Sunday, 9 October 2011

I found toys

I saw that I was in an older Athens. I was making clothes. I had made two similar dresses. One in the colour of mustard and one black with mustard coloured details. I got outside on an alley between tall buildings. I was co-operating with a team of artists that had gotten into some politician's eye and we had to flee because they would try to attack us. Then it all changed and I was there with my mother. I told her I would take a small walk. I got to an opening at a crossroads. I had bought some herbal tea from the mountains and was holding it on my hand. When I reached tho other side of the road I noticed that somebody had threw a lot of toys at the garbage. I squeezed through items until I was close enough to collect my loot. There were Lego and Playmobile and lots of other toys inside tin boxes, baskets and bags. I picked two of the largest tin boxes and started filling them with toys. As I was searching I found a bigger box and exchanged my previous one with it. I collected as much as i could carry and started walking back home. I had to pass between a couple of kiosks and stools that sold snacks. I saw then that I was carrying one of those old-school wheeled trays, the kind that was used to carry groceries back home. It was too bulky and I had to lift it up in order to pass. Up to that point it was making a terrible racket but when I lift it up it stopped. I woke up soon after that, terribly disappointed with the thought that it's a great pity not to be able to bring thingd back from your dreams.