Sunday, 29 July 2012

I had no nose

I took a cat nap in the  afternoon heat and I dreamt I was a dark-complexioned junky and that I had no nose.

I was at my mother's house and I had taken a lot of drugs. I was sitting on the floor in front of a small sofa and I took a paper-cutter and severed my own nose. My mom came back and I presented my missing nose. Then I fixed it with green tape on my old glasses from which I had removed the specs. I had regretted having scarred my self so badly but I was not in any pain, I was just ugly.

I was sleeping in a pink convertible car in my garage when two girls, one of my students and a friend of hers, visited me. I was talking to them and I realized I was not wearing my nose. I apologized and explained that life without a nose was hard but that at least I was lucky enough to have my own nose to cover up the hole. I thought, then, that my nose would go off as it was now dead flesh and I started looking for a taxidermist to fix it for me.

I was in another car, stopped at the traffic lights, while my friend was making an illegal transaction. A large policeman (a man of colour) hit my rear window with his stick and I got out. He asked if he could pet my dog. I informed him that she is afraid of strangers and told him that he could pet her at his own risk. He just looked at her while I was petting her.

Afterwards I was at our apartment and my partner was making another illegal deal when the policeman came over. He told me I was a good girl and sat down to have tea with me. I transformed into a woman of colour and I had crochet pink tattoos on my nose and forehead. He inquired where my friends had gone and I responded that they were at the loo. The polieceman had transformed into a large Indian with lots of feathers on his head. I told him I was a big junky and that he was stupid not to see through my lies.

I woke up. I have the strangest dreams in the afternoon.    

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Hallowed Grounds

We were house hunting. I was with my sister's flat-mate. We visited a flat I was not particularly interested in but she said she really liked it so I agreed to move in there. It was a cheap and spacious apartment with oddly shaped rooms. The design was labyrinthine and, occasionally, there were protruding parts of the walls. It was gloomy and sort of miserable but I did not want to disagree.

We booked it and started cleaning it so as to move in as soon as possible. I went to the basement and discovered that the building was built on desecrated grounds. I run back to my flat-mate to be and I told her that we had to leave this place before dusk. I pulled her by her hand and led her to a window with a view at the rear side of the building and showed her a cemetery. Then we run to the other side and I showed her that the cemetery continued and that, thus, it was interrupted by the building that was apparently built on it. Subsequently we run to the basement and we opened a small wooden door that led us to the ground under the construction and there, too, were tombstones.

We decided to sanctify the flat. I was searching for the ingredients to make a potion and then I was looking among glass vials and tin boxes for the right container. The girl that was with me climbed in a built-in cupboard and started the process.  I stayed downstairs to watch over her. Then the ghost of a frail, young knight attacked me. He had a long dagger but I disarmed him easily and pined him to the ground. I run his blade through his flesh multiple times. It did not have any resistance and felt as if I was stabbing water. When I made sure he felt defeated I let him get up. He had a hurt look on his face. Suddenly I felt a hand grab me by the ribs and I woke up by the cry I let.

I fell asleep again and I saw that what had grabbed me was the hand of a friendly giant. We were in an underground passage by some water and he was making tricks and dancing, taking advantage of his height and the elasticity of his body. He wore tight, black overalls and made somersaults in the water. My dog woke me up for good this time.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Egypt in France

I was in London. I saw that I was working in the studio. It was a fine morning. I was working on an extra-large desk when my eye caught a book or a magazine about Egypt.

I left the studio to return back home and take care of the dog but I took an alternative route and I started climbing a mountain with thick vegetation. I passed under heavily hanging wines and I came across a couple of tourists that were staring at a shallow hole in the ground that was covered with something that looked like cement. It  had something printed up on it and they were wondering wether it was an ancient scripture. I informed them that the material was contemporary and went on with my scroll. I walked and walked and it was all very interesting, although I can no longer describe it in detail.

Eventually I got on the top of the hill and realized I was walking on a pyramid that had been transported to Europe. I also realized that I was no longer in England but that I had accidentally crossed the borders and that I was now In France. I started panicking. I had no idea how I had gone there, I could not retrace my course, I did not have my passport with me and the whole place looked so unfamiliar. I could see the pyramid behind me but all around I could only see the pointy beams of a large, industrial bridge. It was turquoise and white but I could not tell where it led. 

I decided that there was no way I could find my way back on my own. Furthermore I was aware that I was surrounded by water and did not really understand how I had got from England to France on foot. I took the widest road and got to the boarder. There I found an official with a thin mustache and old-school military clothes, like a prototype from an old film. I asked if he wouldn't mind if I explained to him my situation in English because I was too stressed for French. He was very helpful. I started searching in my bag for any documents in English but all I could find were the ones I have in Greek. There was also a woman there. She was full and around her fifties. I did not know what she was doing there but she kept butting in and she seemed eager to figure out the way I had taken to cross to France so as to barricade it. 

The official looked perplexed and asked me to fill out some forms with my personal information, since he could not understand what was written on my identity card. He asked if I had any money for accommodation and I was delighted to find that  I had my red wallet with my ATM card with me. I was really worried about my dog that had been alone for so many hours and I wanted to call my partner to let him know that I would be late.

I woke up. The sun had rose but I had another hour until the alarm clock would start beeping. I slept again and dreamt of blue paper flowers with petals that flew in the wind when one blew at them. 

Monday, 16 July 2012


I was looking out  from my window at a little house on a prairie. All the colours were brilliantly saturated, as if Bob Rosh had made a great effort to work with the cleaner and crisper blue and green. In front of me there was nothing but grassy fields and where they finished there was a lake and in the middle of it a small island with cows. One of them got into the water, swam to my shore and came to my window. She was more curvaceous than a real cow and she had a broad grin and innocent eyes. She came to my window and I petted her. I was worried for a little while because I did not know how my dog would react but nothing happened. This cow was completely white. I leaned forward and saw that the skin on her back was like a human's. Then I thought I should take the cow back to her rightful owner. I would swim there hoping that she would follow me. Another cow appeared but this time it was black and white. I was about to start swimming when I woke up and I have the feeling there are a few things I can't remember.