Monday, 28 February 2011

The troubled sleep

Two days ago I dreamt of P.'s grandfather. I had heard his mother say that his brain has shrank to the size of of one of a new-born. I dreamt that we had gone to their house. We went into the room where the grand-father lives. I stood behind a door but I could still see inside. I saw a very small, almost bold, shrunk figure covered in multiple layers of bed-spreads. His skin seamed very frail. He was in the size of a skinny ten year old boy with transparent old skin.
Yesterday my sleep was very troubled. It was very light with many annoying dreams. I saw that I had gone to see a doctor and he had operated on me. The size of my tummy had not changed though. I had two small incisions at the upper side of my stomach and no stitches or bandages. I kept looking at them and wander if this was all. I showed them to some friends of my sister and Th. said that this must have been the case. I telephoned to my mother then and she did not believe me. She scolded me for something and said that I should go see another doctor.
I dreamt a lot last night as well. I saw one of the most frightening dreams, ever. I don't even want to speak it out. Knock on wood. I saw that my mom was dead. I don't remember seeing the corpse but I think it was let there on the bed for the police to check. There was also an ominous sculpture from wet clay. I removed its covering plastic sheets and sprayed some water at it, so that it wouldn't dry. My sister was there and we were shocked but we were trying to figure out what we would do with the house, I thought of moving in there for a little, and about what we would do with a loan she recently got for my operation. We mentioned we didn't need it after all and wondered if we could return the whole sum at once. I also asked my sister if she would like us to move in together. Then I saw that I had returned to my house. I woke up early and when I went into another room I saw two beds. My mom was sleeping in both of them. It was as if it was two ghosts of her, from two different days and they were both there in the same room. I started crying and called her name. She woke up and I told her I loved her. They both hugged me and I was slightly relieved. Suddenly I panicked and thought that our house will be robbed. I got out on the street. It was very early in the morning. I wanted to go and take the first bus home. I was walking from Mouseio to Omonia district in Athens. There were lots of people dancing on the pavement to loud electronic music. I ignored everyone and walked as fast as I could. I wanted to go home and take as many memorabilia of my mom as I could.
I also saw that I was with P., waiting for a bus. We got on and I asked the driver where we would get our tickets from. P. had said that we would buy them inside but I thought this would not work as the bus made a huge route and it would be impossible to sell tickets to every individual passenger. The driver that was wearing a driver's hat said that we would get them upstairs from a chap named Tony or Johnny or something of the sort. We got upstairs and faces a hideous crowd of retarded skinheads. P. sat at the back seat and I went to get our tickets. The clerk looked like a nazi-skinhead as well. I did not have enough money and wanted to call P. but on the other hand I did not want to start shouting his name among all those people. I remember someone saying that their heads looked like apples and showing me a small puncture in the middle that looked remotely like an apple.
Earlier or later I dreamt I was walking with someone, probably P. towards the house. We were crossing an area that looked like a park. Someone told us we could not reach our house because it was the date of somebody's assassination and there was a riot that had turned our neighborhood into a battlefield. We went on and then I was alone. I can't remember much of what took place in the meantime but I came near water. I saw a very clear spring with small smooth pebbles. I talked to someone about the place having become deserted and then I got into the water.
I think this is all I can remember from last nights troubled sleep.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Salad with cabbage and orange roses

I dreamt I was with P. It was summer and we were sitting on a pavement, lightly dressed. We were approached by two bullies, one of which proved to be A. P's sister's fiance. They were talking about various stuff and I found their discussion really unpleasant, so I was just fooling around. We were standing on a steep slope. I decided to lean backwards to see how low I could bend. My hands reached the floor. I was amazed by my flexibility and then thought that once I get operated I will not be able to stretch my skin this much.
Then I saw I was with a cliche American family. Somebody was getting married, probably their daughter. I was associated with her somehow. I was not her, though, because she got into a convertible car and got away. Her parents were sitting on a table together and her father said to his wife that it had been a year since he quit. She asked him what it was he was referring to, it was not smoking. He said it was his foot, or more accurately, shoe fetishism. It had been a year since he had dropped his habit concerning woman's shoes. His wife said she was proud of him. Their dialogue happened without any big gestures or special passion in their voices.
After that, I was among the same people and I was making salad. I had sliced some cabbage and I was about to add orange roses. P. gave me a disapproving look but the old man nodded affirmatively. I continued slicing my roses and I was thinking about their dressing. I also remembered of my mother saying that in order to make a good salad the colors of the ingredients should look good together. I looked at my salad and it looked kind of pale. I woke up and had to get up to go to work.

Monday, 21 February 2011


I am about to go to sleep in a few minutes but I shall finish my morning post first. I saw I was in Th. with K. and his friend E. and D. was there as well. It was the carnival and I was walking around. At some point there appeared a big crowd, dancing and throwing confetti in the air. I was near a harbor of some sort. I think I remember the ships, mostly their masts as they were small vessels, not for business related use. I was left alone to roam around but K.found me after a while, when I was surrounded by a big crowd and a bit overwhelmed by it, and he told me he was with E. and D. I went with him and met them under a weird construction one of them had. It was like a glass box with wooden frames, on wheels, like those small portable vitrines that some street merchants of traditional sweets used to have. We all got under it and observed the joyful crowd from there. The dancing people were not aggressive. Yet it felt odd to be around them as if they were the participants of some religious feast, caught up in their sacred parade of happy maniacs. All of us were mere observers, not really wanting to be part of it all. I think I lost my acquaintances and met them again many times, without recalling what took place during the intervals. Then I saw I was in a room with beds. My dog was there and I smelled pee suddenly. I looked around and saw that she had done her number one on a thick carpet that covered the floor and on my robe. I tried to scold her but it seamed fruitless. I tried to hit her but my strikes did not have any impact.
This is all I can remember now. I probably had more images in my mind when I woke up but it has been a busy day and I have forgotten most of it.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Young Inuki

Yesterday I saw I was in the toilet of an office, probably, and I was painting my eyes with the secretary's eye-liner. It was very nice and it did not each at all but it was huge and I occasionally dropped it. It was as big as an electric toothbrush but three times as heavy. I got out before I managed to do both eyes and did not succeed in going back in but I thought it was all right and that I would do it later in the day in my own house.
Last night I saw I was in an academic institution and I had taken my dog with me. She was still a small puppy and terribly afraid of everyone, so she was hiding under the furniture and would bark at people that approached her. I took her and started walking home. I noticed she was not wearing her collar and I just put her leash around her neck. I was among friends but I can't remember who they were. I was on my bicycle and I thought that if I went slow enough she would be able to follow without getting tired. It was night-time. We set off. The street was full of fast-moving cars and I was afraid she might get hit by a careless driver. She looked very nervous. A big track passed right next to her but did not touch her. Then she stopped abruptly and broke the leather handle of the leash. I stopped and got off the bicycle. I tried holding her by the chain but it kept slipping from my hands. I tired turning it around a couple of times. Them we were almost outside my mothers house. We had to walk more. A neighbor came near and told me to leave her walk on her own so as to learn. I responded that she was very small and that the next street we would have to cross was usually very busy and it was dangerous. He was not persistent and let us go on with our business.
I think that's about it. I'm sure things preceded those scenes but I can't remember anything more.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I was a man

I dreamt a lot. I saw I dropped my phone while I was walking down a street that had an extreme angle. It rolled down and gained such speed that it started creating sparks and set a by-standing dog on fire. I suppose it did not feel right in my sleep to see that cruel image and the dog stopped burning and was back to normal. When my phone fell I was carrying a massive package. Next to me was a large-built man that was carrying an even bigger one. I dreamt I was moving and I had forgotten to load a few of my things within the other packets. It was kind of dark where I was and I could not see very well- it also felt as if I was outdoors- and I had found a big black bag with a lot of things of mine that I had forgotten they existed. I think it was mostly toys and not things of great value but I wanted to take some of them anyway. I kept packing them and they kept appearing and increasing in quantity. Most of them were balloons with some liquid inside, semi-transparent and in very odd and gruesome shapes. Some looked like sea creatures and one was a half-moon with bizarre facial characteristics, some were like babies etc. Some of them had been pierced and cold liquid would come out. I would leave the broken ones behind but I found more and more that I wanted to keep. I ended up with a very big parcel and various smaller ones. I cried for help, as there were various people around me. The previously mentioned large-built man came to my assistance. We tried to go through a near by night-club. We went up some stairs and then stopped as we had to climb a wall. My friend fell like a sack next to me and as I grabbed the edged of the wall to get on it the ground left under my feet and I was left hanging there. There was a group of people on the wall and I begged them to pull me up but they payed no attention to me no matter how loud I cried and tried to pull my self up. One of them that was wearing an old-school gray sweat-shirt seemed to want to help me for a little but then he sat back down. All of them were large and I am a rather small person so I could not understand why they would not lift me up. I got off and woke up my partner. We decided to take the longer route and walk around the block. Then we got to that steep street.
I also dreamt that I had gone to the hospital. It was a woman's hospital. They gave me a bed in a rather long room with six or seven beds divided by small bed-side tables. It was narrow so there was only a small corridor left from the feet-side of the beds to the opposite wall. It was on the ground floor, with lots of windows and a door leading directly outside the hospital to a small alley. I had met an inmate and I was told I could go out when ever I wanted through that room without being caught by the hospital stuff. So I did. I had a date I think. I got out but I had forgotten to change my clothes. I started undressing there on the street. I was wearing only my lower underwear when a hobo came near and started searching my clothes with the intention to take them. Another man was looking at me in an indiscreet manner. He lifted his hand towards me and I started yelling for mercy and that I was pregnant. He would not believe me though. I was saved by a man with whom I seemed to have developed romantic feelings. I think we took a stroll and then I got back to the hospital. My mother came to see me after a while. It was all very strange there and I did not know why I had been admitted there. I escaped and left. In the next scene I remember my self in I was a man. It was not exactly me as I could see the character that was me, as an external observer. I was standing on the deck of a ship that was about to depart from a very small harbor. The weather was very gloomy and the sea had big waves. The man I met outside the hospital came near me. I told him I could no longer pretend I could have children because I was a man and men can't be pregnant. He tried to convince me not to leave but I was determined to change my life. It was a very romantic scene and I was observing my self as a man. I was not beautiful, I had a few hair and I was wearing an awful denim jacket. I did not look at all like I do in the face. I woke up and slept some more but the rest of my dreaming sessions did not leave any other clear memories.

Monday, 14 February 2011


In the middle of the night I woke up scared because I had just seen a nightmare. I remember nothing of it now, though. Furthermore I am in a bit of a hurry because I woke up slightly later than I should and have to go to work.
I actually woke up at half-past eight, that was fine, but it was too cold to get out of bed so I slept for another half an hour.
I also dreamt that I was with my friend Ei. She had invited us to her house to spend some days. Her folks were away so there was plenty of space. She had offered me and P. a room with a double bed. I don't think we met much but we had pasta with pesto. In our room was a strange device that functioned with water. One of its pipes started leaking one day and we put a plastic bowl under it. Later, at some point that we went into our room we noticed a crack on the ceiling and then it started coming down as if it was a plastic sheet full of water. I showed it to P. and I suggested that we informed the people upstairs that they too had a leak and that their floor that was our ceiling was heavily damaged.
We were walking around the apartment when we noticed that there were people sleeping everywhere. They would open their eyes for a split second, give us a quick look and go back to sleep. We started looking for Ei. to ask if her family had returned and if we should leave them alone. We found everyone in the kitchen cooking and sat down to eat with them. It proved they were other friends of hers that had arrived unexpectedly and stayed over to sleep. The table was small, it had room only for four people but the rest were dormant anyway. I got a packet of feta cheese out of the fridge and decided to wash it. Another guy was using the sink and I washed it over his head and he had bent so much his face was almost inside. When I put the cheese back on the table I noticed it was brown and resembled chocolate cake. I wondered why and if it had been colored from the packaging. We laughed about this for a little.
I also saw I was putting on my blue kimono for some occasion and talking about it.
Further-more, I dreamt, at some other point, that I was on Summer vacation with my mother and we were sitting in the shallowest part of the sea. There was a boy that was somebody's brother and my mom left me alone to flirt with him but I felt shy and half-sunk my head in the water when he walked towards me. Then I was just standing at the shore of a ocean, looking at the surfers and thinking I was afraid to get inside and swim because of the waves. Somebody provoked me to get in and said it was nothing to be afraid of anyway, but when I looked inside it was full of garbage, sharp pieces of metal and glass bottles.

Thursday, 10 February 2011


I dreamt I was dreaming I was driving side by side with my friend Ei. The sensation was as if I was playing "Daytona"-an old arcade driving game- with the camera set on the front of the car. In other words I could not see it; it was just the road in front of me but I was steering the wheel and everything. I knew I was dreaming because as we were driving on a complex of highways, where as Ei.'s car went straight ahead I lost control of mine and went off the road and, instead of falling, I kept moving in the air until I landed smoothly on another road. I kept driving.
Later I saw I had to go to a museum for a job of some sort. The scenery looked remotely like the beach of Brighton. I noticed I was barefoot. The weather was neither hot nor cold but I was afraid I would catch a cold as the sun would go down later if I kept walking around in this manner. I was late, though, apparently for some appointment and did not know if I had enough time to go home and put on a pair of shoes. I kept walking and I came upon Ei. again. She told me she was going to meet some people that lived on a slop where the houses were built very close to each other, almost surrounded by a forest and none of the streets were parallel or vertical. I told her it was easy to get lost around there and asked if she would like me to escort her, because I had been there in many of my dreams and I knew how to get around. She responded that she knew it was dodgy but she believed she would manage. We parted and I started walking towards my house in my place of birth this time. A motorcycle passed by me and I tripped and fell. The motorcycle stopped and a man came near me to help me up. He asked if I was all right. I said I was fine but he kept his arm around my shoulders. I felt annoyed. He had similar features as an old acquaintance of mine. At first I thought he might be his father but then I remembered that he was an orphan. That guy also appeared there and they started pulling me with his father. I fought back with as much strength as I had. I noticed that we were opposite my grandmother's house and I started pulling them towards the door. They kept me tight but I did manage to move the complex we formed close enough so as to ring the bell. I was also screaming and crying out for help. My grandmother's house has a big glass door in a mezzanine space that separates her house and her daughter's. I saw my aunt coming towards the door. She had her bright slutty-pink lip-stick on, smudged around her mouth so as to make her thin lips look full. She had a sedated grin on her face and she was wearing a 1960's american propaganda outfit with a white apron tight around her waist.
I woke up because the dog was barking.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Drunk police officer

I can't remember when or where it all started but I found myself in a bar among friends and other people. We were sitting around a big, long, table smoking and drinking. I saw a friend I wanted to talk to and we decided to find a nice, more quiet spot to chat for a little while. I must have been a trifle tipsy because I remember feeling rather cheerful and social. I opened a door and saw a very young police officer, profoundly drunk, sitting on a chair that was almost blocking the door. I asked them to excuse me and I tried to squeeze through. The police officer caught my arm and pulled me toward his direction. I tried to go away but he kept grabbing and pulling me towards him. It was a slow fight, in which we tried not to hurt each other while he wanted me to go nearer and I wanted to get away, almost as if it was choreographed. He was very strong and the moment I set one of my limbs free he would catch me from another. I ended up with my waist stuck between his knees, facing him and with his feet closed behind me. I breathed out, stopped struggling, and sat on his out-stretched legs, keeping a cafe distance. He would ask about this and that and I gave mock answers. At some point I noticed that my leg was showing and it was unshaven. I told him that I had more hair on my leg than he did and he looked at it with an amazed look. I also showed him my arms. He smiled and said it had to do with an enzyme that he had as well and that his legs and arms, too, were as hairy as mine while he did not have any other body hair. As we were talking I saw that he looked like a guy I fancied for a short period of time in high-school. He leaned forward with his lips protruding for a kiss and as I turned my head to avoid it, despite the fact that I had started sort of sweet about the boy, I saw a friend of my x with a camera in his hand about to take a shot of the forthcoming scene. I got up instantly, pointing my finger at him in a scholarly fashion and said "what do you think you are doing there?". His girlfriend that was sitting opposite him scolded him too. Everyone looked happy and drunk. I went back in the bar where a band had started to play and on the side of the stage I saw my best friend G. He was shaking slightly and had his characteristic drunken smile. I went past a few more people that I haven't seen in ages and went near him. HE came along, I grabbed my tobacco and asked my friend Ei. to come along to his house for a nice old-times chat.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

the RGB serum

I dreamt I was at a summer resort. There were various old acquaintances of mine, from previous jobs and schools. I met a nice tall stranger, not so dark, as absent-minded and I took a fancy to him. Then suddenly I was reminded that I had to fly back to continue my Master's course. I became rather anxious and started packing my suitcases. We had to take a bus to go to the airport. Our airplane would take off at half-past ten, so we had to be there by nine-thirty. I was very nervous because I would arrive rather late and I would have to find my new lodgings, were I had never been before. I knew my new room was somewhere near the central/eastern part of the city but since I had never been there before I did not feel as comfortable looking for it in the middle of the night. I thought for a little while of calling my friend B.and ask her if I could crash her living room. Then I thought of asking my friend D. to stay with her for the night. I did not know if she would be on the same flight that I was though. I asked for advice from a girl that resembled either M.a girl I knew from the course, or D., a girl I used to work with. They are both on the chubby side and not very sympathetic. She was vexed with me because she fancied the same boy, that was actually coming along, and she told me she would be staying in D.'s house with the boy and that she didn't know whether there would be enough space. I was far to nervous to mind her smallness of character. I had to pack so many things in so little time. I went into my mother's house and started packing. Finally I took my back-pack at the back side of a motel near the sea, at a parking lot near the highway. There were three small coaches. I thought we would depart any time soon but I understood that they would call us. I spent my time aimlessly looking around. When the time had passed and I was afraid that we would be late I walked towards the coaches where I was informed that they would carry only our luggage to the airport and that we would have to wait for the local bus. As we were standing on the bus stop I realized I had left my map behind! I panicked because despite the fact I had learned to walk around without it, it had been some time since I had last been there and I was not sure if I could find my way around in the middle of the night without one. The bus would be there any time now and it was late already. I rushed back in the house, from the back yard, got fast into my room and started looking for the little blue book. Non of my books was were it was supposed to be and I could not see it anywhere. What's more, I had got into a dark room with my sunglasses on (a pair of old-school RayBan, black) so I couldn't see almost anything. I tried lifting them from my eyes but they kept falling on my nose. I turned on the light but it did not bring any great improvement. I calmed down and thought that it was among my sketchbooks. I looked for them and spotted it.
As I was running back to the bus stop I heard the vehicle stopping. I tried to run as fast as I could but my feet were moving extremely slow and the distance kept becoming bigger and bigger.I heard my friends calling at the driver that I was almost there and to wait for me because he had been late already and he was not to be judgmental because of this. I was running for what seamed like ages and just before I got o n the doors sat in front of my eyes. I kept running after it and waving my hands! I could see the bus-driver, that looked like Benicio Del Torro, smirking. The bus suddenly turned and was coming towards me. The driver told the passengers that it was made from aloe-vera and to wait and see what would come to me. The bus grew a big rubber hand that got me. It was out-stretched and I had to hold tight on it so as not to fall. The driver told me that this was how I would be traveling. I was shouting and screaming. The bus stopped and the driver got off. I fell on the floor and started begging him to let me get on. I was crying desperately because I did not want to lose my flight and spend my night alone in the airport waiting for the next one. I fell on my knees and begged with my arms over my head. Then I got connected with a gigantic liquid serum bottle in RGB plus yellow. The colours were floating separately down the tube that was connecting it to my hand. I was observing this nad then I woke up.