Sunday, 29 August 2010


I saw I woke up in prison with P. We were convicted for different crimes. Fortunately we were in the same cell. Or cell had two compartments, separated by a door. It had two beds, the one on top of the other and a small washing basin with a mirror. Our toilet was in a smaller, different room and it had a medicine cupboard inside as well. It was not an ordinary prison- not that I have ever visited any to see exactly what they are like- but ours looked like a hospital or a mental institution as well. We woke up and soon we were visited by a nurse. She was attending a very ill prisoner that was in the other compartment. It was our first day there and we did not know our fellow prisoners. I think she was the typical pin-up nurse with thick, black hair and red lipstick on juicy lips. I remember her talking to us but cannot remember what the subject was. Leaving she left our door unlocked. Some friends of P., that had also been imprisoned the previous night, knew that we were there and visited us. They were very cheerfull. They would be free very soon anyway. I wanted to take my temperature and though the nurse had left a thermometre it seamed too dirty and I was disgusted by it. I went to look for alcohol in the medicine cupboard to clean it. In the meantime our nurse returned. P.'s friends left us and we got to meet our fellow convict, that was still ill but made an effort to come and meet us. He was tall and thin and wore gray clothes that were too big for him. His hair was turning gray and his face was bonny. He sat on our bed for a while and we talked about the place.
We were convicted for more than a month but we could take walks outside the prison during the day. We decided to go and walk around town.
The sun had started to fall and we were in the toilet of a bar. I looked at my face in the mirror and decided I needed to shave because I had grown a beard. We were worried because we did not know who would get out of prison first and I was wondering what might happen to me if P. got released earlier than me. I said that if this was the case I 'd rather be transferred to a women's prison because it might be safer. If anyone attacked me at night, in my current cell, no one would do anything. It was getting late and I did not finish shaving.
On our way back we crossed a wide street. As we were crossing the traffic lights changed and a bull-dyke in a red car screamed to me to move faster and called me a hen. P. joked that this was the kind of mates I would have in the woman's prison and that it was probably safer to stay were I was. I laughed and nodded accordingly.
We rushed because it was getting really late. As we approached the institution I noticed there was a broadcasting radio station next to the entrance. It had a large, flamboyant and colourfull neon sign. The guy that was working there had Eraserhead's hair style. P. told me that we would probably be released on Monday morning, because our trials had taken place and we would be transformed to a bigger prison in Athens. I felt odd because I sort of had made my mind to endure this place and did not want to go somewhere that I knew nothing about. We went in through a smaller door next to the bigger gate that was already locked. It did not look much like a prison gate. It was more like an old school's gate made of iron, but it was very ornamental. Pretty much like an old mansion's gate from a film.
We went in our room and something happened then and there was running and something like a rebellion and as we were running like everyone else we fell on a parapet, ripped it and discovered that it a projection sheet. Lots of heavily dressed politicians were on the other side. Some wore velvet blazers and tall hats. They rose from their sheets and gave us annoyed and worried looks.
The alarm clock went off. I haven't slept enough but I am determined to start waking up way earlier if I am to do stuff before the heat gets on my nerves.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Three dreams in one night

I remember three different dreams, I think.
I was at a house in the country with P. and other people. We had been drinking and we had to go buy something. They decided I would be driving on my own. I took the car slightly bewildered because since I don't have a driver's license yet, I don't feel confident enough to drive. I took the car and could not control the pedals. I was either going too fast or not moving at all. It was my breaks that were not responding well. I took a few sharp turns and was lucky not to crash on anyone. I took a wrong turn and I was in a dead end. So, I had to turn the car around. As I tried to do this, even though by that point I could control my legs in the dream much better, I went backwards too fast and crashed on somebody's fence. It was made of wire and I did not damage the car much, but I opened a big square hole. I run inside to apologize and say that I shall pay for the damage and beg them not to notify the police. Inside I met a very nice English woman, very mother-like and friendly. It was as if she did not mind her fence at all. Yet the police was already notified and by the time I got out they were there. I begged her no to tell it was me but she told me not to worry because this was the way for me to get a driver's license. I can't remember exactly what happened next. I remember disusing about it with P. and he was not in the least worried, very much unlike me. I must have woken up soon after that.
I slept again and dreamt I was with P's sister and her fiance in their house in the country. She had prepared a kind of pastry, the kind of which we have in our refrigerator for a week now and I had almost forgotten all about it until last night. It is made of chocolate, biscuits, almonds and some liqueur. I had gone there with P. and did not expect them to visit, as we thought we had their permission to go there on our own for a couple of days. I was wet all over and shivering. I tried to warm my self under some thick blankets I found on the couch. I went to the loo and when I returned I took a slice of this sweet to eat. As I was eating it she told us she did not mind if we ate with our hands unless we touched raw meet or chicken first, in which case we should wash our hands thoroughly. I said I washed my hands after going to the loo and smiled. Friends of hers showed up later. Some girls looked like some acquaintances of mine from Thessaloniki. They were talking about relationship during their high school years. They acted like real prudents, claiming not to have been kissed before they went to the university and calling me a slut when I mentioned I had a boyfriend back then. At first I wanted to participate in their girl-talk. After listening to them I decided I had revieled too much already and it was time to shut my mouth because they were looking at me in a very peculiar and discomforting way.
In my third dream I saw I was in my hometown, waiting for a friend of mine. I knew I had arrived early and he was in the habit of being late and I was on a small motorcycle, so I parked it by the central square and sat on it. Lots of cars were parked there even though it was not allowed and I saw policemen approaching, giving tickets to everyone. I took it and tried to find a place to park it a bit further. They had reconstructed the area and built a shopping centre in the middle of the street, making it impossible for me to go where I planned. Fortunately my motorcycle turned into a bicycle and thus it was much easier to carry it around. Absent-mindedly I pushed it inside a restaurant and rushed back out as soon as I realized it. I could find my way around and got inside the shopping centre. It was built on a slope and I got in at what seamed to be to ground floor from that side, that was actually some floors up from the other. I put my bicycle in an elevator and got out in a shop. I had to go down some stairs to get out, but I hesitated to put it back on the ground and push it through the shop. I saw a clerk and asked for her permission. She nodded negatively for some time but I kept repeating that it was my only way out. After a while she called for another girl to help me. I was very polite to her and she was equally polite to me. I soiled with one of my wheels some clothes and she did not really mind. I left my bike outside and went back in to see the shop. I went to their lower floor and there was the nice girl with a woman that was the manager. We started talking and they seamed to like me, and a chance appeared for me to ask for a job. They told me they did not need anyone at the time but their shop in Athens needed someone. I said I currently reside in Athens so it was fine with me. They asked me to bring a CV and that I would give the interview with them that already liked me.
I woke up again. It was nine thirty, which meant I slept more than I actually wanted. I am on the porch now, the heat has subsided and there is a light breeze. I am thinking of going shopping.

Thursday, 26 August 2010


Yesterday I saw I was with P. and two more friends of mine. We were on vacation and we shared a room. We also slept on the same bed all of us. One of the other two guys wanted us to always move together us a group and do the same things at the same time and this irritated me a lot, especially since he wanted do a lot of things that did not attract me in the least. At some point he was tipsy and became too bossy and we had a quarrel.
P. and I went out on the porch and I saw that a great lot of people, with most of them being related to P. as if it was a family reunion or something of the sort, were sitting on long stools. There were a lot of aunts and cousins of his and they greeted us as we went by. A mature lady asked us to sit by them for a minute and we did. I think that we sat at those chairs named ferforje that are typically associated with memories of being young among older relatives. We were in a beautiful yard with lots of trees and bushes. I was talking about how it is not polite at all to demand from people to always follow your program and neglect their own needs. The person that had annoyed me so appeared among the people in the table. He looked hang-over and regretful but I kept telling him off without addressing directly at him though. P. went to bring the car and left me on my own. I got bored after a while and decided to go to the toilet. I went through a door that was close to where I was sitting and down some stairs and then I found the bathroom door. I went inside a very long, half-lit room. It looked as if it you could still see the rock that enclosed it. It was underground as I have already mentioned. I wanted to lock the door, since the toilet was too far from it and if anyone decided to come I could not keep it sat. A heavy bathrobe and a brazier and other woman's garments were hanging from it, so it was impossible to close it. I just pulled it and hoped no one would walk in while I was urinating. As expected, however, people walked in. They were some people I knew from the first town where I went to study. They owned a bar I frequented. The place was theirs and they were discussing about refurbishing it. I asked for some privacy, with my trousers on my knees and still sitting on the toilet. I felt no same that they could see me there but I could not wee with them around. Suddenly I was much closer to the door and I noticed that a white bathroom curtain was hanging next to me. I thought that if I rap it around me I might have enough privacy. I did that but it was still too transparent. Furthermore there appeared three Asian girls that kept tickling me and saying I looked cute and I pleaded for some privacy. I left undone and went upstairs to wait for P. He came soon after but he told me he had no car, and since we were not going exactly towards the same direction, the most he could do was walk with me until the beginning of the woods.
From last nights dream, when I woke up, I remembered only corpses. Two, flowing in water.
I also remember walking on the street with P. and somebody else. We were in a hurry but next to a tree I found a bag with a lot of toys inside. I started searching and taking the ones that interested me the most. I kept finding more and more playmobil and I was repeating that I have always them. Some were very odd. Most were yellow. There were a lot of lions with edgy textures on their bodies. I also found a couple that did not have the typical playmobil head but instead they had human features that made them look funny. They were supposed to belong to an Adam and Eve series. Then I saw the corpses. I can't remember anything more, so far.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Zombies and the Sunday mass

Early in my sleep I dreamt I was with P. and I was asking him to change the lock to the door of our appartement.
Later I dreamt I was at my mother's house and the sun had risen without me realizing how so many hours had passed without me having felt sleepy. I decided to go to bed and as I passed by the front door I saw a figure medling with it. Apparently it was a thief trying to break in. I could see very clearly everymovement of his through the wobbly glass but he could not see inside because it was dark and the glass on his side was reflective. As he put his fake key in the key-hole I put mine on the other side and double locked. I also held the handle with all my force and kept as quiet as possible. He kept trying and trying and at some point he succeded to slip a hand inside through a small window that appeared just for the case. I cought his hand and pressed it on the wooden surface so as to leave his fingrprints as clearly as possible. I was impressed by the size and texture of his hand. It was as if it belonged to a girl, white, smooth and small. He stared at me, looking rather surprized, because he had not realized there was anyone in the house. He came in with a sinister look on his face. I took it easy and invited him to sit on the couch. Aparently he would not dare steal anything while I was watching but just for precaution I removed anything of value from the table. He was still staring at me with a pleading look on his face. I felt keen and did not want to hurt him mostly because he looked so vulnerable. We disputed briefly about the stealing issue, with me asking him not to take anything and him responding that this is what he does so it would be polite of me to let him take something. Other people showed up and we were all sitting in my mother's living room. I introduced him to a girl and they developed a liking for each-other.
Then I saw that I was in the kitchen and I had put water in a mug when my sister came in. I put the water on the floor for her dog to drink. She was annoyed and put it on the table, saying that he should not be offered water in a mug but in a plate. She informed me she was having a party at some bar later and asked if we had other plans for the night. I had made other arrangements but did not want to let her down. I told her it was a bit of a short notice and she told me she had just decided about it. She left and I met some other friends to discuss about it. Suddenly the door opened and someone came rushing in crying for help. P. asked what was it this time. He said "first burglers, now what?" I said "I don't know. Zombies maybe?". It was zombies indeed. We took some reeds we found there and aimed to the zombies' heads. They were fresh corpses and our canes were rotten so our hits were not always successful. What's more they were not your typical slow zombie. On contrere they responded quite fast and intelligently so soon we were surounded.
I woke up rather calm, I never thought I was going to die by zombies anyway. The temperature had fallen significantly and there was a light breeze. The old lady next door was listening to the Sunday mass that sounded like a drone in my sleep. P. got up first and prepaired the coffee. I started washing the dishes.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Another night another dream

Three days ago I dreamt i was sleeping in our tent with P. when someone tried to scare us and possibly rob us. I saw there was a tear on the side and we got out looking for the attacker. We had set it somewhere that looked like a public square of a town by the sea. We walked to the nearest kiosk to ask if anyone had observed anything when P. suggested that I went back to the tent in case the thief returned. I had my blue fruit knife in my hand. I found the attacker there and I pointed mu knife at him. He was a midle-aged derelict man that provoked me to attack him, claiming I could not really do anything. I sliced his arm open and panicing I run back to P. I still had the blooded knife and we thought better to report the whole incident to the police. I can't remember what happened next but trying to do that we got to meet a lot of people that were working in local hotels. I went inside a room to meet my sister that was sharing it with an older woman. My sister was wearing something that was suposed to be extremely fashionable. It was an odd headgear that consisted of a rectangular piece of fabric with one corner hanging on the forehead. I expressed my liking of it and she offered it to me. It was green and transluscent. I took it and put it with other pieces of fabric I had with similar shapes.
I was on the street again and I met one of the hotel guys that was also a musician. We talked for a while and he asked about our case. He told me he had just quit his job and was off to a concert. I walked back to the tent. I was looking for P. but I thought of the name of my x-boyfriend. I woke up annoyed and slightly scared.
Two days ago I dreamt it was winter and I was sharing an appartment with P. and my sister. It was very cold and gloomy but this weather made me delighted. I was looking at old clothes of mine and since I've lost weight I was able to wear a lot. I kept putting on more clothes untill I was warm and looked like an onion. As a matter of fact I looked a bit like a chubby sailor, with wide trousers held by red suspenders, a striped black and white blouse and a thick coat.
I saw I was about to meet my x-boyfriend. He would be in our town for a couple of days and I went to meet him at the harbour. It was big and bright. We met and I told him I wanted to go to a local underground market to take a look and pick up a hat I had comissioned. The hat was particularly odd. It looked like a berret but it was as big as a plate on top of my head, hanging on my back. It was made from a blue felt thick fabric and I thought it would match perfectly an old coat of mine. I had to find this coat in my mother's wardrobe and wash it. We walked some more and passed by a stool where there was a girl sawing leather hats. They costed one, two and three euros according to their shape. I wanted a red one and asked for it. The ginger chubby girl told me she was prepairing an order at that momment but she could make one for me within an hour. I thought she was extremely cheap if it took her indeed an hour to make one. I left to go search for the coat and arranged another meeting with my ex after he finished his own business as well. I went back home. It was a bright first floor apartment. After an hour passed I tried to phone my ex but my cell phone was really hard to use. It was overcomplicated and I could not find my contact list. I could not remember his phone either and kept dialing my number instead. I was very annoyed because I knew he would be waiting for me down the road but I could not contact him. My phone went berserc and its huge mother board came out. It had light-bulbs on and various other oversized staff.
Yesterday I dreamt I met a Japanese guy from college. He introduced me to his girlfriend whose name was Chen. We were walking around a lovely metropolis. At some point we were walking on a very crowded street with various shops and food stools outside small restaurants. We sat somewhere to eat something and they served us greek salad. It had large black olives and something was going on with those. He took the plate and placed it on a shelf under our table. I saw his mother coming out from somewhere and eating from it. She was a strange creature, something between a spirit and a deamon, and she was controlling his future in a way. I pretended not to have observed anything unusual. Afterwards Chen and I visited a strange beautiful mansion that was inhibited by old women. They were chearful and lively like young girls. They invited me to sit with them on a bench on the front yard. As we were sitting there one of them lit a splif. I was amased and amused but tried to hide my sentiments. A tall and lean man approached us to investigate about a crime that had taken place near by. He looked like doctor Watchon, with a dark suit, a bowller hat and a mustache. The old ladies were making fun of him and he asked them to behave in an amiable way. It took him sometime to observe the splif and when he did he just kept smilling and scolded them light-heartedly. Laughing they told him they were too old for him to punish them and everything was so easy going.
Chen took me to a van that was parked right outside and she took a sip from a small vial that had a potion of some sort inside. She slowly transformed into a young bearde boy. I looked at her a little terrified by her change and she apologised. He said this happened sometimes but that soon he would be old again and maybe even a girl. I knew it was the mother's doing.
subsequently we were on the top floor of a high-tech building. It was a wide open space with various platforms and built-in benches. I went out on the terrace where I observed a pillar slowlly turning. I was a massive head that looked like a golden and white Transformer. It was a rocket about to take off. I woke up. It was almost six o'clock and the sun had started rising behind the mountens. It was very quiet and calm. Sudenly a cicada started making this characteristic sound they make. Then another and another. I counted seven. I can not tell if they were more because the noise was too great to desipher if more joined the choir. Soon they stopped, probably went back to sleep. Soon I got up as well and prepaired morning coffee in the woods. Now it's time I go back to sleep.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

The apartment

I don't remember going to bed. I probably fainted after washing my teeth and my feet. I woke up at half past one, just in time for lunch. I felt terribly sleepy and hang-over. To be honest I still do. Fortunately I watched "the limits of control", by Jim Jarmusch, that was just brilliant and I forgot of my troublesome situation for a couple of hours.
I did dream, though. And it is not just one dream I could remember clearly when I woke up, but the narrative continued in a second one.
I was walking with P. and we stopped to take a look at some clothes at a stool outside a shop. There was a big woman there, around her late thirties, the blond, booby type with a porn-star's attitude. She was looking at rather gruesome clothes. P. found a pair of white shorts and he asked me to try them on. I didn't want to because the were high-waste, too long, too thick and white. I refused and we kept walking. I met a friend of mine who asked as to move in with her and her sister, because we were looking for a cheaper apartment and they had spare rooms. We agreed and went there to check it out. It was a very big and untidy house. It had a central room and other rooms around it, with two doors each. You could only go from one room to another and thus make the full circle that led to the central room and the entrance. Lots of people had passed from there and everyone had things left around. There were two couches the one next the other, completely odd and we would add our one stuff. I was thinking if there was any space for my library and discovered I could only place it in front of another, due to the lack of free wall-space. I entered the kitchen/bathroom room ( I was standing in front of the sink, so the rest of the room changed as the dream evolved) and I was trying to create some space for our personal objects. My friend had informed me that her sister was very untidy. I woke up.
I did not feel well enough to start my day yet. I drunk some water, went for a wee and back to bed.
I dreamt I was in the previous situation but this time I was with my sister, at her apartment and there was a war happening war, but things were safe where we were. Anyway we wanted to move in with her. She had the previous apartment and i wanted to discuss it with her. I would be my friend, her sister, P. and me. She had enough space for all of us. To improve our chances I started cleaning her kitchen sink, while explaining the situation. She was not hostile but she said that our mom had told her she could be paying her rent for another decade and that she could not see why she might want to let other people move in with her. I found her excuse irrational and thought how selfish she was.
As I said earlier I woke up just in time for lunch. I had a shower and a pill and subsequently chicken and rice. I was annoyed by the barking of the dog, I was dizzy and people were rather quiet while they were eating.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

the morning dish-washer

I always do the dishes in the morning, while I am making my coffee. Once I woke up and P. had got out of bed before me. He had made coffee for me but it was rather light and it had started going lukewarm. I had overslept and did not know what to do, so after a couple of circles around my self I went to the kitchen to make fresh coffee and do the dishes. I think I like it because it gives me time to think and program my day. I can only think whilst doing things. I am never idle.
As I was doing the dishes today I half remembered what I saw while sleeping. I could not form the story but maybe if I start putting it down more will come.
I was somewhere with my sister and P. I think P had a sinister and shy face, pretty much like when we first met. I was trying to make plans for the night. I wanted to go out for a drink with someone. People kept getting mixed up, though, so I am not sure for the outcome. I remember a scene with me sitting on a table eating and drinking and people coming and going but it might have been from a previous dream. I also remember meeting with my sister's ex-boyfriend. He had a black car which he was driving rather fast. Other things I saw were stairs- not house stairs but stairs on the street- that led to a wide road. The buildings were old and a bit towards a warm gray, colourwise.

On the 26th of July, the second day of my vacation, I wrote the following:
My summer vacation have never before been so successful regarding morning excrements. Since I started keeping this diary of dreams I have not been able to stop thinking of it as depositing my dreams as morning excrements and that I might as well keep a diary of poo. Apparently I am a morning pooper, too. I found a spot in the woods I use as my lavatory that is a bit off road and isolated. Right beside me are bushes of sage. They smell quite nice. Last night I dreamt of M., an Italian friend of mine. She shall be visiting us in September. I saw we were about to meet but not at my current location. The place might have been where we were studying together but it looked like Rome as well. We met for a second and then I lost her. I found myself in a big neo-classical building, a theatre or an academic establishment or something in between. I would see her perform there. I could not find her, though. Then, I remember attending an underground experimental punk concert. The location was under an industrial bridge. The audience was composed by lean and tall people dressed in obscure colours. There was a gray metallic door.
I returned to the previous building and I was still looking for my friend. I had been acquainted to a dodgy couple that claimed to know her but they gave me the impression of fiends rather than friends because they told me she was not who I thought she was. I found them in a room next to a big box full of dvds. I could see their content without a player, just be holding them and looking at them. They all showed her doing casual things, like walking on the street or going down the stairs of that building. Since the beginning of the dream she was wearing the same clothes: an eighties bright brown coat with wide shoulders and square cut, with a dark red turtleneck inside. I can't remember her trousers. I could see occasionally the pupils of her eyes moving sideways quickly, like in comic detective films, when the person followed looks in that way to check in somebody's following them. They seemed to be taken from safety cameras etc. Suddenly the boy started feeling bad and he crouched on the floor holding his stomach. I went through the nearest door that led me in an office. It looked like a wide corridor. There was a very untidy desk with lots of electronic devices on. I touched something and it started making a lot of noise. A chubby man near his fifties came in. He had started loosing his hair and wore round spectacles. I felt I was caught red-handed and as an excuse I pretended to be a stupid freshner looking for a phone to call home. He fell for it and started flirting with me. I knew he was not aware that I was M.'s friend but he was on the wrong side and I had to get out of there asap.
It was a confusing dream because of all the supposedly recorded things I saw and the thing I participated in and I was constantly changing location and no room looked any I had visited before.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The more i try the less I give

From yesterday's dream I could remember only the curtains. P and I were in our house and he was asking my opinion for our new curtains that his mom had installed while we were absent. He was saying "look (-my name here-), don't you think they are nice. They were two, completely different ones. The one smaller, thinner and yellowish and one thickly woven, longer and more lighter in colour. I expressed my preference for the longer one. More happened but that is all I could come with after some effort.
Today I saw I was going to the ATM to see how much money I had left. I was expecting a big loss for some reason I can't remember now, but it was smaller than expected, so things were not so bad.
I planned to post my dreams from my vacation as well but I can't find my notes, maybe I left them at P's parents' house. I'll check during the forthcoming weekend. It would be too bad if I lost them though, they had lots of details and action.
Once I was dreaming at the beginning of my sleep. I was on P's shoulder while he was playing Zelda, to become sleepy. I was among vampires, in a castle. I was still a human but I was voluntarily in the service of a female one. I remember corridors and walking fast. I was in a bigger room where I would meet her and fight on her side when a convict attacked me. I was caught off guard, probably because I was not hostile towards this hostage and partly on her side as well. Anyway, I started yelling for my protector and reaching for my sword when she scratched my thigh with her black claws. I heard myself screaming slightly. P woke me up because he thought I was having a nightmare. I was moving and making squicky sounds. I laughed at my self. Silly me. It was so funny, I was wearing black tight clothes, boobies erected and all and I even had a sword. I haven't seen anything like that before or since then.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Good-morning nose-bleed

I dreamt I was sleeping and my phone rung. It was bright outside but still too early for me to get out of bed. I picked it up and answered sleepily. It was a friend that calls often and I am not always happy to hear his voice. He asked how long I slept daily and said that he hasn't slept for more than six hours since he was considerably younger. I tried to defend my right to sleep for eight hours if I wish and we were quarreling on that for some time. I woke up because my nose started bleeding because I scratched it. Embarrassing.
Like David Thomas says "well, that's my story, sad but true"

Friday, 6 August 2010

You made me be late

I was with my partner at someone's house among friends of his. I had to catch a train to subsequently catch an airplane. I got all my luggage and things and put them in the car. It was dark outside and we were at an empty and badly lit alley. He was walking in front of me and something he was carrying fell on the pavement. I picked it up and saw it was something illegal. I gave it back to him and told him to try to focus a bit because a police car was parked further down the road. He said nothing and we got in the car. We had just enough time to catch the right train for me to be in time to check-in for my flight. Instead of hurrying up he was just sitting there, doing nothing. The time was passing and soon there was no time left. I was very angry and started taking my things to go to take a taxi. He was still just sitting there, not responding at all. I got even angrier because I did not want to leave him after a fight. I put my things back in the car and slapped him to get a response. He was clearly angry with me as well but he did not seam to want to express any feelings, witch made things worse. I woke up feeling rather bad. It was later than I though. I slept for eight hours instead of six as planned and I was annoyed. I still am.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Not much.

I remember a witch hunt. I think I was on the part of the witches. I also remember trying to construct something with stripes.

Monday, 2 August 2010

F. nightmare

My stomach felt very heavy last night and I found it hard to sleep. I was lying there, not completely awake but in a strange situation of consciousness. At first I was thinking (it was more that than dreaming) of P.'s cousin and a bowl of salad with a lot of onion and a job offer but it was all spread in three lines formed from my sheets.
I kept listening to annoying sounds from outside, that also kept waking me up whenever I felt relaxed enough to close my eyes for the night.
When I finally slept I dreamt I was lying there on my bed, with the fan still turning, when I realized somebody had broken into our house and turned of the main switch for the lights. I tried all the switches but none of the lights would turn on. I tried to wake up P. but he was sleeping too heavy and I did not want to speak too loud because the burglar might still be there. I was pushing him and almost screaming in his ear but he would not wake up. He did wake up finally and I took the hammer I hide under my bed for such cases and we thought of going to turn on the main switch. We were in our bedroom talking about how we should act. We slowly got inside the leaving room and the door was open and I could see a figure of a man. I started running towards him with my hammer but when I got closer I saw it was P. He had a hammer as well and he also thought I was the burglar. Then it was not like that. It was my reflection on a mirror placed outside our open door I was running towards. Then I saw I woke up and a real burglar had broken in. I woke up P. It was much easier this time. I felt freaked out because the same thing was happening with the lights. I tried the switch of my bed-side lamp and the switch on the wall. None of the lights would work but the fan kept turning. I was panicking and frantically searching for my torch in my yet unpacked luggage. I must have had misplaced it because I could not find it anywhere. I kept wandering loudly why had I just dreamt of what was happening. As I approached the living room I saw a figure at our door and started running towards him but he escaped up the stairs. The keys were placed on the handle of the corridor wardrobe. They were bulkier than usual with the addition of three of my rings. I remember observing their colour first and then their shape, but I was not amazed by their misplacement. All our things were intact and I felt certain somebody wanted us to feel insecure and not steal anything from us, a fact that freaked me further.
I woke up sweating and gasping even though the fan was turning. I tried to switch on my bed-side lamp. I realized that in my dream the switch was hanging on the left of the bedside table and I was looking for it there while it actually is behind the bed, above my head. It functioned well. P. woke up and asked me what was wrong. I described my nightmare briefly. He said it was cool, because he seldom dreams and enjoys even nightmares. The time was a quarter to three. My stomach still felt heavy (it still does actually). After a while I slept again.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Today's+ 25/7/2010

My dream was like a computer mystery game. I had to solve riddles and find object but I can not remember the whole story. I only remember pealing off a tree and reveling a source of light. I also remember a ruined room.
Then, I was at my apartment with friends, having coffee, when the door bell rung and Konstadinos Tzoumas came in. He asked if we were having filter coffee and asked for a cup. I was holding a couple of mugs filled with water to rinse their former content. He said our coffee looks too watery and he doesn't want any in that case. I explained this was not coffee and said I only have Turkish coffee. He responded he is not a coffee person and only has filter coffee occasionally.
On the 25th of June I dreamt I was in the sea with P. It was getting dark and he got out. I followed on a slower pace. As I was getting out as well it became brighter. I noticed I was surrounded by hundreds of miniature jellyfish, transparent blue or purple. None of them was bigger than a centimetre or two in diametre. I panicked and started pushing them away. Some stung my hands slightly. They were so thick it was meaningless. I screamed at P. to come and help me out but he was too far away to hear my cries already. I saw a snake emerging from the water for seconds and diving back in. I kept fighting my way out and don't think I succeeded before I woke up.
In my second dream for that night I was looking for a pillow. I was talking about it with a Japanese woman that could not understand my description. She gave me a lot of pillows that are used when traveling to keep one's head straight. These that are placed on the back of the neck. Some or one of them was made from a very beautiful fabric. It was warm purple with light yellow polka-dots.
While preparing coffee, after I woke up I noticed a small turtle, approximately 4x6x3,5 cubic sentimetres, waking a bit further from our tent. I picked her up and observed her. She was very beautiful. I left her at the same spot where I found her and went back to have breakfast and keep notes of my dreams.