Sunday, 18 July 2010


This morning I had one of these dreams that are slightly discomforting due to the occurrence of sexuality with a forbidden person. This particular one, though was rather pleasant and guilt-free because of the lack of actual resemblance between the named character and the real one. Furthermore, the person I saw looked more or less like my partner and this legitimized things somehow.
I have the impression that I do not remember the dream from the beginning. I was at my mothers house, in the room I had during my high school years. This room has a nice door that leads to our back yard that has a lot of plants and is quite calm. This door was there but the room was bigger. It had a single bed next to the wall and a strange piece of furniture in the middle. It was a prolonged storage piece. One of these that if one puts a mattress on top turn into beds. I really like these. This one was much longer. It also had lots of drawers and cupboards. My mom came into the room and asked me if I wanted her to bring an extra bed in the room to replace this one and we had an argument because she could not understand why I preferred my old furniture. Then my sister came over and starting removing parts of my furniture and staking them at the corner of the room. I told I did not want the bloody bed and asked her to leave me alone.
Subsequently the door opened without anyone knocking on it first and an uncle of mine came in. He was supposed to be my favorite and most good-looking. He was not much older than me and, as I have already mentioned, he looked incredibly like my partner but his hair were long, sort of like Mark Bolan, but not as extended. He sat on my bed and started having other clothes on. He was wearing tight black jeans, a white shirt, a black corset and he had a black scarf with which he was playing. I kept thinking how beautiful he really was and how much I wanted to kiss him and how bad this would be. At this point it did not seam so bad, so I cuddled him and gave him a peck on the cheek. I started taking photographs of him but the camera was malfunctioning and i could not see what I was shooting. Then heavy rain started falling and there was an amazing amount of static in the room. There were sparks coming from every electrical object and rain was coming through the door too. He started feeling faint and was leaning heavy on a chair that was there. I felt odd because I knew he would disappear and I wanted to keep him close for as much as possible. I cuddled him again and waited until he became faint and transparent. I was also worried that if I did not do something quick there would be danger of electric fire. I woke up.

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