Sunday, 27 March 2011

tiny cons

I dreamt I came back home and my dog had taken my pencil case with all my markers and she was chowing them on the floor. I was chasing after her to punish her and teach her not to be a little thief but I could not touch her. I was very worried because I know that despite the fact she is a very good dog, once she puts something in her mind it takes more than one effort to convince her that she shouldn't be doing it.

I also dreamt that I was at the school were I teach. I had taken more classes than I wanted and they had also signed me in for lessons with another teacher. I was going down some stairs after the bell had ringed and I was asked by someone to go to my class. I responded I was a teacher and they looked at me with gaping mouths. I walked into a room in a basement and I saw lots of students fooling around. Apparently it was a lavatory that also functioned as a game because after you went in there and did your job there was an indicator above the door with a score bar and an amount of things you would win on your way out. I tried to go through a blue door but they told me it was for boys and that the ladies cubicles were the red ones. I also noticed there were small silver and gold signs with little boys and little girls urinating. I waited for my turn when a tall boy pushed me aside and went in instead. I waited in front of the next door but when it opened I hesitated as I heard some girls making squeamish sounds. I looked inside and it did not seem particularly dirty. I also observed it had a cafeteria counter attached to the door and that this is is were they served food. The dish of the day was spaghetti bolognese. I went inside and closed the door behind me. Once I was enclosed I realized the space was too small. In order to sit I had to squeeze by the sink and the wall. I hate to touch the surfaces in such spaces. Further more when I approached the sink it adjusted its height automatically making the space even smaller. I could barely move in there so I just went out. I heard the secretary say that she had her own loo. It was the seventh in the basement. It was time for me to go to my class, not to teach but to attend. I found my professor, who was in my age, and we started talking about films and book and we had a great lough. Apparently we would never have a proper lesson but we would spend our time chatting. I did not mind that one bit since I had not applied for this my self in the first place and furthermore the other student was always sleeping.

Then I saw I was on a ship. There were a couple of miniature con-artists. One of them would transform into an object and this was how they committed their frauds. It was not a big ship. It looked like a pirate wooden sailboat. Something went wrong and we started sinking. We were the last ones on board and we climbed up the highest mast when the vessel started falling forward. I told them to jump and swim as further as they could so as not to be pulled inside with the ship. We fell in the sea and I grabbed the hand of one them and pulled him out. He pulled his sister. His hand was so tiny. We swam and got away. Then we were getting on another ship and in order to avoid paying two tickets the girl transformed into a beautiful coral necklace into an old biscuit box. I told her brother to be very cautious not to loose her and that maybe he should hang her from his neck.

I woke up. I looked at P. and saw that we were sleeping in the same posture; tummy side up and with our arms above our heads. He also opened his eyes and we got up.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Alien spacecrafts

Yesterday I saw I had gone to work at the magazine. When I entered the office a cute new man was sitting on the desk next to mine. Nobody was working. They were talking about people getting the sack and wondering who it would be. Eventually it was the cute one. He was not a new employ but he was working in another office which is why I hadn't seen him before. I was wondering why since he did not look stupid or slow. I was actually thinking that it should have been the illustrator instead. He always looks so bored and half-arsed. Personally I think he is a rather mediocre illustrator as well. I can't remember much but I think I was talking to him asking him how he felt about having lost his job. He was sitting on the floor in front of a door. HE responded he did not care much because he wasn't particularly fond of it anyway.

Last night I saw three dreams I can remember:
In the first one I was at the loo, looking at a postcard while having a rather moist shit. There was a window from which I was looking out at the city below. Suddenly I saw a big chunk of a tall building falling down. Then a whole floor got detached. I called at P. to come and see. I thought it was being demolished. Then another building came down and another and another. I started wondering what was going on; if this was the result of an earthquake and if it would reach us. It was approaching so rapidly I was expecting to feel the tremble at any point now. It never did come that close though. Then we were out on the street with P. Helicopters were flying above us and various other spacecrafts. They were supposed to be the hidden state aircrafts, only to come out in case of terrible emergencies. A very large one that looked like a massive toy spaceship passed above us in a very low height. Its bottom side was flat, it had an almost triangular shape and it was in Lego blue with red and yellow lines and lettering. I could see it very clearly. It was throwing fire balls randomly. We became very alarmed when one shot hit our building. We even thought for a little while it was of alien origin. We run back inside. I had become increasingly worried because I had realized that my sisters house was in the disaster area and I was trying to reach her on her phone, that was dead. Most communications were off though, and so was the television and radio networks. I was thinking of walking there but the hazard was too high. I also had this strange conviction that if something seriously wrong had happened to her I would have felt it. I hoped she had moved. I thought she would had told me if she was moving but on the other hand she might have managed on her own and maybe now she was too busy to inform me about anything. I was trying to learn where exactly the disaster had taken place. I met a girl I used to know and I asked her if she had any news. She told me there had been a revolution and that the state had decided to drown it by demolishing the place where the protesting people had gathered. She said that the first spot they had attacked was exactly the street where my sister lived. It was turned into piles of debris. Tears filled my eyes. I went up to my apartment. Next to us was a clinic, now filled with injured people and others looking for their missing relatives. They were also trying to open our door and come inside to use the bathroom. I passed by them and asked them to leave. I told them it an apartment and not a public loo. A woman pushed me aside but then she said it was too dirty for her to use. I saw it looked really old and it had turned gray. The floor and walls were chipped as well. Eventually it was morning again and in the light of the day I felt sure that my sister was safe. If anything had happened to her my mother would have known and consequentially she would have informed me. I woke up. Head ache. I straitened my pillow and went back to sleep.
I saw I was with my mother and sister in a large square, having coffee. My mom had to leave and I walked her to the bus stop. I was explaining to her the bus route and indicated at an approaching bus. Accidentally I got on as well and it started moving. I wanted to get off and go back to my sister because I had asked her to wait for me there. I had also left with her a leather bag I had made for sale. The bus was going further and further and it would not be easy for me to walk back. Eventually, I got off and started walking back. I was further than I thought. I was asking people for directions but they contradicted each other. I had to pass through a strange atrium of a tall commercial building. Then I had to hurry because I talked with P. on the phone and he said that we would become the god-fathers of our dog. I had to hurry to the airport to catch the first flight if I wanted to be there in time. The dog would have to be wrapped in white towels and be still and silent so as to travel in the plane. The pilot was very co-operative which is why they had to catch this flight. I was bound to be late so we had to fly separately. I met an acquaintance of mine and asked him to give me a ride to the airport. His car was parked outside a large house on a hill, in a suburban area. Some other people, friends of P.'s cousin were on the same flight as me. We all sat together at a compartment with six seats. One of us got up to go get something to drink. A stranger came to take his place. As he was about to sit down I told him the seat was taken. He sat anyway and looked at my with a rather crazy stare. We understood he was mentally disturbed and asked a stuartess to help us. I woke up. I thought of laying there just for a while.
I slept again and dreamt of my friend Ei. We were in their home town, at the top of some stairs about to go down. We were talking about leggings and tights and then I started telling her about my first dream. P. woke up and got up. I asked him for a cup of cocoa and I got out of bed as well.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Captain fox

I saw I was involved in a battle with magical perspectives. When it ended we rewound time and got back to the point when none of this had started. I found myself in a classroom. I felt peculiar because since I had all my memories I didn't really have to be there, neither I felt younger than my teachers. I was in another class, sitting with friends when their teacher came in and asked me to go to my class. I asked her if I could stay there but she said I would loose an important lesson that would help me manage bills in the future. I thought it must be maths and that I liked that so I started walking towards my classroom. When I got in I saw a mathematician I had in high-school that would come to school with a hang-over and never taught during the first hour. He would sit on his desk with his head on his hands instead. I did not fancy spending an hour in his class. They were always rather dull and he did not say much, most often he could not solve the problems himself. I got in anyway and took a sit. The classroom resembled a basketball court. Something happened, a fight or a mild violent incident between some thugs and a bulgy mentally impaired child. The teacher sorted it out and then we all had to tell the boy with special needs that he was all right and that we loved him. All the students were standing up, making group hags. I could not participate even if I wanted to because people were blocking my way. When things started to settle down I saw that a french friend of mine, L., was there. She had a bag the future me had made. People were looking at it and I thought that I should modify their memories because it would be years before I made this object, so it could become fashionable at that point. I stopped talking to a girl that was standing next to me. I told her I was sorry but I had to modify some memories. I started staring really intensely at the girls that were looking at the bag bu ti could not tell if I was succeeding. We took our seats again. I saw in the back of the room a character form an anime I've been watching lately. The more I observed him the more he looked like a fox. As I focused on him and was starting to decipher his characteristics I woke up.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I. made a huge pile of poo

I dreamt I was working for a theatre company. There were a lot of people I didn't know and I didn't really like either. I had made costumes for them from a blue gauze that was also part of the scenery. It was not much to speak off. The set was this plain piece of fabric hanging from the low ceiling and their clothes were like ponchos. For the final rehearsal I bought orange gauze so that the actors can separate from their environment. I also had some ideas to augment their appearance and make it more interesting and associate it to the parts. I went there and they did not like my ideas one bit. They said they were used to what they had so far and that they wanted to keep it as it was. I did not want to work much for them so I did not insist. I left soon after that. Then I saw I was with P.who had agreed to play a part for another play. We were supposed to be in London but it did not really resemble London as I remember it. P. left before me and I would go find him later. I left the flat with the dog. We got in a bus and got confused and missed our stop. By the time we got off the dark had started to fall. We were at the wrong side of the river and I did not know exactly where to go. I asked some friendly girls I had met on the bus and they gave me the general directions. I crossed the river and got at an industrial area. I saw somebody I knew and I went to speak to him. I. wanted to poo and she made a huge pile of dung on the pavement. I was looking for a plastic bag to collect the poo but could not find it. A man with African origin passed by us with his dog and offered me his poo-bag. I smiled at him and as I reached for it I saw my bag in my pocket. I thanked him and showed him that I had found my bag. Then the person I was talking to said that there was P. and pointed to the crossroads. At first I could not see who it was that was coming towards us but as he came nearer I saw it was indeed P. He was on the phone and had not seen us. I called his name out loud a couple of times. He saw me and came nearer. He was all dressed up for the part with a white renaissance shirt and his face had make up on in the style of Louis vi. I woke up, too late to go to my morning work and be back in time for the afternoon one, so I stayed at home and took my morning easy.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Poor Inuki

For some strange reason we wanted to take another dog, exactly the same as the one we have, black, half-blood pit-bull. The new would be six month months younger. We did not know what to do with the one we had already so I took her to a museum. I left her in the middle of an exhibit. They had an exhibition of small installations that looked like contemporary window installations for commercial shops. I thought she would get some proper care there. Then I saw I was with my old flat mates and we were cooking. Pasta. I was making the sauce and I left the onions almost uncooked but they did not complain. I also put too little food in one of the plates and then I struggled to make every portion even but still one was constantly smaller. I added some red sauce and tasted it again and this time it was just fine. In addition to this the amount of food had increased significantly. I shared it in to three big vessels and put a lid on each one to keep it warm. One looked like a traditional wooden steam cooker, one was enameled and the third was plain plates. I was late for work so I left. When I got to the office where I was supposed to be working I saw it was transformed into an Indian telephone company. I was waiting for some time for somebody to ask some questions and by his answers I understood I might be unemployed again. I thought it was not so bad and that I had my second part-time job anyway. I was walking down a street of my home-town where my mom used to have a shop when I came across the museum where I had left the dog. The outside looked also like a commercial shop for clothes. I went in and found the dog in a dreadful condition. She was skinny and she had lost most of her hair, trembling on her thin legs. I called her name and she responded. I hugged her and called tell him that I was bringing her home and that it might be all right to have two dogs. He came as well and we were cuddling her, hoping that the new dog would not attack her because despite the fact that it was younger she was so maltreated that she was weaker and smaller.
I woke up thinking of a tune by Fugazi, half an hour later that I was supposed to, but I think I'll just say "..uck it" and go to work when I am ready.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

I was in the same train with the prime-minister

I saw I was on a train. I was sitting alone and I was feeling rather self-conscious. Next to me was a young man with his father. He seemed nice. As they were sitting there looking out the window the prime-minister came and sat across them. The boys father recognized him and they started chatting. The young man remained silent and so did I. I was wondering why. Politics is not my favorite subject but such a low-fi conversation with the prime-minister is not an opportunity to be missed. Instead I kept looking out the window and every now and then at the handsome boy that was silent and profoundly bored.

Friday, 18 March 2011

My belly-button went "pop"

When I got up in the morning I remembered a lot. Then I left the house and went to work and now I can remember very little. I do remember though that I saw that due to some strange condition my tummy was as big as if I was pregnant. Suddenly my belly button went "pop"and started protruding from my belly. I pointed this to my mother and she said I must be pregnant after all. We were crossing the street opposite the kindergarten I went to as a toddler. I was disgusted by the way my tummy looked and expected it to go back to normal but it didn't. I slept some more and had another dream, but as I have already mention, I have no memory of it anymore.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Ghosts and shoes

I dreamt I was in the school of Fine Arts. I had somehow been trapped in the basement- there seemed to be multiple underground floors- and I was trying to figure my way up and out. It was not easy as there were many consecutive rooms, some with trap doors, filled with things like old furniture and painter's easels and not all of them were connected to the staircases. As I was moving through them I came across ghosts. I freaked out at first and I started running. In the last room before the staircase I was expecting to find a black ghost. Instead of this, when I opened the door I met a tall figure with bulging eyes, transparent skin, wide forehead, a black turtleneck sweater and the dullest expression in the world. I must have known him because I said "Oh! It's just you!". I pushed him aside and made my escape.
I went upstairs and got out in a storage room. It also looked like an untidy shop. The door through which I had come out from was small and almost hidden between shelves. I was standing in there when a family of visitors came in the room. I tried to act normally. The last seen ghost had followed me and was now sitting on the floor in front of the door. One of the women that had entered the room had a young boy with her. He approached the ghost in a friendly manner. I panicked and started yelling not to let the boy approach the ghost because he would take him to the basement and would not let him out again. They could not see the ghost and thought I was crazy until the boy stepped on the ghost's lap. The family saw the ghost stand on mid-air and understood that something was wrong. I woke up for an instance.
In my next dream I saw I was in a school. I was part of the teaching personnel. I was also living in the building. I don't remember much, only that I was trying to buy some lovely shoes from a big drawer under a kiosk, and that a very annoying fellow student of my sister was complaining about how Kavafes (the poet) had told her off in one of his classes. She was telling this to another teacher with whom she was sharing her bed. I felt disgusted. I did not get the shoes because I figure out they were not authentic. I had my camera with me and I wanted to take some photographs. As I proceeded to find a subject I found some shoes, nicely organized according to style and material. They were all mine and I felt happy. I started photographing some lovely plastic ones when I realized I had only one shoe of some pairs. Then I "remembered" that I had bought only one on purpose so as to have mismatching pairs and the dialogue I had had with the sellers. I was amazed with the easiness of the task of buying single shoes. I woke up and got up. I was two hours late for work, so I did not bother going at all.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

we travelled a lot

I saw I was with P. It was night time and we were returning home, probably in his home town. We stopped outside a house with lots of low garden doors. He insisted it was abandoned and that we would have to go to explore it. I said it did not look abandoned and that actually somebody must be in there, because one of the doors was unlocked and opened with the key still in the keyhole. He insisted like a child and went in so I was obliged to follow. I fiddled with the door for a little while. I could not decide if I should close it , or leave it as found or more open. I tried to leave it as I found it and proceeded inside. I went in through a narrow corridor between houses. It was odd indeed, as it was a corridor not more than a metre and a half wide but the walls extended two floors in height. I found P. "exploring the house. It did not seam abandoned. It looked actually as somebody was living in there and was gone for a very little. I saw an unmade double bed that reminded me remotely of my grand-parents' house. Eventually we decided to leave the house and go out. As we were passing through the previously mentioned corridor we saw a car parking outside. I knew that the passengers, a man with hair loss and glasses around nearing his forties and an older woman, were the legal owners of the place and that therefor they should not see us going out. There was a big wooden plank and I suggested we hid behind it but P. said we should hurry up and sneak out while they were talking to each other. Then an aunt of his appeared and she got out from another garden door, as if she had visited another house. I followed her but P. went out through the first one. We met again and he said I should have done the same.
Later we were at my home town. We had gone to the bakery that is almost across my house to get some traditional Christmas sweets. We were standing outside the bakery wondering if we should go to the attached pastry shop as it seamed cheaper. I checked the prices and saw that the kind of sweets we wanted was cheaper at the bakery. We went in. I noticed they were selling a kind of sweet bread that is usually eaten in the fasting period before Easter. I asked P. if he had ever tasted this and since his answer was negative I asked the girl that was waiting for our order for one of these. P. went to choose more sweets and pay for them. We left the bakery. P. was holding a huge plastic bag with a big tray of syrupy sweets. He turned it and a big piece of Turkish almond pie fell on the pavement. I asked him to be more careful and we went back home. We ate some of the sweets with our hands, as most of them were like big pieces of moist cake.
I also saw me. I was looking at my self in a mirror wondering what I should do with my hair. I suddenly realized they looked much better than I though, as they were longer, black and straight. I had a big fringe covering my eyes and the rest of them fell rich on the sides.
Later, maybe in another dream, I was with P. again but this time he had long hair and looked more Japanese. It was his birthday and we were with a couple that were his aunt and uncle. They were supposed to have a big surprise for him. We all went to sleep together in a very big bed. When we woke up they weren't there. We started playing around with P. when he transformed into a dog. I jumped over two chairs and got on his back to ride him like a horse. We were laughing a lot.
Then I saw we had just arrived at his parents house in his home town. P. went in and I stayed at the door because dogs kept coming out. I was catching one of them and pushing it back inside and another would come out. I woke up.

Monday, 14 March 2011

I had a boyfriend

Supposedly, I was working in the same bar with my friend D. It was night-time and I had gone there to talk about the job. I wouldn't start until the next day. I met a guy there; a rather good-looking guy. He was taller than I am, almost by a head taller, blond, with nice cheek bones and a beautiful nose. I got out of the shop and walked to a house that was just behind it. I don't know if I was staying there or if I had gone there to do something. He came along and we chatted. He had a wicked smile and with the first chance he pushed me on a bed. We did not proceed into intercourse, nor kissed, just hugged and played verbally. I wondered if I would have to tell him I already had a boyfriend. He did not look like he cared. We left this place and kept flirting while trying not to get noticed by the others. I was starting to like him a lot and I was thinking that if a man fancies me when I play hard to get and I reject him, if he might not like me nay more when I start falling for him because the way I look at him changes and therefor my face goes through changes as well. I remember playing a bit more of hide and seek and then unfortunately I woke up. I did not have any intention of loosing my little adventure so I went back to sleep right on. I found my self in the same place but I could not recall his face. I experimented a little but could not get it right. I was looking for him but none of the men I saw in my second dream were as good-looking as the first one. Pity. I woke up soon afterward.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Hospital 2

I dreamed I was taken to the hospital. I was not sure if I really wanted to be operated. I talked to the people at the reception but I could not remember the name of my doctor. I remember the name of the previous boss of P. but I was sure it was the wrong one. They led me to my room. There was a lot of free space around my bed but otherwise it was rather crowded. It was a very long space with beds as far as I could see. I told them I had just gone there for medical examination but they responded that we would finish the process anyway. They brought me food. I wondered why was that since I knew that before the surgery I would have not to eat anything for the whole day. I was worried I might get another doctor and as I was led into the operating room I straggled to remember the name and face of my doctor. I was further worried that if I let another doctor take my case he would get angry at me. I regained my senses and looked at my tummy. I had stitches in the middle of the scar but it was left gaping with caking blood on the sides. I could also see something white shining in there. They told they had to remove two more and therefor I would have to go the whole process twice more. They also told me I would need to eat some Rammen to get better and showed me the recipe. Then I was with P. and his cousin D. We were talking about my scar and I asked them if they thought I was cured. We decided to go to sleep. I was the first one to wake up. When I went in the kitchen I found food being cooked. D.'s parents had arrived and they had brought lots of pots and pans with them. One was left on the stove cooking slowly. It was a very small pot covered by a very big, heavy, glass lid. I checked if it had enough water and place the lid back carefully. I looked into the other pots and saw that there were potatoes cooked with rice. I thought it was a really absurd combination of food and that it might be a traditional festive dish, otherwise it made no sense. D.'s mother got up and I left the kitchen. P.'s sister with her fiance had just arrived. I felt like avoiding them. The smaller of their dogs came near me. As I lifted him their other dog came in and so did they. I greeted them and got out on the front yard. There were people playing tennis. They told me to join them. They were four and I did not have a racket. They pointed to the table at something that looked like a black freesby. I woke up repeating to myself the rammen recipe.

Saturday, 12 March 2011


I saw that P. and I had decided to get a room mate. At first D. moved in with us. We were also sharing our bed. It was big enough for two couples to sleep. She brought a boyfriend with her but then she moved in with him. Then we invited Ei. She came over. We were sitting in the kitchen and talking. I remember watching a big black stove. I also remember turning it on and off again, but I can't recall what it was I wanted to cook. Ei. decided not to become our room mate and we kept searching. We were at a small cafe trying to find somebody. Then some Nazis got up from the next table and we mentioned that id D.'s boyfriend was there there would have been a fight.
He resembled a lean boy I knew that had bob hair, but I can't remember where we had met.
I also have a memory of balloons from an earlier dream.
The day before yesterday I went to bed before P. When he came I told him that our puppy has the munchies all the time. I was dreaming of her eating something that looked like batteries and bananas at the same time. P. talked to me and I woke up fully. It must have been rather funny.

Friday, 11 March 2011

I had my own shop

Yesterday I dreamt I had a shop. I had put all the things I have made in there but I never opened it. I did not even buy a cashier. I was going through my tax things when I remembered about it and I got nervous. I was thinking of closing down my business and I thought I should settle this as well, otherwise I might have had to pay a fine. I went there to see it and the woman that owned it- who was my previous boss- had sub-rented it to another woman as well that was selling my things along with hers. I went in to the shop and bought a set of ear-rings. I was selling them for two euros but this woman wanted to sell them for more. We had a dispute and I asked for a plate that was near her in a very rude manner. I got out of the shop and I saw a friend of this woman that had been in the shop with us. I tried to apologize and explain the reasons why I was so pissed off. She told me I had been very rude. I agreed with her and felt bad. It was time to go to work and I woke up.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

poss suitor

It was supposed to be the carnival season. I was with my sister and my mother. My sister's friend E. was there as well. I also had a suitor. I can't remember how I got him. He was somebody's brother and he had taken a fancy to me. I did not find him appropriate though. He was very serious looking, tall and large-built and probably too old. He was very polite and I agreed to have lunch with him. My mother would join us. My sister insisted that I mascaraed myself. She gave me an old dress and told me to make a pony tail with my hair. I wanted to wear a brown bandana but she insisted that the character would be more accurate this way. The time was passing and it was getting too late to go out for dinner. I remember vaguely the man's house and that his parents were there. I remember a dark brown furniture with drawers and a mirror on top. My suitor was wearing a tuxedo and a red scarf. I looked very odd and like a peasant. I think I wanted to shock him with my outfit and put him off the thought of liking me. Eventually we got out on the street. Somebody commented on the fact that none of us was wearing appropriate shoes for our outfits. We were about to go into a poss restaurant when I said I was not hungry and maybe I would like to go for a walk or return to my house. This must have been when I woke up.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Paschalis vs Marilyn Manson

I saw I was participating at the making of a television show. There was Paschalis, an ancient, yet still alive, Greek singer that was very popular in the seventies. He has thick black hair and very white teeth. In my dream he dressed like Marilyn Manson. We were fooling around and he decided to cut my fringe. He caught it with his hand, pulled it forward and cut all the hair together. Under my green hair there were some purple tight with knots. I started removing these. I felt like going to the loo but it was occupied. Instead I got into a fridge and sat on a plastic box to do my number two. T., a friend of my sister was holding the door for me but I could not do it. She was smiling at me but this did not improve things. I got out and said hello to A., D's friend that had just arrived. The location was deep in a forest. Somebody said there was fire. We could see the flames surrounding us. Some of us run into the forest to put out the fire. Me and P. sneaked away and run to the car. A fat man got in through the back door. He swore at as for abandoning the rest of the people and not going to help with the fire. We were not sure if we would manage to get out of the forest before the flames consumed us. I turned towards him and screamed that he could not blame us for anything because he was also running away and further more we were saving him.
I woke up around eight o'clock due to great pain in my abdomen and lower waist area. I tried to sleep some more and I saw that I was very swollen and round; as big as a small elephant.
Later I dreamt I was in my mothers house and we were redecorating. I was rearranging spaces and furniture. I formed a small living room into the entrance hall and separated another room with some new white furniture that resembled slightly the window of a pastry shop. There were these new white ones and all our old blue and brown furniture. The house felt very big and odd but it was a pleasant dream in general.

Friday, 4 March 2011

my sister had a show in a club

I dreamt I was with my sister. She had a show and a party at some big club. I met her opposite this location, in a vast studio with a big double door. I was left there on my own for a little while. On a table there were lots of small handmade plus toys. I wondered why they had not been commissioned to me. I was looking at them, trying to choose mine. I could not find any one particularly expressive to take as a comrade and I thought I might take one of each. Then I saw the advert they were made for and though it was about cats none of the toys looked like a cat. I was wondering why that was. My sister returned to this space. She was in a hurry to go to the club across the street and I had to go with her. I was working at my laptop at that point and I had just shut it down. As it was turning off I told my sister to shut its lid as well but wait until the screen was dark. I told her multiple times but she closed it as it was, while the screen was still lit. I told her that I had told her so many times not to do that. She was nervous and had not been paying attention to me. I went out the big, heavy, grey door first. We went to the club. I realized I had left my camera in the previous space and asked one of the girls who had the keys to open it up for me but none of them had the time. I did not like this because I was not sure that it was there I had left it and that there for it was safe and sound, and I had to check. I also remember the club full of people dancing but nothing more.