Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The more i try the less I give

From yesterday's dream I could remember only the curtains. P and I were in our house and he was asking my opinion for our new curtains that his mom had installed while we were absent. He was saying "look (-my name here-), don't you think they are nice. They were two, completely different ones. The one smaller, thinner and yellowish and one thickly woven, longer and more lighter in colour. I expressed my preference for the longer one. More happened but that is all I could come with after some effort.
Today I saw I was going to the ATM to see how much money I had left. I was expecting a big loss for some reason I can't remember now, but it was smaller than expected, so things were not so bad.
I planned to post my dreams from my vacation as well but I can't find my notes, maybe I left them at P's parents' house. I'll check during the forthcoming weekend. It would be too bad if I lost them though, they had lots of details and action.
Once I was dreaming at the beginning of my sleep. I was on P's shoulder while he was playing Zelda, to become sleepy. I was among vampires, in a castle. I was still a human but I was voluntarily in the service of a female one. I remember corridors and walking fast. I was in a bigger room where I would meet her and fight on her side when a convict attacked me. I was caught off guard, probably because I was not hostile towards this hostage and partly on her side as well. Anyway, I started yelling for my protector and reaching for my sword when she scratched my thigh with her black claws. I heard myself screaming slightly. P woke me up because he thought I was having a nightmare. I was moving and making squicky sounds. I laughed at my self. Silly me. It was so funny, I was wearing black tight clothes, boobies erected and all and I even had a sword. I haven't seen anything like that before or since then.

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