Wednesday, 16 November 2011

My sister was my dog, for a second time

It is the second time I substitute my sister with my dog in a dream. To be perfectly honest it is the third time these two change places in my mind, because I have also dreamt of my dog talking in my sister's voice, but this substitution was the other way around.

I saw I had gone to take a nap and when I woke up my sister had chewed some of my things and left them as a messy pile in front of my mother's old couch. I could not figure out exactly what it was that she had destroyed. She did the same thing again when I left her alone for a little. When I came back I asked her why she was doing this to me and if she did not know I would always be returning. She run off into the bathroom to hide and would not speak to me, only give me a hurt stare. She looked much younger than she is.

Then I saw that I was with P. and we were climbing up to a terrace at his parent's house. We went up too quickly for me to understand the process, but when we got to the top of the balustrade I realized that we had used a hanging rope. There was a level with stairs, yet in order to get there I would have to hang from, and move slowly on, the previously mentioned rope. It was not even properly stretched and the distance to the stairwell was 3 or 4 metres, while the distance from the ground must have been at least 5 metres. I knew I could not do this. I have a fear of heights that makes my palms sweat instantly when I glide a bit higher than the ground. I panicked and started to cry. P.said he would find something to make me feel safer and left. He returned with a small mattress and a second piece of rope. I still could not do it and I was starting to get angry and searching in my mind for somebody to blame. I have been trapped high in other dreams as well, mostly on staircases, and usually I choose to jump. I can't remember having been trapped before so badly, though. The thought of jumping crossed my mind but the distance looked so big that I was not sure at all that I would not miss the mattress and crash on the floor or even that the mattress would absorb the shock. I did not do anything because I woke up.

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