Saturday, 12 March 2011


I saw that P. and I had decided to get a room mate. At first D. moved in with us. We were also sharing our bed. It was big enough for two couples to sleep. She brought a boyfriend with her but then she moved in with him. Then we invited Ei. She came over. We were sitting in the kitchen and talking. I remember watching a big black stove. I also remember turning it on and off again, but I can't recall what it was I wanted to cook. Ei. decided not to become our room mate and we kept searching. We were at a small cafe trying to find somebody. Then some Nazis got up from the next table and we mentioned that id D.'s boyfriend was there there would have been a fight.
He resembled a lean boy I knew that had bob hair, but I can't remember where we had met.
I also have a memory of balloons from an earlier dream.
The day before yesterday I went to bed before P. When he came I told him that our puppy has the munchies all the time. I was dreaming of her eating something that looked like batteries and bananas at the same time. P. talked to me and I woke up fully. It must have been rather funny.

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