Friday, 20 August 2010

Another night another dream

Three days ago I dreamt i was sleeping in our tent with P. when someone tried to scare us and possibly rob us. I saw there was a tear on the side and we got out looking for the attacker. We had set it somewhere that looked like a public square of a town by the sea. We walked to the nearest kiosk to ask if anyone had observed anything when P. suggested that I went back to the tent in case the thief returned. I had my blue fruit knife in my hand. I found the attacker there and I pointed mu knife at him. He was a midle-aged derelict man that provoked me to attack him, claiming I could not really do anything. I sliced his arm open and panicing I run back to P. I still had the blooded knife and we thought better to report the whole incident to the police. I can't remember what happened next but trying to do that we got to meet a lot of people that were working in local hotels. I went inside a room to meet my sister that was sharing it with an older woman. My sister was wearing something that was suposed to be extremely fashionable. It was an odd headgear that consisted of a rectangular piece of fabric with one corner hanging on the forehead. I expressed my liking of it and she offered it to me. It was green and transluscent. I took it and put it with other pieces of fabric I had with similar shapes.
I was on the street again and I met one of the hotel guys that was also a musician. We talked for a while and he asked about our case. He told me he had just quit his job and was off to a concert. I walked back to the tent. I was looking for P. but I thought of the name of my x-boyfriend. I woke up annoyed and slightly scared.
Two days ago I dreamt it was winter and I was sharing an appartment with P. and my sister. It was very cold and gloomy but this weather made me delighted. I was looking at old clothes of mine and since I've lost weight I was able to wear a lot. I kept putting on more clothes untill I was warm and looked like an onion. As a matter of fact I looked a bit like a chubby sailor, with wide trousers held by red suspenders, a striped black and white blouse and a thick coat.
I saw I was about to meet my x-boyfriend. He would be in our town for a couple of days and I went to meet him at the harbour. It was big and bright. We met and I told him I wanted to go to a local underground market to take a look and pick up a hat I had comissioned. The hat was particularly odd. It looked like a berret but it was as big as a plate on top of my head, hanging on my back. It was made from a blue felt thick fabric and I thought it would match perfectly an old coat of mine. I had to find this coat in my mother's wardrobe and wash it. We walked some more and passed by a stool where there was a girl sawing leather hats. They costed one, two and three euros according to their shape. I wanted a red one and asked for it. The ginger chubby girl told me she was prepairing an order at that momment but she could make one for me within an hour. I thought she was extremely cheap if it took her indeed an hour to make one. I left to go search for the coat and arranged another meeting with my ex after he finished his own business as well. I went back home. It was a bright first floor apartment. After an hour passed I tried to phone my ex but my cell phone was really hard to use. It was overcomplicated and I could not find my contact list. I could not remember his phone either and kept dialing my number instead. I was very annoyed because I knew he would be waiting for me down the road but I could not contact him. My phone went berserc and its huge mother board came out. It had light-bulbs on and various other oversized staff.
Yesterday I dreamt I met a Japanese guy from college. He introduced me to his girlfriend whose name was Chen. We were walking around a lovely metropolis. At some point we were walking on a very crowded street with various shops and food stools outside small restaurants. We sat somewhere to eat something and they served us greek salad. It had large black olives and something was going on with those. He took the plate and placed it on a shelf under our table. I saw his mother coming out from somewhere and eating from it. She was a strange creature, something between a spirit and a deamon, and she was controlling his future in a way. I pretended not to have observed anything unusual. Afterwards Chen and I visited a strange beautiful mansion that was inhibited by old women. They were chearful and lively like young girls. They invited me to sit with them on a bench on the front yard. As we were sitting there one of them lit a splif. I was amased and amused but tried to hide my sentiments. A tall and lean man approached us to investigate about a crime that had taken place near by. He looked like doctor Watchon, with a dark suit, a bowller hat and a mustache. The old ladies were making fun of him and he asked them to behave in an amiable way. It took him sometime to observe the splif and when he did he just kept smilling and scolded them light-heartedly. Laughing they told him they were too old for him to punish them and everything was so easy going.
Chen took me to a van that was parked right outside and she took a sip from a small vial that had a potion of some sort inside. She slowly transformed into a young bearde boy. I looked at her a little terrified by her change and she apologised. He said this happened sometimes but that soon he would be old again and maybe even a girl. I knew it was the mother's doing.
subsequently we were on the top floor of a high-tech building. It was a wide open space with various platforms and built-in benches. I went out on the terrace where I observed a pillar slowlly turning. I was a massive head that looked like a golden and white Transformer. It was a rocket about to take off. I woke up. It was almost six o'clock and the sun had started rising behind the mountens. It was very quiet and calm. Sudenly a cicada started making this characteristic sound they make. Then another and another. I counted seven. I can not tell if they were more because the noise was too great to desipher if more joined the choir. Soon they stopped, probably went back to sleep. Soon I got up as well and prepaired morning coffee in the woods. Now it's time I go back to sleep.

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