Monday, 2 August 2010

F. nightmare

My stomach felt very heavy last night and I found it hard to sleep. I was lying there, not completely awake but in a strange situation of consciousness. At first I was thinking (it was more that than dreaming) of P.'s cousin and a bowl of salad with a lot of onion and a job offer but it was all spread in three lines formed from my sheets.
I kept listening to annoying sounds from outside, that also kept waking me up whenever I felt relaxed enough to close my eyes for the night.
When I finally slept I dreamt I was lying there on my bed, with the fan still turning, when I realized somebody had broken into our house and turned of the main switch for the lights. I tried all the switches but none of the lights would turn on. I tried to wake up P. but he was sleeping too heavy and I did not want to speak too loud because the burglar might still be there. I was pushing him and almost screaming in his ear but he would not wake up. He did wake up finally and I took the hammer I hide under my bed for such cases and we thought of going to turn on the main switch. We were in our bedroom talking about how we should act. We slowly got inside the leaving room and the door was open and I could see a figure of a man. I started running towards him with my hammer but when I got closer I saw it was P. He had a hammer as well and he also thought I was the burglar. Then it was not like that. It was my reflection on a mirror placed outside our open door I was running towards. Then I saw I woke up and a real burglar had broken in. I woke up P. It was much easier this time. I felt freaked out because the same thing was happening with the lights. I tried the switch of my bed-side lamp and the switch on the wall. None of the lights would work but the fan kept turning. I was panicking and frantically searching for my torch in my yet unpacked luggage. I must have had misplaced it because I could not find it anywhere. I kept wandering loudly why had I just dreamt of what was happening. As I approached the living room I saw a figure at our door and started running towards him but he escaped up the stairs. The keys were placed on the handle of the corridor wardrobe. They were bulkier than usual with the addition of three of my rings. I remember observing their colour first and then their shape, but I was not amazed by their misplacement. All our things were intact and I felt certain somebody wanted us to feel insecure and not steal anything from us, a fact that freaked me further.
I woke up sweating and gasping even though the fan was turning. I tried to switch on my bed-side lamp. I realized that in my dream the switch was hanging on the left of the bedside table and I was looking for it there while it actually is behind the bed, above my head. It functioned well. P. woke up and asked me what was wrong. I described my nightmare briefly. He said it was cool, because he seldom dreams and enjoys even nightmares. The time was a quarter to three. My stomach still felt heavy (it still does actually). After a while I slept again.

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