Saturday, 4 July 2015

Save the Books!

I dreamt that I had taken lot's of my personal items at my place of work. My books were at a library in the shop. When I was away on Friday the little girl there scraped off the backs and wrote false titles with a blue, ball-point pen. I got angry and scolded her in front of her mother and a friend of hers. I told her that what she did made me very sad and that it was a very bad thing to do. I was infuriated and decided to leave them but I didn't want them to know until it was too late. I started packing and I had some large wine glasses. One was regularly ball-shaped but two others had a distorted wavy shape, as if they were squeezed. As I was washing them I noticed that the one was tilting on its base but it was not broken. Then I fell asleep and I was invited to go out again. I also saw that my boss was against books and I wanted to say that the bible is also a book of fiction. I washed my knitwear and some stitches had come off. The washing line was too high and there was a large rose-bush  behind it. It was night.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Zombie apocalypse

I dreamt that I was selling yarn during a zombie apocalypse and these two were related. We were storing our friends that turned like fabrics in plastic baskets. They were very thirsty and I know because one scratched me and I knew how zombies felt. I also dreamt that I was with P. and we visited a circus on boats. There were boats for children. We got off ours and my i-pod fell in the water. P.zapped it with his phone and I grabbed it. It was still functional. In another dream I was a teacher at the last day of high-school and there was a party and I would be the supervisor and I was having a hard time convincing the kids not to drink or damage the school. Then everyone left and an ambulance brought an old patient whom they stored in a vacant classroom. A child was late and I tried to convince it not to look at the injured or dying man. My needlework was there on a pile of things and I wanted to put it in my bag but I was afraid people would think I was stealing.