Friday, 30 July 2010

Post-vacation long dream

I kept a diary of the dreams I saw during my summer vacation, but I'll keep them for dreamless nights.
Last night I saw I was packing my things and getting ready to travel. I had even packed my sawing machine in its lovely blue bag and my backpack and I got on the train. I was slightly worried somebody might tell me off because of the bulk of my luggage and because the sawing machine has sharp parts. On the same car as me there was a couple that kept arguing and speaking loudly. Their luggage were way bulkier than mine. They had their suitcases and a washing machine and two sawing machines packed together in a big white soft parcel.The train attendant told them off because of that but the girl was very rude and kept saying "mister, mister, listen to me". After solving the issue with them the clerk came to me. I tried to be polite and apologize in advance but he pointed towards the annoying couple and said it was all right. It was daytime but at some point somebody provoked everyone to look out the window and then it was dark outside. We saw three people, a male and two females, pretending to be savages and chasing each other around, naked with spears in their hands. They came near our windows- we had slowed down a lot-with big grins on their faces, showing their teeth. Their looked mad as their eyes were extremely widely open and their hair were a mesh. We continued our journey and I remembered I had a son, somewhere, I had not seen for a long time. I tried to remember when I had him and if it was painful to give birth and wondered why I did not have an abortion because I must have been young when this took place. It was a five year old boy with thick black hair. I was amazed I did not feel anything special for him, and he felt equally cold towards me. I decided it must be the distance between us and the fact that someone else was taking care of him. I also thought I am like my own father on that aspect and that maybe I should have another child I could keep with me. I arrived home but missed my partner desperately and did not want to stay there on my own, so I decided to leave again. I arrived to Athens and was standing on a bridge outside the train station. I felt crazy and wanted to take a walk, so I left everything there at a corner and started walking. It was 21:11, as I saw on my wrist-watch, and the last train to were my partner was would leave around 22:00. I was walking and then I thought how silly it was of me to leave my things unattended. The people you meet around stations can be really dodgy. I found my backpack and the rest of my belongings on the back of a man that was crouching on the corner where I had left them. I expected him to be there even though I am not sure who he was and it felt for a little that he was actually me. I helped him up and zipped some of the pockets that were left open. This man was a bit deranged. We went to a pub for a pint (I think it was "Dirty Dicks", a pub in London, opposite the Liverpool tube station. Other people were with us in a "Lord of the Rings" atmosphere. Somebody offended us and subsequently asked the bartender to give us another drink to make amends. The beer was served in a porcelain jug and it was bright green with thick foam. I observed at that point that everyone were wearing the same hat that looked like an oversize turban. It was very light yellow, almost white, with small colourful little objects, that looked like candy, scattered randomly on the top.
I was out on the street again and I called a friend to ask if I could crash his couch for the night. He told me that his girlfriend was out of town and that it was perfectly all right for me to go there. I answered that it was not my intention to sleep with him. He picked me up from somewhere and we went to his apartment. I was sitting on the couch while he was preparing something to eat in the kitchen. I took a packet of rusks from my bag and left it on the couch. Another friend showed up (these two do not know each other in reality but I might have merged two people in the face of the first friend) and he sat quietly on a footstool next to the couch. I did not expect to see him there but I don't think I mentioned it. We were sitting there and I was eager to call my partner. I was thinking that maybe I shouldn't because his sister, that was with him, spoke only once on the phone to her fiance and we were obliged by social conventions to do the same. I walked to the kitchen to be alone and call him but my sell phone was dead.
I woke up with forests and clothes in my mind. It took me some time to remember my dream and I felt relieved to see him sleeping next to me. I really had to wee.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Bits and Pieces

I remember a big red book, dropping from somewhere above, landing standing up on a very dirty floor in a half-lit room. Then I remember more books. That's about all for today, I think.

Thursday, 22 July 2010


Sometimes when I wake and remember my dream, I think that I could sleep some more and still remember it. This is often incorrect.
All I can remember, from last night, are mutants. I was working for a governmental guild of witches. There were a couple of mutants that had discovered an infectious disease that could destroy humanity. They were the ones that would spread it, so they had to be confined. They were dark red hexagons, pretty much flower-like, and they had a spot from which they could be eliminated in their middle. It was also their most infectious spot and thus it was not a good idea to touch it. I managed to catch and imprison them in a dome. I accidentally touched one of them at that spot at the centre. I woke up. I thought it was eleven o'clock. My partner was still asleep. I closed my eyes again and slept some more.
The dream continued. I was in my guild discussing the matter and we were observing the mutants. I have the impression that I kept waking up and going back to sleep and watching the same thing again and again. I woke up at half-past-twelve. My partner was also awake and the window was open. We had pasta for breakfast-lunch.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Not very interesting or detailed

I dreamt I had to attend a premiere and I arrived a little late. It was taking place at a theatre-gallery I know rather well. We were welcomed by the lady that owns the place. The show was about to start with a musical performance at the lobby. I took my ticker and sat down at a staircase. Then I remembered I had to go to the car to take something. When I arrived at the car I realized it was parked oddly between bushes and that my partner would have to move it. We got in and a lot of people were in it with us. We went back in the gallery but I was sincerely bored and wanted to leave. I can't really remember what happened next.
I also dreamt I was talking to a psychic investigator. He was informing me that some kind of paranormal activity was taking place at number four which was the area near us. He concluded that if number four is known to the public, the remaining preceding numbers would have occurred as well and that, therefor, we were at exactly the centre.

Monday, 19 July 2010

New Job

I woke up not in the best of moods and then I spilt boiling hot cocoa on my fingers and on the floor that made my mood even worse. I also believed I did not recall what I had dreamt but I remembered minutes ago, as I was serving the remaining cocoa (with a small plate under the cup this time).
I had finally found a job. I was not thrilled because it was a shop with clothes and books but it was all right. I went there and started talking with another girl that was also working there. She showed me around and where to leave my bag etc, and I had a bit too many things for the provided storage space. Latter this girl disappeared and my supervisor came over along with the rest of my co-workers. I had not been informed of the schedule and I was a bit worried and wandering if I should ask. Additionally, I realized that everyone else were wearing uniforms and I did not have any. I was very energetic and busy helping people around. I was trying to sell a cardigan to a thin girl but she went out the door and it was just her friend left waiting with the right size in her hands. A mature woman asked for my assistance and she caught my arm and we started strolling around the shop. We slowed down as we approached the delicatessen section because she wanted to do some eavesdropping. We returned to my post and I thought of asking about the weekly schedule and a uniform. I walked towards the workers' private area and I noticed a box of cds. There was a guy whose gig we had attended the previous night. I remembered faintly that we had met and a big gate opening, lots of people coming out and a car-chase. I meant to talk to the mate but could not find him. He had left something for me in my bag though. That as much as I actually remember.
Have a nice day.

Sunday, 18 July 2010


This morning I had one of these dreams that are slightly discomforting due to the occurrence of sexuality with a forbidden person. This particular one, though was rather pleasant and guilt-free because of the lack of actual resemblance between the named character and the real one. Furthermore, the person I saw looked more or less like my partner and this legitimized things somehow.
I have the impression that I do not remember the dream from the beginning. I was at my mothers house, in the room I had during my high school years. This room has a nice door that leads to our back yard that has a lot of plants and is quite calm. This door was there but the room was bigger. It had a single bed next to the wall and a strange piece of furniture in the middle. It was a prolonged storage piece. One of these that if one puts a mattress on top turn into beds. I really like these. This one was much longer. It also had lots of drawers and cupboards. My mom came into the room and asked me if I wanted her to bring an extra bed in the room to replace this one and we had an argument because she could not understand why I preferred my old furniture. Then my sister came over and starting removing parts of my furniture and staking them at the corner of the room. I told I did not want the bloody bed and asked her to leave me alone.
Subsequently the door opened without anyone knocking on it first and an uncle of mine came in. He was supposed to be my favorite and most good-looking. He was not much older than me and, as I have already mentioned, he looked incredibly like my partner but his hair were long, sort of like Mark Bolan, but not as extended. He sat on my bed and started having other clothes on. He was wearing tight black jeans, a white shirt, a black corset and he had a black scarf with which he was playing. I kept thinking how beautiful he really was and how much I wanted to kiss him and how bad this would be. At this point it did not seam so bad, so I cuddled him and gave him a peck on the cheek. I started taking photographs of him but the camera was malfunctioning and i could not see what I was shooting. Then heavy rain started falling and there was an amazing amount of static in the room. There were sparks coming from every electrical object and rain was coming through the door too. He started feeling faint and was leaning heavy on a chair that was there. I felt odd because I knew he would disappear and I wanted to keep him close for as much as possible. I cuddled him again and waited until he became faint and transparent. I was also worried that if I did not do something quick there would be danger of electric fire. I woke up.

Friday, 16 July 2010

I often dreamt of buildings

I have mentioned before that since I started keeping this blog I either have developed difficulties remembering my dreams or I realized I remember much less than I thought I did, anyway. Fragmented pictures come in my mind but the narrative just slips through my fingers.
I think I saw I was among actors and I wanted to get a role as well. I also recall sitting on my own at some stairs and having really heavy make-up on.
During the last winter I was often dreaming that I was being followed and pushed around by people and circumstances. Lately I am much more aggressive in my dreams. I see my self plotting and being the boss and yelling to people (in reality I very seldom raise the tone of my voice and I hate it when people are being loud for no reason).
I used to dream often that I was in a very big building, like a students residency, wandering around very wide corridors and extremely large common rooms. They often had pools and they were built in various levels, so you always had to go up or down two or three stairs. In these places I usually tried to go to the loo or take a shower but it was almost impossible to stay alone, without somebody opening the door or peeping under or over it. Frequently I would try to go lower and get out but instead I would go higher and higher. If things got rough, eventually, at some staircase I would try a technique I have been practicing in dreams since I was very young; I would decide to jump and fall but alternatively I fell softly like a sheet of paper. This dream had variations but it was always the same norm.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

places revisited

I dreamt I had received an invitation from the college where I got my MA to attend an extra course for six months. I arrived by boat (the city I dreamt of has nothing to do with the actual place were the college is). I got out of the harbour and decided to walk to the house where I was staying before I left. I was supposed to have made the related arrangements with the landlord. The day was bright and the colour of the grass with vibrant. The buildings were gray and the overall feeling I got from the architecture was futuristic in some way. I past by a police officer and a beggar with a long brownish coat, a scarf and a bowler hat and he approached me to ask for my spare change. I almost screamed "don't come near me". The police-officer turned around and asked me very gently why I had behaved so rudely. I realized I had indeed overreacted and apologized multiple times. Then I walked along with the police-officer and the beggar and they even offered me a drive home, as the sun was starting to set. We arrived at an alley and I realized I had given the wrong address. They had taken me to my previous residency. I said the new one was not very far and that I would walk. I turned around a corner and after a while I found the place. I went up the two stairs outside the main door and knocked on it. It was an old wooden one, with a big wobbly glass window and off-white metallic decoration. I got in a room that looked like a common room but one or two people were sleeping there. There was a table with chairs, a cupboard, a mattress on the floor that later transformed into a bed and a double white couch. Apart from the last object everything else looked old and used. People were in there and I was informed I could not move in because the landlord was refurbishing the place and my room was unavailable. He said he had sent me a letter I had never received. He apologized for the inconvenience but they told me I could spent the night there and start searching the following day. I felt odd because I had already paid the rent and I could not afford even a hostel. I asked If the couch was available and if they minded me sleeping there. I also asked about the house next door that was connected with the one I was in and I knew a friend of mine had stayed there when her room had to be reconstructed. They told me it was occupied. I knew that house from another dream. It is a place with big rooms and endless doors. I always thought it was bigger than it seamed as I kept finding new rooms and new floors occasionally. It was an old house with undefined perspectives. Back in the first room I had my dinner that consisted of carrots and mustard. A guy suggested I slept on his bed (the one that used to be a mattress) but I declined the offer.
Then I suppose it was day two and I was calling a friend of mine, that would arrive a week later, to inform her that we needed a new place to stay. Then the landlord's daughter came over and invited me upstairs. We went up a metallic black ladder. Their house was really old and with odd perspectives. The ceiling was strange and there was a disfigured stove. The daughter was a beautiful lean woman around her twenties with a fifties dress and hair-do. We went inside her room. Her bed was big and tall and covered with various fabrics. She took out a vanity mirror and powdered her nose. She said she did not want me to leave the place because she needed a friend and that it was her birthday and that I should wait for her to blow her candles on her cake. That's as much as I can remember.

After my alarm went off I put it to snooze and slept a bit more. I cannot remember anything coherent, but I remember talking to and building skeletons. I also remember talking to my partner's father about my house experience in the previous dream and realizing that the landlord was his relative, but he would not let me explain.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I woke up too early today. I have only slept for four and a half hours. I would have slept more but I got irritated and anyway, I realized I had already seen a dream, so sleeping more would be besides the point. I dreamt that I had never met my partner, that I had just separated from my ex and that I met another guy that was quite odd. He was one of those tall and built trendy Mediterraneans I've never been fond of. So, being aware of this in my dream, I was thinking it was not a good idea to be with a person like that. I was also thinking that I wouldn't want the relationship to have any future because I could not communicate at any level with him. He was even dressed in white and I hated his hair. I was thinking about all these in my apartment when he arrived, and I thought I might as well have some fun while he would be still available, but I would try to do it without getting too entangled into this. He came in and we talked about this and that and then we went for a ride. We went to the entrance of a thick worm forest. There was a bridge made of bamboo and a small pond under a small waterfall. It was rather nice there. We kept talking and then we were at my apartment again. I asked if he could drop me downtown. At this point I remember being at my mother's back yard. He agreed and took my keys. For some reason I did not ask for them. When we arrived he said he was going to the barber's and I would go visit some friends, so as to ask for their opinion on the matter. I had found two airplane tickets (for France, I think) and did not know if I wanted to go there on my own or invite him along. I went to this friend's house and found her with her sister, which kept nodding and saying "aaaa" while I was explaining the troublesome situation I had found my self in. Suddenly I was at the barber's asking for my keys. He said they were in the inside pocket of his jacket that was now black. He was still wearing it under the hairdresser's robe and it was not very easy for me to spot the pocket. I was reaching for them when I woke up. The first thing I remembered was the waterfall.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Two failures to remember and an old dream

Yesterday I woke up thinking that I should post something on the blog. All I could remember from my dream was trying to remember what I was seeing, so that I would write about it and nothing more. So, no real dream. I can only remember trying to leave my self mental notes, of which I had no recollection after I woke up anyway.
I do remember seeing something today, but it is all too vague. I remember that I was conducting an investigation, talking to people about it, a serum I should deliver somewhere for things to happen but not succeeding at this, a monster and chocolate. No specific order of events or anything else. Pity I can't remember. It sounded fascinating. In a sort of X-files style.
In order to make amends I will talk about one of the dreams I used to see often as a child:
I was with a cousin of mine who is several years older. Her father at the time was an immigrant in America. I assume he must have been working in constructions, because this was his job when he returned, I never asked about it but this was my assumption. I was not older than seven years old when I was seeing this. In the dream I was with this cousin and we both had two small bicycles of those that have three wheels. We were going to visit her father that was working inside a big cave, like a mine or something. We had decreased in size somehow and were about doll size. When we entered the cave the ceiling would collapse behind us and we would get trapped inside the darkness and slowly die. I remember a few images rather clearly. I saw this dream several times and it always let me with a feeling of discomfort, more that fear. At the time I remember having a long black pony-tail. My hair were very thick.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

two dreams

Yesterday I dreamt I was working at one of these shops that combine a bookstore and a stationary. A girl I used to work with in the past was there as well. I was quite fond of that girl (in reality) despite her being bossy and occasionally loud. She was studying German literature. I saw I had fallen ill for a week and had not gone to work and I was kind of worried because I had just started working and I wanted to give a good impression. I was going down a black metallic ladder and this girl informed me that our supervisor wanted to see me. He was supposed to be obsessed with text analysis. I asked and was told I should have prepared Kazatzakis' approach to Plato's "State". I was told not to worry though as our analysis would be based on the use of correct spelling. Then I remember meeting a son I was supposed to have. It was a sweet 5 year old boy with spectacles. I asked him if he was bored and said that we would be going home soon. Then I showed him two small buns of bread that had a face on the upper crust. I asked if he would like to have a sandwich for lunch and that it would be a funny one with that face on the top.Then I remember thinking of Shinigamis again. I woke up with a song in my head. A new-wavish cover of "milkshake" my sister made me listen to one of the previous days.
I can't remember much of last night's dream except that I was plotting something with someone.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

I can't remember a bloody thing

I cannot really recall last night's dream.
Bugger. I can only remember having two bottles of lemon scented chlorine for domestic use instead of one and pointing it out, saying there was no need to get a new one, and how silly I was to forget I had an extra bottle. Then I remember a small quarrel with a monster that looked like the Death God from the anime series "Death Note". He had constructed something that in order to function needed some sequential gestures and we were discussing on their number. We were in the same gang. That's when I woke.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

New Year's Eve near Bow Church

Last night I dreamt it was New Years Eve and I was at the house of my partner's parents. I did not know what to wear, as my best option was my dress with the Silver Surfer but I had worn this one the previous year. What's more it was too warm for Christmas. I was in a very small room with a single bed and a brown bedside table with three drawers. The walls were white and there was a window and the room was very bright. I put on a shirt with a small black and white pattern and black shinny tights underneath. I looked like a horse jockey a bit. He said I looked nice, we hugged and kissed. Then I remember being among people in a bar or bistro. There was a lot of noise and everyone was occasionally looking towards something I could not see. Suddenly the noise increased and everyone was moving around lively. Then I was out on the street with a friend of mine, walking. I was trying to explain the similarity between the spot where we were and the Bow Church area and there we were. We walked more centrally and reached a bridge that was the entrance to a park. The sun was setting and a woman with a baby in a pushchair was leaving. There was another woman with odd behaviour constantly talking to the police that was at the side of the bridge. I had a big piece of Parmesan cheese in my hands and half an onion and did not know how to curry them around so I asked my friend if she had a plastic bag. She had one with her things inside. I found one hanging on my wrist. I put my things inside and asked if she wanted to put any of hers so that I could hide it inside my normal bag that was a big black tote. She gave me a bag of rice and a piece of bread and some more cheese. It was too heavy in the end but I preferred to carry it myself anyway. I think that's when I woke.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Last night I dreamt that somebody loves me

I am not much of a Smiths fun but I happen to be quite fond of this song.
Last night's dream was way too complicated and confusing. The feeling I had when I woke was pleasant and I hesitate to start describing it as I will have to re-organize it time-wise and I'm afraid it might spoil the overall texture of it.
Actually it is a dangerous dream to write about. Too many hidden thoughts. I just hope that no one I know personally will read it.
I was somewhere else when I found myself inside the shop of my former employer, that was in this case a pet-shop. The door was unlocked but the lights were dim and no one was there but a light-brown hairy dog with long legs that I decided to take with me. He was among large cardboard boxes. The boxes were set tidy on rows of two and their dimensions were approximately 50 x 50 cm. I left and met an acquaintance that invited me home for coffee. The house looked like one that could be in John Water's A Dirty Shame (it's filmed in Baltimore). It was white and it had two stories. We were upstairs and other people were there. I remember flirting with this person in a really discreet way. It was more an expression of mutual feelings instead of a declaration of intentions. When I left the place, feeling a little bit ashamed and guilty, I went to meet my partner, but I met my ex. My feeling of confusion increased. He was sleeping on a very small bed, almost of children proportions and his pajamas did not really fit and I could see his belly. I tried to explain something but decided that something was wrong there so I closed the door behind me. I found myself on the street and I had another dog this time. It looked like a doperman, but was not as muscly. It was very thin and it had very long legs, and its face reminded me of a snake but it was pleasant to look at and its tongue was one of a snake. I was in my hometown at this point and was looking for my car. I got inside a black small old-school European model and a friend was waiting for me there and we chatted about the dog. I had become very attached to this dog, and it to me. I was again at the first house and was trying to make coffee but didn't know what kind of coffee would please everyone. I asked and decided to prepare filter coffee. The percolator was full of dried beans, not coffee-beans, ordinary ones. I mixed them with coffee and started the process with the dog on my side. Then we were to leave the apartment and as we were locking the door, leaving the dogs inside, we saw policemen coming upstairs and we felt odd about it because we were supposed to have smoked you know what. We didn't have anything on us but we still looked dodgy. The investigation was about a murder though. I realized a day had gone by without me thinking about the first dog that I aimed to give to my mother. I went inside the apartment and people were there. I was asking about the dog and a very odd woman was there looking at me suspiciously. She was fat and had red hair and was wearing cheap colourful clothes, as if she had chosen everything carefully from a charity-shop or something. Sort of early eighties clothes. She was sitting on an easy chair in a tastelessly furnished room. I could see a corridor through the door behind her. She told me off about something and I decided to keep my distance form her. I went on looking for the two dogs when I woke up with the thought that I was looking for my current partner whose face I could not remember in my dream and he was connected with the snake dog in a way. Nice gloomy yellowy dream. Then I burnt the coffee and it is not very nice.
I also remember watching a ceiling slowly colapsing. Pieces of plaster and paint and paint were falling like rain on the corridor floor (much like in the film Silent Hill).

Monday, 5 July 2010

First Post

Sort of queer to set such a blog, to write down my dreams. I am by no means a good writer, and this is not plain modesty. I also find it kind of cheesy as a gesture. "Look dude, I see a lot of stuff when I sleep, let me tell you" (this should be read in a Beevis & Buthead mental tone of voice). Anyway.I shall start with last nights two that I can remember:
I woke up at eight o'clock in the morning for the first time and I think that just then I was dreaming that I was somewhere with my partner. Somewhere rather undefined, a city that reminded me of the second and the third cities in which I studied. (No names mentioned) We were walking somewhere near the centre but not close enough for traffic to be there and we were a little bit lost and broke and looking for a place to stay. The roads were wide and empty and the buildings not very tall, gray and white and rather average towards the dull side. We were looking around suspiciously and then he noticed a sign of some residency for the students of a local school for photography for policemen. It appears we were in grate need for a place to stay and we decided to lie and try to stay there. We approached someone that seamed like the right kind of person and followed him in a building. We were trying not to look dodgy and convince them for something ( a police cheek was there as well, one of the blond ones with the lack of real facial expressions). We had to write a support letter to the head of the establishment who was also a woman. It was my task to compose it and he would edit and print it. Instead of writing what I had to in the proper formal tone. though, I could not help but starting with a paragraph of gibberish about how nice we and they were. The bight started falling and the letter hadn't been posted so we thought of delivering it ourselves. In the mean time a dog had appeared (a small husky) and we quite liked it. Sometimes though the dog had a distinct resemblance to one of those red things that are used by the fire brigade, those objects where they can connect the fire hose, at the side of the pavement, I don't know how they are called. Especially when I petted him on the head. Alarm went off, I got up for a while.
I returned to bed and dreamed that one of my neighbours ( a female with a very irritating voice) was throwing away a lot of household stuff, mostly old children things (that I am very fond of, btw). My apartment was somehow spacier and at street level. Right outside of my door I could see a pile of red soil under the next building but it was not gloomy or miserable. The light was sort of dim but not intimidatingly dark. I could hear her speaking but didn't really get what she was saying but when I got outside to look I saw all those stuff, like furniture and school bags and I could search and find things inside things and I was ever so happy. I woke up.
I also remember dreaming that I had a long roll of paper and I thought I could use it as a didgeridoo (odd- I don't even like the instrument). I could occasionally produce some sound but could not get the hang of it. Then it transformed into another material like plastic or alluminium and the shape of it changed a bit. It got a dent at the lower side and I realized it was an actual musical instrument that could resemble a flute but I still could not produce constant sound.