Sunday, 29 January 2012


I dreamt I was back in the University and that I was staying at the dormitory. I was at a road, up a mountain, that connecting these two places. I think I was with my friend V. It was more a path than a road but still wide and bland enough for a car to pass through. Left and right of this red and brown earthen path were tall, lean trees. There were many groups of people walking like us but none of us seemed to know exactly where we were going. It was more as if we were told how to get there and the basic instruction was "follow the path in the woods". Everything was going smoothly when suddenly the path separated in two, at some distance from where we were at the time. It was quite graphic because of the artificiality of the whole picture. The two new paths lead towards totally different directions and they couldn't possibly end at the same place. The growth of trees that was in the middle also looked bogus, but in a "nature's-tricks" sort of way. What I mean is that the road split in two, rather abruptly, by a gradually increasing cluster of tall and thin trees, that formed a weird angle that reminded me of bottles set for bowling. At the edge there was one tree followed by two, then three, then four, then a thick forest.

(continuing from the draft, some days later, I can't remember much)We chose to take the path on the left. We met a chubby fellow that accompanied us. Somehow I pitied him because he gave me the impression that he didn't have that many friends to talk to. -Memory gap- I was outside the dormitory about to go back to the university. I was standing by a tall concrete wall. The sea was somewhere near. I found a big roll of money on the floor, I picked it up rapidly and stuffed it in my pocket.

I can recall no more!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

The gun

I wouldn't mention this dream if I hadn't seen a gun. Not only I saw it but I caught it, I lifted it from the floor and felt its weight in my hand. I don't know what real guns feel like but it was fascinating, better than driving.

When I woke up I didn't know I had been dreaming the previous night. All right, we dream every night, still when I opened up my eyes I had no idea of what had happened in my sleep. But then, while I was preparing my coffee I remembered. A few boring things at first and then the gun.

I was with my partner at a summer resort. We weren't together but I really fancied him. For some reason us being together was prevented but I crawled next to him in a bed he was sharing with a couple more people and I whispered in his ear that we should meet in private. I can't remember very well the course of events but then we were at a factory that crushed garbage. It was very clean, almost pristine. Big machines would lift big bundles of staff, throw them in other big machines that would crush them and form them in a descent, nice square. I was searching for P.probably although I am not exactly sure it was him at that point. I found him under a red velvet drape that was randomly thrown over some tables and other piles of clean garbage. I found him and pulled him up. I also found his gun, which I was very reluctant to touch. I picked it up non-the-less. It was heavy but well balanced and cold. It was not a big gun. I would say that it was approximately 17 cm long, in the silvery colour of polished iron with a simple wooden handle. My fingers found their place naturally around it. My index rested easily on the trigger and I panicked. It was as if I couldn't point it at empty space but it lead my hand to point it at the people that were there. I asked the man that might have been P. to stop fidgeting and take his dangerous staff from my hands. From the little I know about guns (my resources being toy guns and films) I checked to see if the cock was pulled. The stupid thing was prepared and ready to shoot and I really did not want to be its accomplice.

Subsequently we were at the house at the summer resort again. I had just woken up when I realized that we would have to pass through the hell of public transport to get back home because my beloved had decided to let the car go home on its own pulled behind his brother-in-law's car. I was infuriated. Mostly due to the irrationality of the decision. I started packing and searching for a convenient bag to put my clothes in because my suitcase was in the car. I had made neat little piles of things on the bed with all the things I found under the bed and realized that I did not have that many things left after all. I had a white brazier I didn't plan to use any more that I gave to a cousin of P. Still raving mad I asked him to call them and ask them to bring our car back to us and that I would handle the negotiations with them from that point on. Apparently he was awful at fights and could not form an argument to save his life and for them "no" was not an acceptable answer. Damn and blast.

I woke up having slept more than enough and now I shall finish my coffee and start what appears to be a bright busy day.

Monday, 23 January 2012


At first I did not know where all the sound and light came from but I saw them when I pulled the curtain. They also saw me. There were military trained men with helmets and torches examining every inch inside our houses from the helicopters. I was worried they had come for me, they were starring so intensively at my face, but then the three helicopters moved and I saw that they did the same to every apartment. Somehow I learnt that it was some criminal they were after. He was a very dangerous convict that had escaped and was probably hiding in our district. We became aware of the fact that every door in our house was left open. Even the front door that we usually closed right after using it was now gaping open. The apartment had prolonged. Perhaps it was the long shadows of dusk that gave this impression. I pushed the door closed and took a quick look under the furniture. Those areas seemed uninhabited for a while and we assumed we were most probably safe.

Then I was outside with people, returning from some restaurant. I did not know everyone so well, neither was I feeling at ease around them. We approached a large public building that resembled an orthodox church and we spread around there.

Afterwards I was at home when I remembered I still had my sister's keys and that I should take them to her. Her house was just a short walk from mine. As I was passing outside a small booth with a curtain and thin rods at the front I wondered if it was the police station. I went closer and asked if anyone had reported theft in the neighborhood. I explained that my sister was living near the church and that she had been away for a few days and that I had heard that somebody had broken into the church and if this was true if they had taken anything of value or if there had been burglars in the near by buildings as well. They responded negatively and I left. In the booth I saw two women that looked more like porn stars than cops.

As I got in the yard of the house where my sister lived, it dawned on me that I hadn't given a warning call. If she was not expecting me she might not be in the mood for a social visit. So I called her. There was no response but I heard her crying from the bathroom window. I knocked on the door and her roommate, T., opened the door for me. She informed me that my sister had had a really bad morning because she had to take a shower while getting constant small electric shocks because there was some issue with their bathroom. I saw her and she showed me the burn-marks on her wrists.

The alarm clock went off. I had to get up. Not much to do today outside the house. I think I'll stay here where it is nice and safe and sound.

Friday, 20 January 2012

the orange sweater

Last night I had three cups of cava-cava before I went to bed. I don't know if it is related to it but I dreamt a lot. Despite the fact that I remember that this is not how it all started, the thing that I recall most vividly is me trying to have s.. with p., who actually looked more like my previous boyfriend than himself. We were doing it on some stairs outside the place we were temporarily living in. It was like a hostel or something. There we were, in the dark, on the dump stairs of the opposite building, trying to get on to it when people started arriving. We were still fully dresses so I did something to cover his back and we pretended we were just kissing. His sister arrived after a while. She was wearing some hand-made knitwear of mine. It was a flossy orange t-shirt like cardigan with black trimmings on the neck. I was trying to remember why I had given it to her and came to the conclusion that I had lent it to her for an occasion and that she was merely exploiting it. She had lost a lot of wait and it fitted her like a very elegant dress. I went to the kitchen and when I returned I found her on p.'s lap, in an incestuous position. They were laughing so much that I felt embarrassed because I thought they were making fun of me but then I heard her say her boyfriends name and I understood that they were only fooling around. Yet I could not kick away the feeling of embarrassment and I blushed.

The building we were living in was huge and it must have been a busy hour because people were coming and going all the time. Somebody informed us that something had gone wrong and that there would be a curfew later that night.

That's about all that is left in my memory until now.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I dreamt of snakes. I saw I was with P. and that we were carrying around a big box of bags. It was late at night. We stopped outside S.'s, a former employ's of mine, shop and I still had the keys. I unlocked the door and we went inside. I left the box there and P. really wanted to steal something. Despite the fact that I had no problem to open the door I did not know the combination code to turn off the alarm. Apparently it had not gone off because it had a movement detector that did not cover the area that was closer to the door. I kept asking P. to be careful as I saw him approaching the movement detector. It looked like a ceiling camera and a smoke detector. S. had a snake for a new pet, a small cobra. P. took it. We locked the door and run home.

Some incident had taken place in the neiboorhood and it was full of policemen. We went inside. P. insisted that the snake was harmless and that it was all right to let it loose. I disagreed big-time. From my point of view it was a very bad idea to take it in the first place. What if it bit the dog or if we got caught. After all we had just left a big box there. S. would definitely know it was us.

Somebody knocked on the door. It was policemen. I was intimidated at first but remembered soon that they were there for another reason and that it was most unlikely that that had come to arrest us for braking into S.'s shop. Indeed they informed me that something had taken place and that they would be around. They were very funny-looking, in a cartoonesque manner. They were two men and a woman, all tall (it felt as if I had a wide-angle view of them), smiling and pot-bellied. They were dressed like sheriffs in small American towns as they are shown in films. One was wearing a thick red pullover.

In the mean-time P. had let the snake out of its box and I was trying to prevent Inuki, our dog, from chasing it. She was barking at it and it was an aggressive little thing. It tried to bite me and I was not sure if it had managed to bite her as well. Eventually she caught it and killed it. I was very frustrated after I shaw her with its head in her mouth. I was sure she had been bitten in the fight. Soon after we disposed of it there appeared multiple smaller ones. The awful thing had given birth.

I can't remember what we did with the snakes but afterwards I was sitting in the living room with the policemen that had come for a social visit.

In the next dreaming session I saw that I was sitting my our friend Ei., drinking. I was also involved in some mischief and was hiding something from a television couple that was in our company. P. woke me up. It was much later than it should have been and he was already late for work. It is a cold, rainy morning. The temperature is 7 Celsius degrees and I am working at five past three, twenty minutes form here. Now I have to do the dishes and prepare our dinner, because I won't be back until 8 or even later.