Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I dreamt of snakes. I saw I was with P. and that we were carrying around a big box of bags. It was late at night. We stopped outside S.'s, a former employ's of mine, shop and I still had the keys. I unlocked the door and we went inside. I left the box there and P. really wanted to steal something. Despite the fact that I had no problem to open the door I did not know the combination code to turn off the alarm. Apparently it had not gone off because it had a movement detector that did not cover the area that was closer to the door. I kept asking P. to be careful as I saw him approaching the movement detector. It looked like a ceiling camera and a smoke detector. S. had a snake for a new pet, a small cobra. P. took it. We locked the door and run home.

Some incident had taken place in the neiboorhood and it was full of policemen. We went inside. P. insisted that the snake was harmless and that it was all right to let it loose. I disagreed big-time. From my point of view it was a very bad idea to take it in the first place. What if it bit the dog or if we got caught. After all we had just left a big box there. S. would definitely know it was us.

Somebody knocked on the door. It was policemen. I was intimidated at first but remembered soon that they were there for another reason and that it was most unlikely that that had come to arrest us for braking into S.'s shop. Indeed they informed me that something had taken place and that they would be around. They were very funny-looking, in a cartoonesque manner. They were two men and a woman, all tall (it felt as if I had a wide-angle view of them), smiling and pot-bellied. They were dressed like sheriffs in small American towns as they are shown in films. One was wearing a thick red pullover.

In the mean-time P. had let the snake out of its box and I was trying to prevent Inuki, our dog, from chasing it. She was barking at it and it was an aggressive little thing. It tried to bite me and I was not sure if it had managed to bite her as well. Eventually she caught it and killed it. I was very frustrated after I shaw her with its head in her mouth. I was sure she had been bitten in the fight. Soon after we disposed of it there appeared multiple smaller ones. The awful thing had given birth.

I can't remember what we did with the snakes but afterwards I was sitting in the living room with the policemen that had come for a social visit.

In the next dreaming session I saw that I was sitting my our friend Ei., drinking. I was also involved in some mischief and was hiding something from a television couple that was in our company. P. woke me up. It was much later than it should have been and he was already late for work. It is a cold, rainy morning. The temperature is 7 Celsius degrees and I am working at five past three, twenty minutes form here. Now I have to do the dishes and prepare our dinner, because I won't be back until 8 or even later.

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