I found my stuff and picked them up so as to curry them downstairs. Before I got going I looked through a tilting window that was high enough for me to have to stretch to see through it. I saw that the dark had fallen. I could also see a big flower bed. Next to it was standing a friend with whom I recently had a fight. As soon as I saw him I hid my face. I looked outside again and saw one of his best friends. I waved at him and nodded that I would explain things later.

Before I left the room I put on a pair of soft sunglasses I found on a piano by the door. On the stairs I met the mother of the house, who was the mother of a fellow student of mine from primary school. I haven't met the woman since then. I asked her if it was her sunglasses and if I could borrow them until the next day. She responded affirmatively.

I woke up soon after this. I slept some more but can't remember anything else.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

The rusty ship-like building

I dreamt I was at college. I was looking for a new space within which I could work. My pathway leader, J., showed up and led me to the area designed for me. I hated it because it was on a veranda of some sort. I usually work sitting down and I also like my space to be really clean, so I was really annoyed by this decision. Further on I would certainly freeze during the winter. He told me not to worry too much about that because the college's funding had been cut down and thus, there would be no heating for anyone. He also mentioned it was a good spot because his father had his studio there, to the attached building and I would be able to talk to him and ask for advice.

Then I heard somebody calling my name. I got through a door to an external corridor and met my professor of aesthetics. The whole building looked old, industrial and rusty. It resembled and old ship.
The woman told me that the school had huge issues because the new minister of education considers it useless and that we might loose our degrees. I asked if this would have any consequences in my carrier as a practitioner apart from the fact that I would not be able to teach. As I was thinking about it later I realized I was not in any real trouble because my high-school marks were high enough to keep me in the job.

Subsequently, I found myself on the street. The atmosphere was gloomy. I was walking around this industrial area when I got to a building I really liked. I understood it was the main building of the school of Fine Arts and swore at my luck for being located to the secondary, not so nice one. In the meantime I talked to my sister and she informed me that on this night there would be a strange phenomenon that would render me completely dangerous, so if nothing more I would have to be strapped down until the following day. We arranged an appointment and I got moving.

I kept walking and walking but not getting to my destination, while the dark started falling. And then something strange happened. I got stubbed in the neck. My blood started pouring. I saw the big splashes of blood that formed a trail behind my feet, as I was dragging my self in the empty city. I was not feeling faint, or pain and I realized I would not die. Soon the blood that was flowing started clotting. It was dark.

That's about all.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

It all started with me being slightly late for class. I was going to teach drawing. I had my dog with me, except for that it had duplicated. I was walking with two dogs that looked exactly the same. One of them was walking calmly by my feet but the other one was running around. I cought the berserk dog and told it off. It spat in my mouth. I started spiting back at it. I got to the college where I teach after passing through a large square that reminded me of my home town. One of the dogs got away but I was over an hour late, so I did not sit to wait for it. I went upstairs and the secretary told me off for being so late. I told her I had called and spoken to another girl I did not know. She responded that she had probably forgotten to let them know and that thus it was not my fault. She also told me that i would have to share the class with other people giving exams. I did not like this one bit.

I got into a crowded classroom. My students had been forced to sit apart from one another. I did not like this either. Then I started building our composition but an annoying woman told me I could not do this because it would distract her students. She showed me some ceramic vessels stalked on each other. I don't know what was the purpose of it. I started speaking loudly to my students while the rest of the teachers gave me looks of disapproval. I walked out of the class and asked for my lesson to get rescheduled because apparently I could not teach under these circumstances.

I left there and met with P. I told him I had lost one of the dogs but that it was probably fulling around in the neibourhood and that it would come back sooner or later.

Then, I was at a party with my sister and her friends. The atmosphere was joyful and I saw a couple of nice faces as well. At some point a rather handsome guy came crawling under the chairs where we were sitting. I leaned backwards and approached his face. I was bent in a way so that my face was upside down. We kissed. I got up and continued talking casually. I also remember talking to my ex-boyfriend and my friend D. K. was talking about his prospective studies. I was telling him that all will be all right. The time passed and we left.

After this I was in a bus with P. We had to catch a train but our point of departure as well as our destination were not precise. Then the bus was empty and P. was driving it. Apparently we had borrowed it without asking anyone. I wondered if this was a good idea or if it was punishable. We stopped at a designated stop and he thought of leaving it there. I suggested that we took it where buses were usually parked. We started driving again. We thought that maybe we could pick up people from stops and not ask them to validate their tickets. We drove on a large black street that curved slightly to the left and then to the right. We were within city limits- I knew because I could see tall concrete blocks in the skyline but we were driving among small green hills. It was as if the road was barricaded by those hills.

I remembered I had left my sister's umbrella somewhere and that if I was about to leave for a long time I should give it back to her. It was a small pink umbrella and I had left it at M.'s house. a friend of my sister and I don't know her very well. I had the keys to her apartment and I expected her to be away. I got into the building and started looking for her door. I saw some women getting out of an elevator and I tried to act as if I knew where I was going. In reality I was looking at the bells so as to locate the right the right one. I found one that had "Kalamari" written on it and thought it was the one. All I had to do was to try the keys to the door. I was thinking that if it was the right one I would not raise any suspicions but what if it was the apartment of one of the women that were standing n the lobby looking at me. I tried the key and it fitted. I opened the door and saw M. on her bed with someone. I saw her slender back half-exposed under blue sheets. I also heard my name from lots of people and understood that there was also a crowd sitting in the living room. I did not find this awkward but felt ashamed that I had walked into this girl's house uninvited and caught her in a private moment. I said I was an idiot and that I was so sorry for not ringing the bell but I thought that no one would be there. They did not seem to mind me as much but still I felt like an awful intruder. I kept saying what an arse-hole I had been as I was closing the door behind me. Despite the fact that I had not walked in and had closed the door almost instantly after opening it I had managed to get the umbrella.

I woke up.

Yesterday I dreamt of P.s mother giving us vegetables. I could not eat them though because they would go off instantly. I saw rocket and tomatoes and various kinds of fruit but they were all moldy.

Monday, 13 June 2011

P and I were zombies

I dreamt I was with London. We had stayed for a couple of days in a students residence and we were about to move out and catch a flight to an unknown destination. Suddenly we realized we were broke and we had to find an ATM to get some cash in order to pay our rent. Something went wrong though and P. could not use his card. I had a magnetic one instead of one with a chip. I know that they are not easily accepted in London so I decided to use an ATM. I could not remember my pin though. We were standing next to the information desk trying to solve our problems.

Subsequently we left this place, still trying to get some money somehow. We found ourselves at the beginning of an underground passage that would lead us to the airport. I could not afford a ticket though, so I started looking for another ATM, one that would accept my card without a PIN. We ended standing in a row in a cafeteria. Something went wrong and we were standing on the edge of a huge watery hole that had opened behind us, holding tightly from a balustrade and a rope. It was very hard and people were staring at us, laughing but not helping. Then we fell into the water. We kept sinking deeper and deeper. Our faces started deteriorating. We were being punished and our punishment was to become zombies until we collected some money.

Then we were out on the street again, in our usual forms but still poor. We got into a bar and I was thinking that maybe I could earn something by showing my tits. I saw an aunt of mine sitting on a stool by the bar. I explained my problems to her and asked her to lend my something. She did it and we left. We got into the bar next door and sat among people that were talking loudly.

This is were my dream came to an end

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Frofessors, zombies and mammys

I dreamt I was flirting with a professor of mine. He looked remotely like Indiana Jones. We were sort of "discussing" on whether it would be appropriate to kiss or not. I was not sure if I wanted to start going out with him but I definitely wanted to kiss him. The thing is that he was so tall that even if I tried I could not make the first move. My head reached as high as his elbow. He was just standing there in front of me, with an enigmatic look on his face, and I was annoyed by the fact that I was unable to do anything. I told him that he was gigantic. He smiled. Then we parted and I met his mother. She was an elegant woman in her mid-fifties.
I was left alone in his house and I started cooking lentils. I discovered he had been copying a book and pasting the pages on the walls around the house. He also had a large pool instead of a bathtub.
Later I joined a group of his students. They were in the back of a van and I helped them get off. I touched playfully one of them and felt his chest bones protruding from his skin. I looked inside his t-shirt and realized he was something between a zombie and a mummy. His face and hands were intact but the skin under his clothes was highly deteriorated. He seemed aggressive, suddenly, and I started running. I passed through a door and when I tried to lock it behind me I accidentally opened it, he saw me and started running towards me. I got through another door in the kitchen and found the prof's mother. I tried to warn her but my words came out muffled.
Then it was peaceful again and I was lone in the house. I checked the food and added some water. Then I saw a baking tray and poured water inside to rinse it. I discover it had some sort of noodles inside and realized I had done something stupid. I poured some of the water out and left as I had found it. Following, I continued reading the copied book. It stopped abruptly. I wanted to read more. It resembled poetry or random beautiful phrases. I would have to wait for him to copy some more. In the meantime he hag got into the pool. I went there and saw him. The pool seemed to change sizes for a little while but I thought I wanted it to be big and I stabilized it there. The shape also changed occasionally from oval to rectangular. I also stabilized it on an almost square shape. He was flowing inside it. I thought that it was my opportunity to be at the same face-height as he was and thus I could kiss him. The water had a yellowish tint and I thought that maybe one of the students had peed inside. Then it changed to violet and I understood it was being lit. Kitch. I was thinking of how I could jump inside. If I walked I could go near and get in gently but if I stood where I was I could jump inside with an impressive somersault and a big splash. At that point I was woken by my dog. She was making moaning noises to wake me up and got excited when I opened my eyes. I wanted to sleep some more.

Saturday, 28 May 2011


I saw I was going to a v.i.p. restaurant to attend a dinner with important people. I found the building and went up the stairs. When I reached the top I saw that in order to get in I had to crawl under an iron door. There were two triangular openings, barely large for a full grown person to pass through them. I squeezed through and got to my table. I can't remember much about the dinner. I remember going through the previously mentioned opening multiple times and each time it seemed somehow smaller until I found it rather hard to get my chest through. I thought that I should mention this to whoever was in charge. Large breasted women would find it very hard to get in. Later I saw my sister. She was sitting on a table among friends. I sat down with them. She said I was drunk. I realized I was almost hanging from my chair, about to fall to the ground and I was also half-naked. I felt embarrassed and left. On the street I met an old house-mate of mine, R.. He said that if I did not feel comfortable enough to share a bed with my ex-boyfriend, he could sleep in R.'s room because he would be away for the night. I responded that we were perfectly all right with each other and that it was not a big issue to share a bedroom. I walked to the house and met my friend D. there. I had to go to the basement to turn on the lights from the fuze box. Accidentally I cut the electricity for a moment on the whole building. I heard the sound of Macs restarting. I called out at D. to come and help me. We tried to fix things but it was not an easy task, because the fuze box kept changing shape.
When I woke up I tried to remember how much I had had to drink last night and if I had really met my sister. Soon I realized it was a dream, the first dream I was able to remember after a long time.
I had also seen a very vivid one, with a woman that had got trapped in a lift. I could see her body going up as the lift was descending . In the end I could see only her orange and brown plaid skirt and her old-timish shoes.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Chased by mobsters

I dreamt I was being chased by the Arab mafia. I was supposed to have a brother, or I was hanging around somebody else's brother. This brother had met some people that were throwing a party in a mansion and I went along. When we got there they put us in a room on the furthest end of the house, in a room where they were kneading dough for Arabian pita. There were men handling a very thin dough. For some reason I thought they were also making Eucharist. A large man started bulling us. The brother person was very cool but I was afraid they were fanatics and we had insulted them somehow. The very large man held a pen to my head and he claimed it was a gun. At some point that he was talking to the others and his grip became looser I turned his hand towards his oversize stomach that was at the height of my face and pushed the trigger. Nothing happened. He looked taken aback and although by that time I thought he was bluffing, I started believing that it actually was a gun. I tried to push it far from my head and shoot as soon as I could. We straggled for a little while and I pushed its trigger a couple of times more. Eventually I heard a bang and the tip of the pen was smoking. A clerk came in and said something about the chicken fights about to start and that the large man should go there because he was the referee. I grubbed the opportunity and run to the door.I fought my way out. It was very crowded and I kept pushing people aside. The men from the kitchen were chasing after me. I got to the door and managed to close them inside.They had a good grip on me but I hit their hands with the door. Then I started running like crazy. I kept looking behind my shoulder and despite the fact that I could hear them I saw nobody. I was running along with my dog that kept stopping to sniff and I was asking her to hurry. We got to a dark small grassy roundabout, in the middle of nowhere, and I tried to hitch a ride. A car stopped but it was filled with things because the people inside were going on vacation and they had taken so many things with them. Yet, they were traveling in a convoy with their friends. They said that there might be room in the next car. Indeed there was a very small space between boxes. I. and me squeezed in there and when they were about to close the door another dog jumped in as well. I told them it was not mine but they replied that there was no time.

Eventually I got back home. And it was not me any more. I was just hearing the story from M., P.'s friend. She was terrified that they would find her and kill her and that she would have to change her identity and go live abroad. She was also cautious about the brother. She went upstairs to make her suitcase and found him in his bed, sleeping. She told him off because she thought he was kidnapped. He said it was nothing.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

P. was pregnant.

I think it is really odd how I can remember so many details from my dreams during the first minutes when I wake up but they disappear from my mind within the time it takes me to make something to drink and sit in front of the computer.

Last night I saw that P. was pregnant. His tummy had become round. We had not questioned this strange occurrence. We went to a pharmacy and they gave me a strange instrument for my wisdom teeth. It looked like a small tool used by tailors to remove threads, one that looks like a small fork, with one "tooth" sorter that the other. On the top of its edges it had two small colourful orbs. I think they were red. I placed it in my mouth as indicated. I could not really talk with it in there and decided to remove it. The bloody thing was stuck. I pulled forcefully but it felt as if I was pulling my teeth along! I managed to take it out and observed that the orbs had disappeared. I thought it must have magnetized the core of my teeth. The pharmacist's assistant said that these instruments were obsolete because they did not do much good and on the contrary, they could damage teeth. We started talking about P.'s pregnancy. I was wondering how and when he had obtained a uterus. He said he hadn't, that he had become pregnant just like that. The assistant agreed with me that there could be no pregnancy without a uterus and suggested that he went to get an ultra-sound so as to see exactly what was happening in his abdomen. In the mean time the assistant was opening boxes that contained the previous instrument in various sizes. He took out a particularly long one and he said that it was a means of contraception and if I would like to test it. I declined the offer and stayed there sitting on a white chair. A group of girls came through the door. One of them was not feeling so well. We started talking and found out that we had all been working for S.- my last employer in Th.- and that we all had a leather bag, made from scrap pieces taken from this shop. They all looked different as each of us had made it in our own style. I remember a big dark blue bag and a red and yellow one. They all looked good.

Later I saw I was walking on the street and dark was falling slowly. I was walking by a wide road and there were bushes and something like a small park on my left hand side. I think I was heading towards my sister's. I passed outside a large building and went in. There was a large central open yard. It was very crowded. There were dozens of hipsters sitting all around. I decide to linger and find out what this place was. I am not particularly fond of neo-hippies but it did not feel that exclusive. I started talking to people and they informed me that they were living all together there. It was a squat. They did communal dinners and spend time together. It did not seam so bad, at least not as bad as it sounds. I decided to spend some time there. I started talking to a writer. He said he wrote theatre plays. He asked if I would like to see one of them on stage. I said I would. I promised to go back and I left. I was walking towards my sisters again when I saw a big crowd gathered opposite me. It looked like a chauvinistic demonstration and I wanted to avoid it. I think I went back to the previously mentioned building but I could not find any of the people I had been talking to. I was waiting for them.

That is as much as I can remember.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

factory of oddities

I saw I was working in an office and I resigned. I found myself invited for an interview in one of the most bizarre places I have ever dreamed of. All the scenery reminded me of the charming, dreary old London. I got into a big room with a desk behind which a woman was sitting. I was feeling nervous because there were more people sitting on a couch opposite her. She had some dossiers in front of her but no c vs were visible. She asked me what I had studied and I explained, mentioning that my current practice involves more painting that sculpture. She looked discontent and said she did not know if I would be a good enough painter, not having studied this subject in a school. I got irritated and started explaining that my studies were not exclusive in sculpture and that I have also studied history of art and been in various workshops, until I got angry and questioned her ability to judge. The people on the couch gave me approving looks. Then the appearance of the space was completely different. I was in a bigger space, siting on a couch. The women I used to work with in my previous job were sitting beside me. There was a young man at the desk. While he was asking questions I felt more and more sleepy. I could hardly keep my eyes open. I think I must have dozed off because I opened my eyes and I saw that I was sitting next to a middle-aged man, with white hair, going bald, and reading glasses. He was supposed to be my previous employer. I asked if I had fainted and he responded positively. I said I must be anemic but I knew it was something else. I thought I might have been dragged. It was a very odd place anyway. I did not know what kind of job I had applied for but the walls were painted in vibrant colours and there were bubble gum and lollipop stickers everywhere. All employs were dressed in beautiful dark blue coats that were similar to the one I am usually wearing but they also looked like doctor's coats. I got up to see the interviewer because I was sitting on the far end of the couch and there was a pillar in front of me. I could hear people saying "well done, Gr., you will be the one to take the job." Indeed he asked me to return the next day at ten o'clock in the morning. As I was leaving I remembered that I could not do that because I had my final exams on this date and time. I tried to find somebody to ask to start working the day after. I spoke to a woman, to whom I explained that I had finished with all my studies but that I had to go through these exams so as to validate my degree in my native country, as well. She gave me a look of discontempt. I said I could be there by noon. She thought about ti for a little while and gave me the permission unwillingly. I left.
I had to return in the afternoon because there would be a get-together party for the employs. As I was approaching the place I met my sister. I wanted to go buy some noodles and she was also going to the super market. I suggested that we went there together, later and that she joined me for a pint in the pub under my new working place. She was reluctant at first but agreed in the end. We went inside and sat on a small table The place was not particularly crowded. A couple of people I was supposed to have met earlier approached us and asked if I had finally got the job. We left to go get our noodles. It was a nice neighborhood with big houses with loan and hedges on the front. Luxurious old black cars were passing in the road. One took a sudden turn and I pulled my sister towards the pavement. As we were walking we met some Korean girls we knew, that were also attending the party later. We all went back together. One of them was wearing a blouse with a very open v-shaped neck that went all the way down to her tummy and a striped black and gold tie as a brazier. I made a comment on this.
My alarm clock went off at 8 o'clock. I saw all the previously mentioned between that time and 8:05 when it went of again.
I turned the snooze function off and went back to sleep. I saw I had left the previous place and I was walking down a more Mediterranean looking street. I met a girl that despised me in high-school. She bragged about her fathers new restaurant and since we were standing just outside she invited me in. It was a massive building, as big as three three-room apartments in a row. Apparently he had bought a few shops, joined them and made this monstrosity. I absolutely hated it. It looked so fake, ordinary, cheap and out of sync with the rest of the area. I could see bits and pieces of the older buildings and was wondering what twat of an engineer had designed this stupidity. It was shinny brown with lots of wooden massif doors.
This is as much as I can remember so far. After a while I was waking up, describing my dream to my self and sleeping lightly again, until I decided it was time to face reality and get out of bed. Crap.

Monday, 25 April 2011


I'm in P.'s back yard. Actually, I'm in his recently deceased grandfather's back yard, collecting sun. It's supposed to be therapeutic for my condition. Apart from the fact that I can't see the screen clearly, it feels good.

I dreamt I was in a nightclub. It was full of show people and performers. Everybody were slim, tall and glamorous. I could see people dancing and enjoying their drinks, with sunglasses on. I pushed my way out and got in a taxi. It was dark. There were other passengers as well. We drove towards P.'s neighborhood in his hometown. I asked the driver to let me off a couple of blocks away.

Next, I found myself in an apartment. There were some people among whom was K. We had a small dispute between joke and reality and I turned towards him and told him that he did not really love me neither of the times. He gave me an odd look and I felt that I had done something wrong. I walked off by a porch.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

a picture of a rainbow

I dreamt I was learning a therapeutic/promotional process that involved forming an image. I was working with an instructor that was asking me questions and according to my response he altered the picture. It was meant to show me the process of achieving my goal by posing questions that guided my answers. The picture that was supposed to be formed was a particularly happy one with a naive rainbow and the sort.
I also dreamt that I went to a bank and I was very stoned. I felt awkward because it was very tight security-wise. I had to fill-in forms with my personal information and I was afraid I would do something wrong and be accused. It was also rather hard to keep up with the clerk that was helping me as he was constantly changing desk and was leaving my papers in the previous one, so I had to go and interrupt other customers to get them back.
I woke up thinking of the song "magnificent seven" by the Clash.

Yesterday I dreamt again I was pregnant but the dream was an adventure style one. I told P. about it when I woke up but I can't remember anything now.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

three in a row

I have had terrible difficulty in convincing myself to get out of bed during the last weeks. In addition to this I can't remember my dreams and when I do I am too bored to write them down. But today's was a keeper. I have forgotten half of it because I half-woke up and then I was dreaming I was writing about it and it got further complicated.

It all started in a cottage in an isolated small village I had gone to visit with P. We were staying in a house, that resembled my mother's, that somebody we did not know so well had lent us. We had a big bag of green with us and were about to get down to business when we heard sounds from the back yard. I went out to check and I saw some people at the door about to get in. I told P. about it and approached them to ask what it was they wanted. I thought they might be policemen. P. came out with a plastic bag he through casually at the plants. I knew what the content was and fell insecure. We chatted a bit further and then they probably left. I remember chatting with another man that had also moved recently to this village. I was not particularly fond of him as he was one of these people that brag about everything and preach hippism. He was saying he had constantly visitors comming to his house from his previous life and what a great time they have all together in the dump he called home. I think that something strange happened then and we found ourselves in a pub, sitting on a bench with other people. I remember wooden walls and going through a door and something very odd and metaphysical taking place that was related with the excavation of various objects from boxes stored in a hole in the ground. My father showed up and managed to fix everything right with an incantation.

Subsequently, I remember being in a beach. The landscape was rather peculiar. There was soft sand and the water was shallow for miles. There were small sandy reefs very close to the beach that was formed by small pools. I was walking around trying to find a spot where I would have enough space. It was not really crowded but it seamed as if every swimmer had a private pool only for themselves. I checked a place that was not occupied but there were urchins in there. I kept walking around.

Then I saw fabrics. They were coming out of holes and forming dogs. I had to collect them but it was a difficult and complicated task.

Also, some days ago I dreamt I was four months pregnant. My tummy had become quit large. I wanted to keep the baby but I did not know if this was possible due to my condition. I wanted to talk about it with my doctor but instead I saw I was sitting with my old professor of sculpture, asking his opinion and describing the situation to him.

Another day I saw that there were large boxes in the corners of the room, in which were super heros. I could see them re-assemble from spare parts.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

In. built a platform

The day before yesterday I saw I had put on a very nice coat. It was too big for me and it looked funny. It was made of various fabrics, in dark colours, black, brown, maroon and purple tartan. The shoulders were very broad and it gave a pointy overall impression. I especially liked the pockets and its hind side. On the back it was wavy circular and the pockets were thick. I can't remember anything else but that I put it on and started laughing.
Yesterday I saw I was with I., our dog. Something happened and she gained some strange, extra-terrestrial capabilities when ever there was lightning. She started building a platform. At first it was very small. We sat there on our own on pillows and fabrics. There was a lightning and she made it bigger. She wanted to wee and I sprayed some water for her wee to be washed off. The water started flowing towards our pillows and fabrics and I had to re-arrange them. Later we went to a party with P. It was in A.'s house. His new girlfriend was there. She had shoulder-length black hair and she was tall. Her brother was there as well and he, also , had long black hair and was tall. We were in a half-furnished, low-lit living room. The couple were on a divan attached to the wall on my left hand side. The door was on their left. P. and I were sitting on a couch. Next to us was a door that led into the next room and opposite us was another couch on which were sitting the girls brother and some other people. They reminded me terribly of my friend Th. I asked if they had a brother named Th. They said they heard that often but did not really respond to my question. P. got up and left and A. came near me. He did not sit on the couch but sat with his knees bent in front of me. He asked how I was doing and if everything was all right. We chatted for a couple of moments and he went back to his girl. It was getting very late (it would be dawn soon) and we decided to leave. We got out. The street was very crowded; cars were passing by while shit-faced adolescents were trying to cross the street. There were also policemen around and a general roar of dispute. We sneaked behind their backs because we were terribly intoxicated and we wanted to drive home. I felt my eyes itching to they point they they felt shrunk. We escorted a girl that was with us to her house. She leaved in a near-by building. We were impressed by how central her house was but it was on the ground flour and she seemed not to particularly like it. We left her there and walked home. It was much closer than I thought. It was just behind the railroad trucks. P. had taken the car there earlier. It was blue and it looked retro, like a 1940's car. We were about to go snog a little but then we were again on the previously mentioned platform. It was several floors high now. We were standing on the top of it but the woods that were forming it had started to disintegrate and we had to be very cautious on our step. Suddenly a whole opened and a woman (I can't remember if it was me) in a fin de ciecle dress fell through. She was caught and did not fall. P. woke me up.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I. could speak

A few days ago I dreamt that I had to sacrifice my dog. In the same dream I saw that I was looking at my self in the mirror when I noticed that my hair had grown so much longer and that I had accidentally dyed more than my fringe. All the hair under the fringe were in a strange vibrant orange colour. I lifted them up and made a huge double bun on the top of my head. I was looking for my sister to show her that I could have been a member of the Adam's family. Then I saw that my dog had been possessed and I was told by some people that were there that I should e the one to kill her. I had to lure her near and then go through a sanctification process. I had chocolate on my fingers and I led her closer by letting her lick it off. Then they told me to pass my hand under her tummy and lift her up. I did all these. Subsequently we put her in a box. She was looking at me calmly while blue sparks left her body. I was feeling very depressed and guilty. This creature had been so loyal and despite the fact she would turn evil she had trusted me completely and I had led it to its death. Fortunately it was nothing but a bad dream.

Yesterday I also dreamt of Inuki. She was starting to speak. She would mime sounds like a Myna bird, but they made sense. She would say some words in the same manner she understands instructions. I was very proud and we were talking about it with P.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


On Friday morning I dreamt I was with K. I was washing his hair. He had a strange haircut. Most of his hair were shaved, as if he wanted to seem to be going bold, yet there was a line of hair left above his forehead that looked like a big mustache. I remember scrubbing this area with soap as well as his sideburns and beard. I remember that a lot of things happened in that dream but I went to work and I forgot most of it.

Last night, or more likely this morning, I saw I was with P.and then I met another boy. It was my friend Th. I haven't seen for almost two years and with whom I was in love in 2000-2002. Nothing ever happened between us apart from playing. I was thinking I was in trouble because I liked them both so much. I felt better with P. but I also thought that since I wanted Th. for so long I shouldn't miss the opportunity to see what it would be like. I did not know how to tell then both how the situation was. Obviously I was not going to lie or hide. In the scene that followed thing got even more complicated because T. changed into D., who is -or was- the boyfriend of another close friend of mine. This image was very upsetting and I tried to bring back Th. in the dream. Then I saw I was in a supermarket with all these people but I didn't know who was my partner. I found myself naked and alone in a corridor filled with people doing their daily shopping. I put my clothes back on and I went downstairs to find my friends. A broad-shouldered but short guy showed us his beer. He was drinking a Heiningen. I understood what it was from the little castle on the label. We asked him to get two more for us. I woke up.

I have been very nervous lately and I didn't want to get out of bed and face reality so I went back to sleep. I woke up an hour later so I didn't go to my morning job. I'll take the dog out for a walk, cook and draw.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

tiny cons

I dreamt I came back home and my dog had taken my pencil case with all my markers and she was chowing them on the floor. I was chasing after her to punish her and teach her not to be a little thief but I could not touch her. I was very worried because I know that despite the fact she is a very good dog, once she puts something in her mind it takes more than one effort to convince her that she shouldn't be doing it.

I also dreamt that I was at the school were I teach. I had taken more classes than I wanted and they had also signed me in for lessons with another teacher. I was going down some stairs after the bell had ringed and I was asked by someone to go to my class. I responded I was a teacher and they looked at me with gaping mouths. I walked into a room in a basement and I saw lots of students fooling around. Apparently it was a lavatory that also functioned as a game because after you went in there and did your job there was an indicator above the door with a score bar and an amount of things you would win on your way out. I tried to go through a blue door but they told me it was for boys and that the ladies cubicles were the red ones. I also noticed there were small silver and gold signs with little boys and little girls urinating. I waited for my turn when a tall boy pushed me aside and went in instead. I waited in front of the next door but when it opened I hesitated as I heard some girls making squeamish sounds. I looked inside and it did not seem particularly dirty. I also observed it had a cafeteria counter attached to the door and that this is is were they served food. The dish of the day was spaghetti bolognese. I went inside and closed the door behind me. Once I was enclosed I realized the space was too small. In order to sit I had to squeeze by the sink and the wall. I hate to touch the surfaces in such spaces. Further more when I approached the sink it adjusted its height automatically making the space even smaller. I could barely move in there so I just went out. I heard the secretary say that she had her own loo. It was the seventh in the basement. It was time for me to go to my class, not to teach but to attend. I found my professor, who was in my age, and we started talking about films and book and we had a great lough. Apparently we would never have a proper lesson but we would spend our time chatting. I did not mind that one bit since I had not applied for this my self in the first place and furthermore the other student was always sleeping.

Then I saw I was on a ship. There were a couple of miniature con-artists. One of them would transform into an object and this was how they committed their frauds. It was not a big ship. It looked like a pirate wooden sailboat. Something went wrong and we started sinking. We were the last ones on board and we climbed up the highest mast when the vessel started falling forward. I told them to jump and swim as further as they could so as not to be pulled inside with the ship. We fell in the sea and I grabbed the hand of one them and pulled him out. He pulled his sister. His hand was so tiny. We swam and got away. Then we were getting on another ship and in order to avoid paying two tickets the girl transformed into a beautiful coral necklace into an old biscuit box. I told her brother to be very cautious not to loose her and that maybe he should hang her from his neck.

I woke up. I looked at P. and saw that we were sleeping in the same posture; tummy side up and with our arms above our heads. He also opened his eyes and we got up.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Alien spacecrafts

Yesterday I saw I had gone to work at the magazine. When I entered the office a cute new man was sitting on the desk next to mine. Nobody was working. They were talking about people getting the sack and wondering who it would be. Eventually it was the cute one. He was not a new employ but he was working in another office which is why I hadn't seen him before. I was wondering why since he did not look stupid or slow. I was actually thinking that it should have been the illustrator instead. He always looks so bored and half-arsed. Personally I think he is a rather mediocre illustrator as well. I can't remember much but I think I was talking to him asking him how he felt about having lost his job. He was sitting on the floor in front of a door. HE responded he did not care much because he wasn't particularly fond of it anyway.

Last night I saw three dreams I can remember:
In the first one I was at the loo, looking at a postcard while having a rather moist shit. There was a window from which I was looking out at the city below. Suddenly I saw a big chunk of a tall building falling down. Then a whole floor got detached. I called at P. to come and see. I thought it was being demolished. Then another building came down and another and another. I started wondering what was going on; if this was the result of an earthquake and if it would reach us. It was approaching so rapidly I was expecting to feel the tremble at any point now. It never did come that close though. Then we were out on the street with P. Helicopters were flying above us and various other spacecrafts. They were supposed to be the hidden state aircrafts, only to come out in case of terrible emergencies. A very large one that looked like a massive toy spaceship passed above us in a very low height. Its bottom side was flat, it had an almost triangular shape and it was in Lego blue with red and yellow lines and lettering. I could see it very clearly. It was throwing fire balls randomly. We became very alarmed when one shot hit our building. We even thought for a little while it was of alien origin. We run back inside. I had become increasingly worried because I had realized that my sisters house was in the disaster area and I was trying to reach her on her phone, that was dead. Most communications were off though, and so was the television and radio networks. I was thinking of walking there but the hazard was too high. I also had this strange conviction that if something seriously wrong had happened to her I would have felt it. I hoped she had moved. I thought she would had told me if she was moving but on the other hand she might have managed on her own and maybe now she was too busy to inform me about anything. I was trying to learn where exactly the disaster had taken place. I met a girl I used to know and I asked her if she had any news. She told me there had been a revolution and that the state had decided to drown it by demolishing the place where the protesting people had gathered. She said that the first spot they had attacked was exactly the street where my sister lived. It was turned into piles of debris. Tears filled my eyes. I went up to my apartment. Next to us was a clinic, now filled with injured people and others looking for their missing relatives. They were also trying to open our door and come inside to use the bathroom. I passed by them and asked them to leave. I told them it an apartment and not a public loo. A woman pushed me aside but then she said it was too dirty for her to use. I saw it looked really old and it had turned gray. The floor and walls were chipped as well. Eventually it was morning again and in the light of the day I felt sure that my sister was safe. If anything had happened to her my mother would have known and consequentially she would have informed me. I woke up. Head ache. I straitened my pillow and went back to sleep.
I saw I was with my mother and sister in a large square, having coffee. My mom had to leave and I walked her to the bus stop. I was explaining to her the bus route and indicated at an approaching bus. Accidentally I got on as well and it started moving. I wanted to get off and go back to my sister because I had asked her to wait for me there. I had also left with her a leather bag I had made for sale. The bus was going further and further and it would not be easy for me to walk back. Eventually, I got off and started walking back. I was further than I thought. I was asking people for directions but they contradicted each other. I had to pass through a strange atrium of a tall commercial building. Then I had to hurry because I talked with P. on the phone and he said that we would become the god-fathers of our dog. I had to hurry to the airport to catch the first flight if I wanted to be there in time. The dog would have to be wrapped in white towels and be still and silent so as to travel in the plane. The pilot was very co-operative which is why they had to catch this flight. I was bound to be late so we had to fly separately. I met an acquaintance of mine and asked him to give me a ride to the airport. His car was parked outside a large house on a hill, in a suburban area. Some other people, friends of P.'s cousin were on the same flight as me. We all sat together at a compartment with six seats. One of us got up to go get something to drink. A stranger came to take his place. As he was about to sit down I told him the seat was taken. He sat anyway and looked at my with a rather crazy stare. We understood he was mentally disturbed and asked a stuartess to help us. I woke up. I thought of laying there just for a while.
I slept again and dreamt of my friend Ei. We were in their home town, at the top of some stairs about to go down. We were talking about leggings and tights and then I started telling her about my first dream. P. woke up and got up. I asked him for a cup of cocoa and I got out of bed as well.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Captain fox

I saw I was involved in a battle with magical perspectives. When it ended we rewound time and got back to the point when none of this had started. I found myself in a classroom. I felt peculiar because since I had all my memories I didn't really have to be there, neither I felt younger than my teachers. I was in another class, sitting with friends when their teacher came in and asked me to go to my class. I asked her if I could stay there but she said I would loose an important lesson that would help me manage bills in the future. I thought it must be maths and that I liked that so I started walking towards my classroom. When I got in I saw a mathematician I had in high-school that would come to school with a hang-over and never taught during the first hour. He would sit on his desk with his head on his hands instead. I did not fancy spending an hour in his class. They were always rather dull and he did not say much, most often he could not solve the problems himself. I got in anyway and took a sit. The classroom resembled a basketball court. Something happened, a fight or a mild violent incident between some thugs and a bulgy mentally impaired child. The teacher sorted it out and then we all had to tell the boy with special needs that he was all right and that we loved him. All the students were standing up, making group hags. I could not participate even if I wanted to because people were blocking my way. When things started to settle down I saw that a french friend of mine, L., was there. She had a bag the future me had made. People were looking at it and I thought that I should modify their memories because it would be years before I made this object, so it could become fashionable at that point. I stopped talking to a girl that was standing next to me. I told her I was sorry but I had to modify some memories. I started staring really intensely at the girls that were looking at the bag bu ti could not tell if I was succeeding. We took our seats again. I saw in the back of the room a character form an anime I've been watching lately. The more I observed him the more he looked like a fox. As I focused on him and was starting to decipher his characteristics I woke up.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I. made a huge pile of poo

I dreamt I was working for a theatre company. There were a lot of people I didn't know and I didn't really like either. I had made costumes for them from a blue gauze that was also part of the scenery. It was not much to speak off. The set was this plain piece of fabric hanging from the low ceiling and their clothes were like ponchos. For the final rehearsal I bought orange gauze so that the actors can separate from their environment. I also had some ideas to augment their appearance and make it more interesting and associate it to the parts. I went there and they did not like my ideas one bit. They said they were used to what they had so far and that they wanted to keep it as it was. I did not want to work much for them so I did not insist. I left soon after that. Then I saw I was with P.who had agreed to play a part for another play. We were supposed to be in London but it did not really resemble London as I remember it. P. left before me and I would go find him later. I left the flat with the dog. We got in a bus and got confused and missed our stop. By the time we got off the dark had started to fall. We were at the wrong side of the river and I did not know exactly where to go. I asked some friendly girls I had met on the bus and they gave me the general directions. I crossed the river and got at an industrial area. I saw somebody I knew and I went to speak to him. I. wanted to poo and she made a huge pile of dung on the pavement. I was looking for a plastic bag to collect the poo but could not find it. A man with African origin passed by us with his dog and offered me his poo-bag. I smiled at him and as I reached for it I saw my bag in my pocket. I thanked him and showed him that I had found my bag. Then the person I was talking to said that there was P. and pointed to the crossroads. At first I could not see who it was that was coming towards us but as he came nearer I saw it was indeed P. He was on the phone and had not seen us. I called his name out loud a couple of times. He saw me and came nearer. He was all dressed up for the part with a white renaissance shirt and his face had make up on in the style of Louis vi. I woke up, too late to go to my morning work and be back in time for the afternoon one, so I stayed at home and took my morning easy.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Poor Inuki

For some strange reason we wanted to take another dog, exactly the same as the one we have, black, half-blood pit-bull. The new would be six month months younger. We did not know what to do with the one we had already so I took her to a museum. I left her in the middle of an exhibit. They had an exhibition of small installations that looked like contemporary window installations for commercial shops. I thought she would get some proper care there. Then I saw I was with my old flat mates and we were cooking. Pasta. I was making the sauce and I left the onions almost uncooked but they did not complain. I also put too little food in one of the plates and then I struggled to make every portion even but still one was constantly smaller. I added some red sauce and tasted it again and this time it was just fine. In addition to this the amount of food had increased significantly. I shared it in to three big vessels and put a lid on each one to keep it warm. One looked like a traditional wooden steam cooker, one was enameled and the third was plain plates. I was late for work so I left. When I got to the office where I was supposed to be working I saw it was transformed into an Indian telephone company. I was waiting for some time for somebody to ask some questions and by his answers I understood I might be unemployed again. I thought it was not so bad and that I had my second part-time job anyway. I was walking down a street of my home-town where my mom used to have a shop when I came across the museum where I had left the dog. The outside looked also like a commercial shop for clothes. I went in and found the dog in a dreadful condition. She was skinny and she had lost most of her hair, trembling on her thin legs. I called her name and she responded. I hugged her and called tell him that I was bringing her home and that it might be all right to have two dogs. He came as well and we were cuddling her, hoping that the new dog would not attack her because despite the fact that it was younger she was so maltreated that she was weaker and smaller.
I woke up thinking of a tune by Fugazi, half an hour later that I was supposed to, but I think I'll just say "..uck it" and go to work when I am ready.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

I was in the same train with the prime-minister

I saw I was on a train. I was sitting alone and I was feeling rather self-conscious. Next to me was a young man with his father. He seemed nice. As they were sitting there looking out the window the prime-minister came and sat across them. The boys father recognized him and they started chatting. The young man remained silent and so did I. I was wondering why. Politics is not my favorite subject but such a low-fi conversation with the prime-minister is not an opportunity to be missed. Instead I kept looking out the window and every now and then at the handsome boy that was silent and profoundly bored.

Friday, 18 March 2011

My belly-button went "pop"

When I got up in the morning I remembered a lot. Then I left the house and went to work and now I can remember very little. I do remember though that I saw that due to some strange condition my tummy was as big as if I was pregnant. Suddenly my belly button went "pop"and started protruding from my belly. I pointed this to my mother and she said I must be pregnant after all. We were crossing the street opposite the kindergarten I went to as a toddler. I was disgusted by the way my tummy looked and expected it to go back to normal but it didn't. I slept some more and had another dream, but as I have already mention, I have no memory of it anymore.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Ghosts and shoes

I dreamt I was in the school of Fine Arts. I had somehow been trapped in the basement- there seemed to be multiple underground floors- and I was trying to figure my way up and out. It was not easy as there were many consecutive rooms, some with trap doors, filled with things like old furniture and painter's easels and not all of them were connected to the staircases. As I was moving through them I came across ghosts. I freaked out at first and I started running. In the last room before the staircase I was expecting to find a black ghost. Instead of this, when I opened the door I met a tall figure with bulging eyes, transparent skin, wide forehead, a black turtleneck sweater and the dullest expression in the world. I must have known him because I said "Oh! It's just you!". I pushed him aside and made my escape.
I went upstairs and got out in a storage room. It also looked like an untidy shop. The door through which I had come out from was small and almost hidden between shelves. I was standing in there when a family of visitors came in the room. I tried to act normally. The last seen ghost had followed me and was now sitting on the floor in front of the door. One of the women that had entered the room had a young boy with her. He approached the ghost in a friendly manner. I panicked and started yelling not to let the boy approach the ghost because he would take him to the basement and would not let him out again. They could not see the ghost and thought I was crazy until the boy stepped on the ghost's lap. The family saw the ghost stand on mid-air and understood that something was wrong. I woke up for an instance.
In my next dream I saw I was in a school. I was part of the teaching personnel. I was also living in the building. I don't remember much, only that I was trying to buy some lovely shoes from a big drawer under a kiosk, and that a very annoying fellow student of my sister was complaining about how Kavafes (the poet) had told her off in one of his classes. She was telling this to another teacher with whom she was sharing her bed. I felt disgusted. I did not get the shoes because I figure out they were not authentic. I had my camera with me and I wanted to take some photographs. As I proceeded to find a subject I found some shoes, nicely organized according to style and material. They were all mine and I felt happy. I started photographing some lovely plastic ones when I realized I had only one shoe of some pairs. Then I "remembered" that I had bought only one on purpose so as to have mismatching pairs and the dialogue I had had with the sellers. I was amazed with the easiness of the task of buying single shoes. I woke up and got up. I was two hours late for work, so I did not bother going at all.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

we travelled a lot

I saw I was with P. It was night time and we were returning home, probably in his home town. We stopped outside a house with lots of low garden doors. He insisted it was abandoned and that we would have to go to explore it. I said it did not look abandoned and that actually somebody must be in there, because one of the doors was unlocked and opened with the key still in the keyhole. He insisted like a child and went in so I was obliged to follow. I fiddled with the door for a little while. I could not decide if I should close it , or leave it as found or more open. I tried to leave it as I found it and proceeded inside. I went in through a narrow corridor between houses. It was odd indeed, as it was a corridor not more than a metre and a half wide but the walls extended two floors in height. I found P. "exploring the house. It did not seam abandoned. It looked actually as somebody was living in there and was gone for a very little. I saw an unmade double bed that reminded me remotely of my grand-parents' house. Eventually we decided to leave the house and go out. As we were passing through the previously mentioned corridor we saw a car parking outside. I knew that the passengers, a man with hair loss and glasses around nearing his forties and an older woman, were the legal owners of the place and that therefor they should not see us going out. There was a big wooden plank and I suggested we hid behind it but P. said we should hurry up and sneak out while they were talking to each other. Then an aunt of his appeared and she got out from another garden door, as if she had visited another house. I followed her but P. went out through the first one. We met again and he said I should have done the same.
Later we were at my home town. We had gone to the bakery that is almost across my house to get some traditional Christmas sweets. We were standing outside the bakery wondering if we should go to the attached pastry shop as it seamed cheaper. I checked the prices and saw that the kind of sweets we wanted was cheaper at the bakery. We went in. I noticed they were selling a kind of sweet bread that is usually eaten in the fasting period before Easter. I asked P. if he had ever tasted this and since his answer was negative I asked the girl that was waiting for our order for one of these. P. went to choose more sweets and pay for them. We left the bakery. P. was holding a huge plastic bag with a big tray of syrupy sweets. He turned it and a big piece of Turkish almond pie fell on the pavement. I asked him to be more careful and we went back home. We ate some of the sweets with our hands, as most of them were like big pieces of moist cake.
I also saw me. I was looking at my self in a mirror wondering what I should do with my hair. I suddenly realized they looked much better than I though, as they were longer, black and straight. I had a big fringe covering my eyes and the rest of them fell rich on the sides.
Later, maybe in another dream, I was with P. again but this time he had long hair and looked more Japanese. It was his birthday and we were with a couple that were his aunt and uncle. They were supposed to have a big surprise for him. We all went to sleep together in a very big bed. When we woke up they weren't there. We started playing around with P. when he transformed into a dog. I jumped over two chairs and got on his back to ride him like a horse. We were laughing a lot.
Then I saw we had just arrived at his parents house in his home town. P. went in and I stayed at the door because dogs kept coming out. I was catching one of them and pushing it back inside and another would come out. I woke up.