Monday, 23 January 2012


At first I did not know where all the sound and light came from but I saw them when I pulled the curtain. They also saw me. There were military trained men with helmets and torches examining every inch inside our houses from the helicopters. I was worried they had come for me, they were starring so intensively at my face, but then the three helicopters moved and I saw that they did the same to every apartment. Somehow I learnt that it was some criminal they were after. He was a very dangerous convict that had escaped and was probably hiding in our district. We became aware of the fact that every door in our house was left open. Even the front door that we usually closed right after using it was now gaping open. The apartment had prolonged. Perhaps it was the long shadows of dusk that gave this impression. I pushed the door closed and took a quick look under the furniture. Those areas seemed uninhabited for a while and we assumed we were most probably safe.

Then I was outside with people, returning from some restaurant. I did not know everyone so well, neither was I feeling at ease around them. We approached a large public building that resembled an orthodox church and we spread around there.

Afterwards I was at home when I remembered I still had my sister's keys and that I should take them to her. Her house was just a short walk from mine. As I was passing outside a small booth with a curtain and thin rods at the front I wondered if it was the police station. I went closer and asked if anyone had reported theft in the neighborhood. I explained that my sister was living near the church and that she had been away for a few days and that I had heard that somebody had broken into the church and if this was true if they had taken anything of value or if there had been burglars in the near by buildings as well. They responded negatively and I left. In the booth I saw two women that looked more like porn stars than cops.

As I got in the yard of the house where my sister lived, it dawned on me that I hadn't given a warning call. If she was not expecting me she might not be in the mood for a social visit. So I called her. There was no response but I heard her crying from the bathroom window. I knocked on the door and her roommate, T., opened the door for me. She informed me that my sister had had a really bad morning because she had to take a shower while getting constant small electric shocks because there was some issue with their bathroom. I saw her and she showed me the burn-marks on her wrists.

The alarm clock went off. I had to get up. Not much to do today outside the house. I think I'll stay here where it is nice and safe and sound.

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