Sunday, 22 August 2010

Zombies and the Sunday mass

Early in my sleep I dreamt I was with P. and I was asking him to change the lock to the door of our appartement.
Later I dreamt I was at my mother's house and the sun had risen without me realizing how so many hours had passed without me having felt sleepy. I decided to go to bed and as I passed by the front door I saw a figure medling with it. Apparently it was a thief trying to break in. I could see very clearly everymovement of his through the wobbly glass but he could not see inside because it was dark and the glass on his side was reflective. As he put his fake key in the key-hole I put mine on the other side and double locked. I also held the handle with all my force and kept as quiet as possible. He kept trying and trying and at some point he succeded to slip a hand inside through a small window that appeared just for the case. I cought his hand and pressed it on the wooden surface so as to leave his fingrprints as clearly as possible. I was impressed by the size and texture of his hand. It was as if it belonged to a girl, white, smooth and small. He stared at me, looking rather surprized, because he had not realized there was anyone in the house. He came in with a sinister look on his face. I took it easy and invited him to sit on the couch. Aparently he would not dare steal anything while I was watching but just for precaution I removed anything of value from the table. He was still staring at me with a pleading look on his face. I felt keen and did not want to hurt him mostly because he looked so vulnerable. We disputed briefly about the stealing issue, with me asking him not to take anything and him responding that this is what he does so it would be polite of me to let him take something. Other people showed up and we were all sitting in my mother's living room. I introduced him to a girl and they developed a liking for each-other.
Then I saw that I was in the kitchen and I had put water in a mug when my sister came in. I put the water on the floor for her dog to drink. She was annoyed and put it on the table, saying that he should not be offered water in a mug but in a plate. She informed me she was having a party at some bar later and asked if we had other plans for the night. I had made other arrangements but did not want to let her down. I told her it was a bit of a short notice and she told me she had just decided about it. She left and I met some other friends to discuss about it. Suddenly the door opened and someone came rushing in crying for help. P. asked what was it this time. He said "first burglers, now what?" I said "I don't know. Zombies maybe?". It was zombies indeed. We took some reeds we found there and aimed to the zombies' heads. They were fresh corpses and our canes were rotten so our hits were not always successful. What's more they were not your typical slow zombie. On contrere they responded quite fast and intelligently so soon we were surounded.
I woke up rather calm, I never thought I was going to die by zombies anyway. The temperature had fallen significantly and there was a light breeze. The old lady next door was listening to the Sunday mass that sounded like a drone in my sleep. P. got up first and prepaired the coffee. I started washing the dishes.

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