Thursday, 17 March 2011

Ghosts and shoes

I dreamt I was in the school of Fine Arts. I had somehow been trapped in the basement- there seemed to be multiple underground floors- and I was trying to figure my way up and out. It was not easy as there were many consecutive rooms, some with trap doors, filled with things like old furniture and painter's easels and not all of them were connected to the staircases. As I was moving through them I came across ghosts. I freaked out at first and I started running. In the last room before the staircase I was expecting to find a black ghost. Instead of this, when I opened the door I met a tall figure with bulging eyes, transparent skin, wide forehead, a black turtleneck sweater and the dullest expression in the world. I must have known him because I said "Oh! It's just you!". I pushed him aside and made my escape.
I went upstairs and got out in a storage room. It also looked like an untidy shop. The door through which I had come out from was small and almost hidden between shelves. I was standing in there when a family of visitors came in the room. I tried to act normally. The last seen ghost had followed me and was now sitting on the floor in front of the door. One of the women that had entered the room had a young boy with her. He approached the ghost in a friendly manner. I panicked and started yelling not to let the boy approach the ghost because he would take him to the basement and would not let him out again. They could not see the ghost and thought I was crazy until the boy stepped on the ghost's lap. The family saw the ghost stand on mid-air and understood that something was wrong. I woke up for an instance.
In my next dream I saw I was in a school. I was part of the teaching personnel. I was also living in the building. I don't remember much, only that I was trying to buy some lovely shoes from a big drawer under a kiosk, and that a very annoying fellow student of my sister was complaining about how Kavafes (the poet) had told her off in one of his classes. She was telling this to another teacher with whom she was sharing her bed. I felt disgusted. I did not get the shoes because I figure out they were not authentic. I had my camera with me and I wanted to take some photographs. As I proceeded to find a subject I found some shoes, nicely organized according to style and material. They were all mine and I felt happy. I started photographing some lovely plastic ones when I realized I had only one shoe of some pairs. Then I "remembered" that I had bought only one on purpose so as to have mismatching pairs and the dialogue I had had with the sellers. I was amazed with the easiness of the task of buying single shoes. I woke up and got up. I was two hours late for work, so I did not bother going at all.

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