Wednesday, 7 July 2010

New Year's Eve near Bow Church

Last night I dreamt it was New Years Eve and I was at the house of my partner's parents. I did not know what to wear, as my best option was my dress with the Silver Surfer but I had worn this one the previous year. What's more it was too warm for Christmas. I was in a very small room with a single bed and a brown bedside table with three drawers. The walls were white and there was a window and the room was very bright. I put on a shirt with a small black and white pattern and black shinny tights underneath. I looked like a horse jockey a bit. He said I looked nice, we hugged and kissed. Then I remember being among people in a bar or bistro. There was a lot of noise and everyone was occasionally looking towards something I could not see. Suddenly the noise increased and everyone was moving around lively. Then I was out on the street with a friend of mine, walking. I was trying to explain the similarity between the spot where we were and the Bow Church area and there we were. We walked more centrally and reached a bridge that was the entrance to a park. The sun was setting and a woman with a baby in a pushchair was leaving. There was another woman with odd behaviour constantly talking to the police that was at the side of the bridge. I had a big piece of Parmesan cheese in my hands and half an onion and did not know how to curry them around so I asked my friend if she had a plastic bag. She had one with her things inside. I found one hanging on my wrist. I put my things inside and asked if she wanted to put any of hers so that I could hide it inside my normal bag that was a big black tote. She gave me a bag of rice and a piece of bread and some more cheese. It was too heavy in the end but I preferred to carry it myself anyway. I think that's when I woke.

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