Thursday, 9 September 2010

loads of info

I can't remember a coherent story, really. I think the first thing I saw was my x with some friends of his. They are all in improvised and experimental music so I saw that I was sitting in a public space, like a cafe or a library, and they came and sat on a table next to me. We were all very happy to meet and I felt free to make little jokes on the quantities of cds they are buying weekly. My joke did not get through with the first try but eventually they got it but defended themselves and denied the accusations, all in a very high-spirited mood.
I met them again outside the dormitory were we stayed all together. I was walking to my room, the building was a brownstone with curved walls and I was walking on an external ladder attached to the wall and this way I could see the people that were sitting by their windows. I saw the previously mentioned person and said hello. Lot's of people were sitting by their windows, especially the ones that were on the sunny side. I remember that a girl was enjoying the heat on her face with her eyes closed. She had stretched backwards as her window was not fully sunny. I went into the building.
The next thing I remember is being with my mother and sister in an apartment. I can't remember whose it was but my sister was younger and she was taking a shower and my mom gave her a towel. I went into the bathroom and I pulled the curtain that was light blue, like the one in my shower, and I observed two huge cockroaches with big antennas. I started looking for the insecticide and rushed in the room to spray them. The light bulb had burn so I could not see clearly if I managed to spray them. I went back to my room and saw more of them. I tried to spray them all and I was worried because the house was filled with textiles and I thought that maybe they had their nest somewhere in them. Also the spray had a constant leak that made me further worried.
There was the corpse of a young woman in a green dress. She got up and kissed me. I told her that her lips had started disintegrating and I wonder how I could get rid of the body. I woke up then and was relieved. I also thought that I have seen myself in this situation so many times that I should try to remember that the corpses are only in my dream and that I shouldn't get so worried.
I slept some more and I remember seeing the dead woman again, but occasionally I perceived her as a doll and in that case I had two, in slightly different proportions, and I preferred the rounder one.
I woke up again and I got up this time.

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