Saturday, 10 July 2010

two dreams

Yesterday I dreamt I was working at one of these shops that combine a bookstore and a stationary. A girl I used to work with in the past was there as well. I was quite fond of that girl (in reality) despite her being bossy and occasionally loud. She was studying German literature. I saw I had fallen ill for a week and had not gone to work and I was kind of worried because I had just started working and I wanted to give a good impression. I was going down a black metallic ladder and this girl informed me that our supervisor wanted to see me. He was supposed to be obsessed with text analysis. I asked and was told I should have prepared Kazatzakis' approach to Plato's "State". I was told not to worry though as our analysis would be based on the use of correct spelling. Then I remember meeting a son I was supposed to have. It was a sweet 5 year old boy with spectacles. I asked him if he was bored and said that we would be going home soon. Then I showed him two small buns of bread that had a face on the upper crust. I asked if he would like to have a sandwich for lunch and that it would be a funny one with that face on the top.Then I remember thinking of Shinigamis again. I woke up with a song in my head. A new-wavish cover of "milkshake" my sister made me listen to one of the previous days.
I can't remember much of last night's dream except that I was plotting something with someone.

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