Monday, 5 July 2010

First Post

Sort of queer to set such a blog, to write down my dreams. I am by no means a good writer, and this is not plain modesty. I also find it kind of cheesy as a gesture. "Look dude, I see a lot of stuff when I sleep, let me tell you" (this should be read in a Beevis & Buthead mental tone of voice). Anyway.I shall start with last nights two that I can remember:
I woke up at eight o'clock in the morning for the first time and I think that just then I was dreaming that I was somewhere with my partner. Somewhere rather undefined, a city that reminded me of the second and the third cities in which I studied. (No names mentioned) We were walking somewhere near the centre but not close enough for traffic to be there and we were a little bit lost and broke and looking for a place to stay. The roads were wide and empty and the buildings not very tall, gray and white and rather average towards the dull side. We were looking around suspiciously and then he noticed a sign of some residency for the students of a local school for photography for policemen. It appears we were in grate need for a place to stay and we decided to lie and try to stay there. We approached someone that seamed like the right kind of person and followed him in a building. We were trying not to look dodgy and convince them for something ( a police cheek was there as well, one of the blond ones with the lack of real facial expressions). We had to write a support letter to the head of the establishment who was also a woman. It was my task to compose it and he would edit and print it. Instead of writing what I had to in the proper formal tone. though, I could not help but starting with a paragraph of gibberish about how nice we and they were. The bight started falling and the letter hadn't been posted so we thought of delivering it ourselves. In the mean time a dog had appeared (a small husky) and we quite liked it. Sometimes though the dog had a distinct resemblance to one of those red things that are used by the fire brigade, those objects where they can connect the fire hose, at the side of the pavement, I don't know how they are called. Especially when I petted him on the head. Alarm went off, I got up for a while.
I returned to bed and dreamed that one of my neighbours ( a female with a very irritating voice) was throwing away a lot of household stuff, mostly old children things (that I am very fond of, btw). My apartment was somehow spacier and at street level. Right outside of my door I could see a pile of red soil under the next building but it was not gloomy or miserable. The light was sort of dim but not intimidatingly dark. I could hear her speaking but didn't really get what she was saying but when I got outside to look I saw all those stuff, like furniture and school bags and I could search and find things inside things and I was ever so happy. I woke up.
I also remember dreaming that I had a long roll of paper and I thought I could use it as a didgeridoo (odd- I don't even like the instrument). I could occasionally produce some sound but could not get the hang of it. Then it transformed into another material like plastic or alluminium and the shape of it changed a bit. It got a dent at the lower side and I realized it was an actual musical instrument that could resemble a flute but I still could not produce constant sound.

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