Friday, 11 March 2011

I had my own shop

Yesterday I dreamt I had a shop. I had put all the things I have made in there but I never opened it. I did not even buy a cashier. I was going through my tax things when I remembered about it and I got nervous. I was thinking of closing down my business and I thought I should settle this as well, otherwise I might have had to pay a fine. I went there to see it and the woman that owned it- who was my previous boss- had sub-rented it to another woman as well that was selling my things along with hers. I went in to the shop and bought a set of ear-rings. I was selling them for two euros but this woman wanted to sell them for more. We had a dispute and I asked for a plate that was near her in a very rude manner. I got out of the shop and I saw a friend of this woman that had been in the shop with us. I tried to apologize and explain the reasons why I was so pissed off. She told me I had been very rude. I agreed with her and felt bad. It was time to go to work and I woke up.

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