Sunday, 26 September 2010

Late exams and drunk driving

I woke up for the first time around seven because it was too warm and a mosquito was having a feast on my back and wrists. I went into the kitchen to get a glass of water and pondered on the idea of getting out of my bed and writing down my dream. My partner was also awake due to the same circumstances. I offered him a glass of water and thought that it is silly to have slept only four hours on a Sunday. Before I let myself go back to sleep I told me my dream so as not to forget it by the next time I would wake up.
I saw I was with P. and a friend of ours and we were driving. P. had had a few drinks and we were cautious of a potential police check. We saw a large truck making sighs to us to pull over but it was a police truck; they were the fire brigade. We pulled over in did, P. lowered his window and instantly said that he was terribly sorry but it was a best-friend's birthday and he wasn't really drunk but it might appear like it in an alcohol test. The people that had stopped us were very friendly and cool, they told him to chill, get of the car, eat a candy bar and then continue our way as if nothing ever happened. He went into a nearby supermarket to get his chocolate. I stayed in the car and chatted with the firemen. All of them proved to be from the same city I am from. All of them were sort of cute and one was very polite to me. We talked about this and that and our hometown. In the mean-time P returned and we continued driving. Next time we stopped we were near my mom's working-place. That's about us much I remember from this dream.
Later I saw I was in my final year of studies in the school of Fine Arts. I was about to go through my very last exam and then I would have to prepare only my final show to graduate. It was the very last semester of the required final year and I did not want to prolong my studies. Thus I felt very worried when I realized I did not have enough time to study. I got stressed about it for a minute and then decided I would give the exams on the next exam period. I new I would probably succeed to get a six or seven out of ten but I always aimed at getting very good marks and did not want to ruin that. I decided non-the-less to go see what the new professor would ask. I got into the examination room that looked more like a shop as it had a big display window on the street side. Most of the sits were taken and I found it hard to pick mine. We sat down there and were given two pocket size books I had never seen before. For a moment I though I might get really lucky and that she might ask us to make an analysis of the new text provided on the basis of past knowledge. I was sure I could pull through this as my knowledge of history of art is wide enough. We changed rooms and I had the same issue with the available sits. This room was separated from the previous one with another big display window. We were given two more books and she started making notes on the black board. I had left my other books on my previous desk and asked for permission to go and take them. The new professor was a smart, cool blondy with a sweet face and haircut. She was slightly taller than me and as thin, maybe with a little less booby. She told me to hurry back because the time went by fast. I returned and looked at the instructions on the board but could not really understand what I should do. I tried then to look into my books to see if I could figure the whole thing out. I had lost my page and by the time I found out what I had to do, I lifted my eye-site and the blackboard had been cleaned. I asked her to re-write the instructions but everyone seamed not to understand what I was talking about. I can't remember anything happening next, even though I have a vague image of a dark alley between brownstone buildings and a staircase. I must go back to work now.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Sailing race and concert-hall

Last night I dreamt of my dog for the first time. I saw I was with P. and we had just smoked our last illegal cigarette. I didn't have any tobacco of my own, so, as we were about to part I asked him to roll a cigarette for me but apparently not as long as the previous one. He made for me a huge cigarette with a bright blue paper and I put it as it was in my bag. We parted after this. Later I was in a hotel lounge with my mother and sister. We had gone there on vacation but we would also participate in a sailing race. The contestants were expected to have constructed their own vessels and ours was really small and flat and would only move if there was a current to drug it. The race would take place in a river, though, and therefor if we managed to stay on it and keep it straight things would work just fine. I was also expecting guests, a group of people I didn't know but were friends of P. I knew I had to keep my cigarette for their company. They came and did not make the best impression as it was a group of yuppies with sweaters on their backs and well-combed hair. They were moaning about the weather and the sea that was dirty were we were. I told them there were far nicer shores if they didn't mind the distance, which caused more comments of discontempt in their group. I left them all and went to the bar that looked more like a bakery to get something to eat. I wanted a slice of some sweet bread with almonds I saw but the backer told me he had only the outer smaller slices left because it was commissioned by the scouts. He gave me two slices and added a bit of jam in the middle. I thanked him and went back to our table. Sitting on the bar was an old captain that would also participate in the race. I knew he had a strange story but didn't bother talking to him. I was looking for an opportunity to share my cigarette but could not manage to stay alone with them anywhere. The race started and I was on that small vessel with my mother, my sister and my dog. We had to lean left and right while standing to make the vessel move towards the correct direction. The dog fell in the water and I was afraid I would lose her but she managed to follow us quite well and I was pleased. We realized that we had left something behind and we made a full turn and lead our little boat into the previously mentioned hotel lounge. I have the impression that this happened several times. I can't remember anything more from that scenery.
I also saw- maybe at some other dream- that I was probably with my sister and we were going to a concert of classical music. We had to go up some stairs and when we reached the top there was a big gap between the last step and the concert hall lounge. The staircase was rather unstable at that place, as well. The people that were working there informed us that we had arrived too early and that we would have to wait where we were for some time before we got admittance in the hall. I felt bad in my stomach and tried to explain I have a case of fear of heights and edges and that I was standing in the less comfortable spot for a person like me. I already hesitated to take the next step and cross over the gap, but standing on the edge of what seamed like an abyss was above my power. Other people had started gathering there and I felt I couldn't even go back if I attempted to do so. We were allowed in a smaller room and my sister wanted to go out for a stroll and to buy something before the concert started. We took the evacuation staircase that passed outside our window. We were not supposed to do this and we were, also, next to a police station that meant we had to be extremely cautious. We managed to do everything right when I realized I no longer knew where my ticket was. I started returning to the room in exactly the same way I had left it, in case the ticket had fallen somewhere. If I didn't find it I would not be able to go in and it needed great effort from our behalf to g through the whole process to destroy everything at the last moment. I succeeded to return to the room and found my ticket, that was a plain blue piece of printed paper, on a pile of clothes I had left on a bed, there. That's possibly as far as this dream evolved. It probably preceded the previous one. I woke up when I heard Inuki moaning because I was sleeping and she wanted company.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Two wild nights out

I dreamt a friend invited me to a concert and I didn't really want to go. I thought I could drop in for an hour or so and that I would go home afterwords. When I arrived there he introduced me to other friends of his and we approached the stage all together. Some of them were musicians and would perform later in the night. I mentioned that I would not stay long because I didn't have much money and tried to explain why it would not be fun to stay there sober. I can't remember my exact words but I was very pissed off by his insistence. Our dispute got so loud that one of his friends, a tall and lean guy, with hollow cheeks and big dark eyes said he was feeling sorry for me. Soon after that there was a great upheaval in the audience with lots of people fighting. I felt amused by this site and went towards my sister that appeared in the audience. We were discussing about our current situation and, I think, we mentioned our mom. I half- woke up.
It was still dark outside and I went back to sleep. I dreamt I was in London, not the London I remember but the London as I see it in my dreams. I was living near a region with a bad reputation, like Brixton, or Stockwell, or Soho before it became a tourist attraction and it was a queer night, like they present the Mexican Day of the Dead in films. People got out on the streets with peculiar intentions and it was an exclusively non-white residents feast. I was expecting my sister to arrive on that night. I picked her up from a dark alley near a station of some sort and we decided to go for a walk locally. We were walking on a narrow alley full of shop of various ethnicities. It was extremely atmospheric. The general oriental ambiance was intensified by multiple smells coming from shop that sold incenses, spices and the traditional food of each country that participated in the feast. We entered a Chinese shop to bye incense. My sister offered to buy it for me but she said it would have to be white because it was the only kind she liked. We got it from a very nice elderly woman that did not speak English. We got back out on the street but as the night grew things started becoming aggressive and people were approaching us with the intention to scare us away at any cost. Most people were men, women were only in shops. A group came near us and my sister told them something. I got scared and pulled her behind me. To appease them I through my incense in a big pot with burning coals that was set for this purpose in the middle of the street. Instead of incense, though, I saw that it was copper coins I had thrown in and I moved them with my hand without getting burnt. My sister said they were fake coins and that it was not good to show that I had forge currency of theirs. We walked some more and she wanted to go into a shop that sold all sorts of technological gadget and hair accessories. The people that were there stared at us curiously and this made me feel uncomfortable. We looked through a door and saw a smoke filled room like a gambling club. I said it was probably a bad idea to be there and suggested we rushed back home. At that point I discovered a gap in my dreaming scenario that had to do with my residency and filled it in somehow but I can't remember exactly how. I do remember thinking, though, what a strange thing it was to make things up in a dream.
Then I saw it was the same special date, earlier in the day and I was waiting for p. I was on a road near a brownstone bridge. I remember observing the stairs through witch was the way on it. He was wearing a waist-length leather jacket and he had a cigarette in his mouth. He was walking joyfully and he told me he had rented a car. I tried to tell him it was a dodgy district on that particular night and that maybe we should park the car somewhere safer and choose elsewhere for our walk. I kept trying to say that the previous time I was there some Mexicans had pulled a knife to my sister but never managed to finish my story. He was somehow cocky and insisted that things would be fine. He drove to an underground parking lot and could not understand that he should pass on foot from the check-in office to get admittance. A beautiful woman of African origin was at the desk and she was very mellow when I went there to ask her to excuse him for being so rude. We left the car and walked to a club. He went in first and as I followed I was stopped by a group of men of the previously mentioned origin that asked me to leave him and choose their company instead. I declined their offer and their smooth-talk. Later we were on the subway trying to get two stops further. We missed our stop and had to change train. I was a bit slower and was nearly left behind. I had to grab the last door of the train as it was closing. There were very few passengers on. We got further mixed up between trains and stations and spent a lot of time underground butt luckily our tickets were valid for an hour and a half.
I half-woke up again thinking that I had really enjoyed my night and that I should definitely try to remember all I had seen in the morning. I went back to sleep repeating to myself my earlier dreams. By the time I woke up and finally got to turn on my laptop I could not recall a bloody thing but that I had seen two amazing dreams. It came back in the end, but possibly not with every detail.

Sunday, 19 September 2010


The first thing I remember from last night's dream is a woman in a very short gray vinyl skirt and a cow-boy hat being spanked by another one on a desk. She received the first couple of strokes willingly but started objecting to the sequential ones. I later discovered she was a member of a relationship between many people, based on mutual abuse and enjoyment. I can't recall exactly how but their intercourse involved mainly causing each other pain and not actual penetration. At some point there was a male sitting on a mattress among silk sheets on the floor and was surrounded by many women- Madonna was among them- and one of them told him they had a very special present waiting for him. It was a small jar with honey. Despite the fact that up to that point I was an observer when he got his jar I found the same in my hands. He ate a spoonful and I dipped my fingers in mine. After he had swallowed plenty of honey his women informed him it was a very special honey only for him. They told him it was imported from some Asian country and it had a very flamboyant name. It's special quality was that by the time it reached the consumer's bowels, some tiny inherent needles exploded shredding apart his rectum. I panicked as I felt the little needles in my own mouth but tried to rationalize and explain to myself that was I was observing was mere fiction and that such a honey couldn't possibly exist. I started coughing non the less and spitting. The guy was panicking, swearing and threatening his laughing mates until he accepted his destiny and calmed down, waiting for six hours to pass.
The scenery changed and I saw that I was observing a colony of convicts on another planet. The land was covered in snow and most of the people had blackened fingers from frostbites. I could see one of them slipping and falling as he was trying to return to his lodge. Most of them were hostile to each other and often trying to kill one another. The technology was advanced and people had gone through prosthetic surgery, altering parts of their body and obtaining new abilities. I remember seeing two convicts on a train platform. One of them seamed to be a very straight-forward person and something like a hero that had been trapped and sent there. He was waiting for the train with a massive weapon in his wounded palms. As the train approached he started shooting. He did not succeed in causing any damage as the vehicle was made from some very sustainable metal. Another convict, also massive in size and with frostbites and a queer head that seamed completely insane was hiding behind a corner and as the train was leaving the station went forward and killed the previous man. He had a disgusting mental grin on his wide face.
Then I saw more of the residents of that prisoners colony. I saw two yuppies in their bed. They were about to go to sleep when the man got a message and a small antenna with small LEDs came out of the top of his head and a strange gadget out of his arm. He was a convict that worked as a bureaucrat and had these things implanted in his body so as to be able to work whenever he was needed and wherever he was. His wife seamed annoyed by these and asked him why was he called for at that hour.
I must have woken up then for a little while. I dreamt some more but my sleep was much lighter and often disrupted and I can't remember anything more coherent.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Exhibition in a five star hotel and the law.

I went to bed rather late last night, because we had company and when we stayed alone I wanted to work some more. I had to wake up early because P. had a job interview. When the alarm went off I had a silly song in my mind. I have half forgotten it by now. It either went in the tune of "nice weather for the ducks" by Lemon Jelly ( or of "Old McDonald had a farm" but the lyrics were "there is another kingfisher" and I kept watching watching four trouts- I know that the kingfisher is a bird- forming a cross.
Earlier I had dreamt I was having a party and the purpose of it was to present and sell my work to my fellow students. It had great success as people gathered from wherever they were on this occasion. Yet they took the exhibits and moved them to a nearby five-star hotel with pools and bars etc. We were having a very good time and the commercial success was great as well. People were giving me money and I was so baffled that I did not know were to store them; I put them in my pocket and in a small clutch bag I was holding. Suddenly I realized that other people I didn't know were staring at me in a hostile way and I thought I had not given any receipts for the money I had received and that I should better get everyone and everything and go back home. My guests were happy and excited and did as I told them. I started collecting the things to move them back and they were too many for me to carry at once. A good friend of mine was helping me but nonetheless we would still have to do the distance twice. The route was not easy either as we had to cross a park with stiff cliffs and miniature waterfalls. As we were opposite the house I saw large public cars parked outside the hotel and was worried it would be some sort of economic police that would prosecute me. My friend told me it was unlikely and that I could work it out with them. I was still worried that one of my guests might screw things up if they admitted having bought something from me and it would be embarrassing to ask everyone to lie. The last thing I remember from the dream was looking at my stock and thinking it was a lot. I woke up happy not to be in that situation. Not that I haven't stocked a great lot of objects waiting for buyers, I just hope that I will do everything legally and not have issues with the ministry of economics. Silly stuff.....

Monday, 13 September 2010

the party

In the middle of the night I woke up from a scary dream and it took me some time to realize it was not my reality, relax and go back to sleep. At that point I could remember what I had seen very vividly. I' ll try to bring as much as I can now.
I was in an apartment I shared with people I met at the students residency where I stayed in 2008. It was late at night and I had been expecting people to come and visit me all afternoon on an unspecified occasion, possibly my birthday. I had decided to go to bed when someone knocked on my door. I opened and a bunch of half-drunk English college students pushed their way into my apartment claiming that they heard I was throwing a party. They sang a birthday song for me. I remember a small brunette with a silly party hat, holding a bottle, completely shit-faced. I felt I should restrain them somehow but they were too many and everyone knows that drunk English brats are really cocky and difficult to handle. I saw a girl vomiting on a red couch my grandmother used to have and my mother got later at our house. I started complaining about this situation and mentioned that the bloody couch was vintage and that she should sort out that it would get proper cleaning. She was looking at me with an idiotic grin on her face, tilting left and right while her partner made useless efforts to remove the spaghetti stains.
Next thing I remember was waking up in my room in my dream, wondering when and why did I go to sleep, leaving the berserk people alone in our leaving room and I concluded that I must have become drunk my self rather suddenly. I got out of bed and out the door and saw that the place had been almost demolished. I was in trouble because the other tenants were not there and therefor the apartment was my responsibility. The furniture were smashed and stalked, the tapestry had been ripped apart and the lights were hanging way lower than they should from the ceiling. People were lying around, also in the rooms of my housemates, and there was vomit everywhere. Some started stirring as I was crossing over them and some started waking up. A couple came out of the door across mine on the corridor and they told me that they knew watching a lot of films was a good thing to do but that they were sorry they had smashed every single one of my dvds. I told them they would be in deep shit because the dvds they had damaged were not mine but they belonged to the muscly flatmate of mine. They felt intimidated for a moment but then somebody mentioned that he was in the hospital with internal brain bleeding. I felt so sorry for the poor guy and that I should definitely set things straight in the house because if he survived he would need his room to be really neat. I walked towards the door and I found a lot of people sitting down there as well. Two were strangely deformed. They looked very young and one of them had a missing nose; it was not as if he had a gap on his face but as if his cheeks were bulging were his nose should have been. He looked like those cartoons that have flat faces and no indication of nose but he was three dimensional and with fleshy collours. I looked at him and asked what was wrong before I realized it was this certain lack of features that was odd. They told me he was very good at organizing stuff and that this was why they let him hang around with them. I woke up feeling that I had so many things to settle, no money to cover the damages and a flatmate possibly dying in some hospital. As expected I felt great relief when I realized I was safe in my quiet apartment, in my usual bed with the usual company.
I saw another dream in the morning, possibly with a similar theme but more relaxed but I can't recall anything more specific.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

loads of info

I can't remember a coherent story, really. I think the first thing I saw was my x with some friends of his. They are all in improvised and experimental music so I saw that I was sitting in a public space, like a cafe or a library, and they came and sat on a table next to me. We were all very happy to meet and I felt free to make little jokes on the quantities of cds they are buying weekly. My joke did not get through with the first try but eventually they got it but defended themselves and denied the accusations, all in a very high-spirited mood.
I met them again outside the dormitory were we stayed all together. I was walking to my room, the building was a brownstone with curved walls and I was walking on an external ladder attached to the wall and this way I could see the people that were sitting by their windows. I saw the previously mentioned person and said hello. Lot's of people were sitting by their windows, especially the ones that were on the sunny side. I remember that a girl was enjoying the heat on her face with her eyes closed. She had stretched backwards as her window was not fully sunny. I went into the building.
The next thing I remember is being with my mother and sister in an apartment. I can't remember whose it was but my sister was younger and she was taking a shower and my mom gave her a towel. I went into the bathroom and I pulled the curtain that was light blue, like the one in my shower, and I observed two huge cockroaches with big antennas. I started looking for the insecticide and rushed in the room to spray them. The light bulb had burn so I could not see clearly if I managed to spray them. I went back to my room and saw more of them. I tried to spray them all and I was worried because the house was filled with textiles and I thought that maybe they had their nest somewhere in them. Also the spray had a constant leak that made me further worried.
There was the corpse of a young woman in a green dress. She got up and kissed me. I told her that her lips had started disintegrating and I wonder how I could get rid of the body. I woke up then and was relieved. I also thought that I have seen myself in this situation so many times that I should try to remember that the corpses are only in my dream and that I shouldn't get so worried.
I slept some more and I remember seeing the dead woman again, but occasionally I perceived her as a doll and in that case I had two, in slightly different proportions, and I preferred the rounder one.
I woke up again and I got up this time.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Empty coffee jar and nothing more

I haven't been able to remember anything from my sleep for days.
Today, I had set the alarm-clock at nine o'clock, but I opened my eyes at five to nine, knowing that I had just seen a dream. I stayed in bed and waited for the alarm to go off. When it did I was starting to feel a bit sleepy again and I remained lying down. Apparently I went back into slumber and I have the impression I kept dreaming the whole time. I know this is not physically possible, yet I was in the state of light unconsciousness strangling to convince my self that the hours were going by and I have things to do while it's still not so warm.
When I woke up definitely I had only one mental image from my dreams. I remember opening the coffee box and seeing it empty. I did not panic because I knew I had more coffee in the fridge but was put off just a bit.
Now: slight head-ache from the moisture in the atmosphere and an unpleasant phone-call. I am going to help a friend paint her new house later. Have a nice day.

Saturday, 4 September 2010


Today I managed to sleep for eight hours straight. I feel so much better. I was wondering all the previous days why I was feeling so faint without thinking that I missed a couple of hours of sleep every day. I also dreamt. I can't remember a consistent story from start to finish but I'll do my best.
I was with P. and his father called my phone number instead of his. I picked it up and we talked about random things that should be done. It was a very short phone-call, so later in my dream I felt remorse for not giving him more time to communicate, as if I was thinking for an isolated child that needed people to talk to. I called him and when he responded I thought of the lack of reason for this gesture of mine. I tried to be polite and explain that I had called out of human interest to ask how he was doing, because I had felt that our previous discussion lacked that human aspect. Luckily no one understood it was him I was talking to, otherwise it would have been embarrassing. P. asked me who I was talking to, I lied and he believed me.
Later I saw that somebody had given me a puppy. It was a lovely one. It was very small and fat and it was supposed to be a breed that makes good guards due to it muscular condition and its behavioral pattern. It kept running round the house and hiding under furniture but it was good to me and came to me to hug it. I was carrying it around in my arms and I remember taking it to mother to see it.
I also remember dreaming I was with P. in a family re-union, really crossed and bored and dying to get out of there. I was walking aimlessly around, feeling completely antisocial and not wanting to talk to anyone. P's mom was there and I remember observing her and her sister from behind as they were moving around the place and thinking that they are even shorter than I am. They both wore black clothes. At some point P's mom was sitting on a couch and she asked me to approach her and then she whispered in my ear that she knew why I was feeling like that and that it was ok.

I keep losing money, I lost 11 euros yesterday after a friend's miscalculation in bistro-mathematics, and I am pissed now, not because of the amount, that is small anyway, but because of my stupidity. The calculation sounded profoundly wrong but I did not question it, and I offered to pay for another friend as well, that actually is in a far better financial situation than my current one, and despite of that-or better due to that- already owed me money. I think that none of all the previously said is important. I am just crossed because I am expecting my period within the next three days. I also feel huge. Plus a tummy-ache. I shouldn't see anyone today. I might be dangerous.