Sunday, 29 May 2011

Frofessors, zombies and mammys

I dreamt I was flirting with a professor of mine. He looked remotely like Indiana Jones. We were sort of "discussing" on whether it would be appropriate to kiss or not. I was not sure if I wanted to start going out with him but I definitely wanted to kiss him. The thing is that he was so tall that even if I tried I could not make the first move. My head reached as high as his elbow. He was just standing there in front of me, with an enigmatic look on his face, and I was annoyed by the fact that I was unable to do anything. I told him that he was gigantic. He smiled. Then we parted and I met his mother. She was an elegant woman in her mid-fifties.
I was left alone in his house and I started cooking lentils. I discovered he had been copying a book and pasting the pages on the walls around the house. He also had a large pool instead of a bathtub.
Later I joined a group of his students. They were in the back of a van and I helped them get off. I touched playfully one of them and felt his chest bones protruding from his skin. I looked inside his t-shirt and realized he was something between a zombie and a mummy. His face and hands were intact but the skin under his clothes was highly deteriorated. He seemed aggressive, suddenly, and I started running. I passed through a door and when I tried to lock it behind me I accidentally opened it, he saw me and started running towards me. I got through another door in the kitchen and found the prof's mother. I tried to warn her but my words came out muffled.
Then it was peaceful again and I was lone in the house. I checked the food and added some water. Then I saw a baking tray and poured water inside to rinse it. I discover it had some sort of noodles inside and realized I had done something stupid. I poured some of the water out and left as I had found it. Following, I continued reading the copied book. It stopped abruptly. I wanted to read more. It resembled poetry or random beautiful phrases. I would have to wait for him to copy some more. In the meantime he hag got into the pool. I went there and saw him. The pool seemed to change sizes for a little while but I thought I wanted it to be big and I stabilized it there. The shape also changed occasionally from oval to rectangular. I also stabilized it on an almost square shape. He was flowing inside it. I thought that it was my opportunity to be at the same face-height as he was and thus I could kiss him. The water had a yellowish tint and I thought that maybe one of the students had peed inside. Then it changed to violet and I understood it was being lit. Kitch. I was thinking of how I could jump inside. If I walked I could go near and get in gently but if I stood where I was I could jump inside with an impressive somersault and a big splash. At that point I was woken by my dog. She was making moaning noises to wake me up and got excited when I opened my eyes. I wanted to sleep some more.

Saturday, 28 May 2011


I saw I was going to a v.i.p. restaurant to attend a dinner with important people. I found the building and went up the stairs. When I reached the top I saw that in order to get in I had to crawl under an iron door. There were two triangular openings, barely large for a full grown person to pass through them. I squeezed through and got to my table. I can't remember much about the dinner. I remember going through the previously mentioned opening multiple times and each time it seemed somehow smaller until I found it rather hard to get my chest through. I thought that I should mention this to whoever was in charge. Large breasted women would find it very hard to get in. Later I saw my sister. She was sitting on a table among friends. I sat down with them. She said I was drunk. I realized I was almost hanging from my chair, about to fall to the ground and I was also half-naked. I felt embarrassed and left. On the street I met an old house-mate of mine, R.. He said that if I did not feel comfortable enough to share a bed with my ex-boyfriend, he could sleep in R.'s room because he would be away for the night. I responded that we were perfectly all right with each other and that it was not a big issue to share a bedroom. I walked to the house and met my friend D. there. I had to go to the basement to turn on the lights from the fuze box. Accidentally I cut the electricity for a moment on the whole building. I heard the sound of Macs restarting. I called out at D. to come and help me. We tried to fix things but it was not an easy task, because the fuze box kept changing shape.
When I woke up I tried to remember how much I had had to drink last night and if I had really met my sister. Soon I realized it was a dream, the first dream I was able to remember after a long time.
I had also seen a very vivid one, with a woman that had got trapped in a lift. I could see her body going up as the lift was descending . In the end I could see only her orange and brown plaid skirt and her old-timish shoes.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Chased by mobsters

I dreamt I was being chased by the Arab mafia. I was supposed to have a brother, or I was hanging around somebody else's brother. This brother had met some people that were throwing a party in a mansion and I went along. When we got there they put us in a room on the furthest end of the house, in a room where they were kneading dough for Arabian pita. There were men handling a very thin dough. For some reason I thought they were also making Eucharist. A large man started bulling us. The brother person was very cool but I was afraid they were fanatics and we had insulted them somehow. The very large man held a pen to my head and he claimed it was a gun. At some point that he was talking to the others and his grip became looser I turned his hand towards his oversize stomach that was at the height of my face and pushed the trigger. Nothing happened. He looked taken aback and although by that time I thought he was bluffing, I started believing that it actually was a gun. I tried to push it far from my head and shoot as soon as I could. We straggled for a little while and I pushed its trigger a couple of times more. Eventually I heard a bang and the tip of the pen was smoking. A clerk came in and said something about the chicken fights about to start and that the large man should go there because he was the referee. I grubbed the opportunity and run to the door.I fought my way out. It was very crowded and I kept pushing people aside. The men from the kitchen were chasing after me. I got to the door and managed to close them inside.They had a good grip on me but I hit their hands with the door. Then I started running like crazy. I kept looking behind my shoulder and despite the fact that I could hear them I saw nobody. I was running along with my dog that kept stopping to sniff and I was asking her to hurry. We got to a dark small grassy roundabout, in the middle of nowhere, and I tried to hitch a ride. A car stopped but it was filled with things because the people inside were going on vacation and they had taken so many things with them. Yet, they were traveling in a convoy with their friends. They said that there might be room in the next car. Indeed there was a very small space between boxes. I. and me squeezed in there and when they were about to close the door another dog jumped in as well. I told them it was not mine but they replied that there was no time.

Eventually I got back home. And it was not me any more. I was just hearing the story from M., P.'s friend. She was terrified that they would find her and kill her and that she would have to change her identity and go live abroad. She was also cautious about the brother. She went upstairs to make her suitcase and found him in his bed, sleeping. She told him off because she thought he was kidnapped. He said it was nothing.