Saturday, 29 January 2011

Ouzo with coke (Mytilene libre)

I saw I was serving people some kind of transparent alcoholic drink, in low whiskey glasses, with coke, realizing suddenly it was ouzo. I felt that I had done something really stupid, wasting this formidable drink by mixing it with that disgusting sweet refreshment.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

2: The one about snoopy and the one with the one-room flat

I dreamt we were looking for a house and my mother and sister had seen an empty flat they liked and told me about it. I said ok, that I would go and see it but instead of this they booked it for me by giving the first month rent in advance. They told me about it and I understood it was a much smaller flat than the one I needed and that instead of three separated rooms plus a kitchen and a bathroom it had a big unified space, plus utility rooms. I got very angry and asked what were they thinking of when they paid money without getting my permission and deciding in my absence the house in which I would live.
Then I was doing housework, thinking about the house and whether I would be able to take my deposit when I looked at the wall in my bedroom and noticed that almost all the colour from the bottom corner next to the radiator had peeled of. I was observing it, wondering how come I had not noticed this before.
When I woke up at half past ten I could recall vividly much more details but by eleven o'clock when my alarm went of I could not bring back anything else. It might come to me later in the day.

A couple of days ago I dozed off after lunch and dreamt that I was sitting on the back yard of P's mother's house, except that it looked much more like my mother's back yard. It had started getting dark and I was sitting on a chair doing something with my hands, when, from the window above me something soft fell on my lap. It was a puppy. It felt very soft and light. I tried to figure out which one it was but it was too dark by that time. At first I thought it was my dog but then I realized it was P's sister's beagle. I looked up at the window and saw the rest of the dogs staring down at me. I understood that they had pushed him out while playing as he was the smaller one. I curried him back inside and told P., his mother and his sister what had just happened. The dog was light as a feather and very soft. That is all.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Black riders

I was at a school meeting. A lot of people were there. I remember going down a small number of stairs, getting out of a door and approaching a brick construction, too low to be a room. It looked more like a box. It was in the shape of a cube, and the walls were up to my chin. The people were standing close to each other. I saw a girl with my built approximately and long, light-brown, curly hair. I had my white laptop with me. I had placed it on the brick construction. There was a smaller red one there as well. A motorcycle stopped in front of me with two riders, a man and a girl. They were dressed in black. They got off and tried to steal my laptop. I did not know why they wanted it but I was sure it was very important that they did not get it. I took it and run in the house that had transformed into my mother's house. I had also got the red one with me. For a little while I was not sure I had taken them but I saw them placed neatly near me. I wanted to take a shower and I was wrapped in a white towel or bath robe. I went back outside to take my shower where I was previously standing. I think I remember soap running on my face. The riders appeared again through a door in the house and I run to save the computers.
I also remember faintly of a dog and marmalade, maybe from another dream session.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

I saw I was in the car, stopped in front of a wall, in a dodgy area where pikies dwelt. I was sitting on the driver's seat with the door open when two adolescent ones approached me. I closed the door but my gestures were very slow and I did not manage to lock it as well. They opened the door and all I could do was remove the ignition key. They pulled the door open and asked me to get off and hand-over the keys. I responded I did not have them. They tried to use a generic key but I pushed the smaller one aside and shut the door swiftly. Then I locked the car from the central lock button. I realized the port-baggage door was still open and I pushed some random button that did the trick. The kids outside were staring at me with their mouths gaping open. I turned the engine on and reversed. I was feeling very nervous but managed to get the car properly moving without hitting anywhere. I drove some more, perilously avoiding white parked cars in tight turns of the street.
Later I was in a house where I saw my x's mother. There was a car parked inside the apartment and I had to drive it away. I remember stairs and a lift.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Two dogs

I dreamt I was observing my face in a mirror. I had put on a lot of weight and my cheek-bones had disappear under fat. I also had a double chin. I was changing my expression and pulling my cheeks so that I would look even worst.
I also dreamt of my dog. I met some people that had a dog-sized rat for a pet. It was very friendly and I kissed it on the forehead like I do with my dog. Then I thought it was not a good idea because even domesticated rats might be carrying a lot of diseases. We were supposed to have taken the dog to my mother for a couple of days. I missed her terribly and decided to go and pick her up and never leave her to anyone, ever again. She was very happy to see me and let a few drops of wee on the floor. We were hugging when the door opened and my mother came in with a male white dog, that looked quite similar to mine. I got angry because my mother wanted me to keep both. I thought it was an awful idea because they could have puppies! I told her that it was not going to happen and that she should take the dog back where she had found it. We had to leave the dogs together for some time. As soon as I could I returned to the house. I was looking for my dog but I could only see the new one. He had made pipi inside the house, next to the bathroom door and on a stool. I did not need another dog, especially a not house-trained one.
I woke up with the sound of the dog barking at somebody that was standing outside the door of the neibouring apartment.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

I crashed P's car

I dreamt P. left me alone with his car and I had to take it at his house. The vehicle was moving when I put my hands on the steering wheel. I drove slowly but steady for a while, I accelerated, then stopped, started moving again and then I was at a crossroads. I thought of stopping but my breaks did not function as instantly as earlier. I kept moving and tried to go through a small alley but instead I crashed full speed to a taxi that was blocking my passage. I got really frightened a)because I had smashed that car and b)because I don't have a driver's license. I got out of the car and tried to find P. see if had been drinking and if not I would ask him to take the blame.
I woke up.
I slept again and continued dreaming in the same mode. I can't remember exactly what happened but P. took a ticket for careless driving, the driver's insurance would pay for the damage and his sister wanted him to remove the spider-webs from the surfaces that were too high.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

long journey with the dog

I went through a long journey last night in my dreams!
I was with P., his cousin D. and other common friends in a cottage in the country-side. They had told us to get our bathing suits along because they had a jacuzzi pool we would be able to use. I had my period but decided to put on my orange underwear and my gray brazier and get into the pool with all the others.
Later I saw I put my dog in my backpack and left. I think I walked a lot and got into various means of transport, I remember buses, subway stations, airplanes and walking around corridors and empty streets near dusk. Then I stopped at a supermarket. I was walking around corridors with fruit and vegetables. I decided to wash my face and check on the dog. I tried to give her some water and then she spoke, in my sister's voice, and she told me off for having her in there. She said she would never travel like this with me again because she had become very tired. We took the escalators to get out of the market. There was a small kitsch artificial fountain, the feng-sui type and across the street I saw some friends of mine getting in a car and about to leave. I went to then to ask for a lift but there was not enough space. There was D.with her sister E. and their friends A.and Ei.. They said they could not take us along but that there was another group of friends of theirs that might have a vacant seat in their vehicle. They mentioned that it was not certain that we could travel with them because they also had a pet. It was a group of young silly good-looking men. They agreed to give us a ride so we got in. I opened the backpack and let the dog out. They had a very odd animal with them. It looked like a mole but it was as big as a small/medium dog and it had black beady eyes. We stopped somewhere and washed our faces at a natural source. The dog wanted to wash as well and I poured some water on her but I had nothing to dry her with and I was afraid she might catch a cold.
This is were I woke up. It was too early and I sensed a headache. I slept some more.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

art-ship sunk

What on Earth was I dreaming of?
I remember that I was with a house and I had done something I did not want to mention to him. I had not been cheating, but I think it was related with nudity. I also recall meeting him and hugging him in a living room. Then I saw that I was in a situation related to my status as an art-practitioner and that a ship sunk in which there were lots of artists and artworks. Somebody told me that a sculptor I don't really appreciate was in it and that he drowned. Then I was wondering how I would feel if all my sculptures were among this ship's cargo and I decided I felt relief. Then I thought of a girl I know, a painter, and wished that her and her work were safe. I am not particularly fond neither of her or her work but I did not wish for anything bad to happen to her, on the contrary I was sincerely hoping that all that concerned her was going well.
That is about all.

Monday, 10 January 2011

"people who marry princesses do it because they like having someone carrying their things for them"

I saw I was near my mother's house in my hometown. Quite close to where I grew up passed a dried river. It would only get filled with water in cases of excessive rainfall and would lead the water to the sea. My mother remembers seeing it full only once in her lifetime, and my grandmother commemorates it flooding once, when two children where found drowned under the carcass of a donkey when it dried again. When I was a child it had a few narrow bridges for pedestrians some wider ones for the cars to go over it. Now it is covered by concrete and dirt and there is a drainage system installed inside it to prevent a disaster. The climate might be much drier than it used to be but then again, you never know what might happen and if it will rain as much again. Anyway, in my dream I saw I was walking over it after it had been made flat. I was nearing the building block where the house is when I was approached by a herd of wild dogs. I saw a woman with a young child crossing the street and I hurried to go near then as the dogs did not seem to have the intention of hurting them. I was supposed to have just acquired a quality that should prevent them from attacking me but it did not work and I could not explain this to them anyhow.
Later I saw I was heading towards P's maternal house. In the doorway I saw his sister's boyfriend to whom I felt reluctant to speak, but I went upstairs with him. They were packing and preparing to leave so our encounter would not last very long. I found P. upstairs with them. I also spoke to this mother without seeing her because she was busy in another room. Their house was crammed with things and we sat next to a sewing machine. His sister was putting on a blouse and for a little while I saw her in her brassier but I turned my head the other way out of discretion. She had a ponytail and she asked us not to look.
In the next scene I was in a kitchen doing the dishes. I had not made a single sound while washing dishes and mugs. It was a very big sink that made it rather easy. I had to wash a very big glass among others; the kind that is used for wiess bier, the tall sleever one for Franziskaner. It had dirt stuck on it and I had to rub it. As I was trying to clean it thoroughly I kept hitting it on other things and it made frustrating sounds. Then I heard P. saying loudly at his cousin D. that I had a habit of breaking those glasses and that she should come keep an eye on my, in a half-serious/ half-humorous manner. It is true that I have broken multiple of these fragile glasses. I remember thinking that they should not complain because I was the only one with hands small enough to clean the glass properly, and how once I had cleaned a glass in my mom's house in which she could not get her hand into. D. came over and said that since that I had the curtessy to do the dishes they shouldn't be complaining about anything. I replied that I indeed have broken multiple glasses of this sort and that once P. had washed one and he had placed it in a very perilous way in the drier. Consequently, when I had tried to take something else form there I had dropped it and it had smashed on the floor, blocking my exit of the room as I was barefoot and the floor in front of the door was filled with fragments of crystal. I had accused him of trying to murder me then. She gave me a dull smile.
I woke up with the phrase "people who marry princesses do it because they like having someone carrying their things for them" but I can't associate it with any images.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

New shopping center

I took a mid-day nap and I saw I was with P. and my mom. It was late at night and I would go do some shopping something. My mother asked me to get her a pair of flip-flops. I told her it was getting late and that I wouldn't easily find flip-flops in shops that were open at this hour. She replied that there was a new shopping mall near by that would be still open but that we would have to hurry-up. We were in a parking lot. It was set up a small hill. There was a bench on and around which people were sitting and standing. They were all talking about the new shopping center. P. and I were about to get into the car when my phone rang. There was no number on the screen and I picked it up. It was a girl I know a little. I thought her name was M.. She told me that her boyfriend T. and her had had a queer day and they felt like socializing and if we would like to go to their house for a movie and maybe dinner. I said we had to do a few things first but that it was possible for us to be there within an hour. She said she had no phone so I could not call her back but she might call me from a phone with three specific digits I can't remember any more.
We reached the mall and walked into the toy-section first. It had lots of toys that looked like playmobile without their hair so that their heads resembled a small goblet. They were chubby little blond figures with round heads and they were engaging in various activities like eating etc in their stalked little boxes. We were walking around and I was sure I would find flip-flops there. We took an elevator and found ourselves in the restaurant. We walked down the aisle looking at people's dishes. They were large trays with food in the shape of buns. It was in various colors and it was not only bread but mainly bread with something else, all in the same shape, occasionally in different sizes, but all bun-shaped. I lost P. for a while and I found him next to a lift that served only to link the restaurant with the upper floor. It was a strange one because it had a small external compartment and it got down smoothly but it went up rather suddenly so that when I got on the "porch"-like part of it I could not get off! The moment we reached the floor we went jumping up again. I decided to get in through the door thinking that maybe the experience of velocity would be different from the inside. I got in and the door closed behind me. It had a bluish tapestry on the walls and seemed roomy. It was indeed different and it felt as if it was moving smoothly and went up for quite a distance. I got out and found P. looking for me outside the cubicle. We hugged. In the meantime my phone had rung again and this time the name Andria showed up on the screen above a number with the previously mentioned three digits. I had picked it up and told the girl I actually had her as a contact in my phone. I asked for her address and she said it was Fokionos Negri 7. I asked if this was in Kypseli and she confirmed.
We were late and the shopping center was closing.
I woke up.

Friday, 7 January 2011

the arch-bishop and E's red bike

I dreamt I woke up really early on a Sunday morning. I left P. slumbering and I went out for a stroll. I walked through a quiet posh neighborhood and came to a church. It was a very big and impressive building. The mass was taking place so I stood there to listen to it and see how it goes. It finished and I went outside and stood on the stairs behind a huge crowd, dressed in their best clothes. Groups of people paraded in front of us and then we saw the archbishop. The crowed was cheering and he had an awful grin as he he greeted them with his arms up-lifted. I decided to stay there and see the rest of the show. The crowd moved so as to create a narrow path through which the priest walked towards the church. I was standing further back, almost near the church door, so when he approached I was on my own. I decided to walk to him and ask for an autograph, to see what would happen. He was pleased and gave me the previously mentioned awful grin. He turned to the crowd and lifted his arms once more. Some people cheered. He touched my cheek with a "fatherly"/mafia gesture. I felt aversion and thought that him too looked like the Emperor from Starwars.
I went back inside the church because people where still there. I saw a group of craftsmen working on something that looked like a set for a play. There were stools and a long table and somebody near me was mending a very long red drape. We started talking and he said he was a volunteer that worked there on Sundays. It was indeed a set for a play that they were making. He had average height, a thin body and very short hair. We kept talking and started to like each other and he invited me there next Sunday as well. I replied that I might make it and I wanted to but I thought of P. still sleeping. Then I thought how easy it would be to visit my new friend every Sunday while P. is in bed. I decided to think some more on it. Another reason that made me not so comfortable with the thought was that our meeting place would be a church and I did not want to have to go to church every Sunday. I thought of M., a friend of P., that had a christian boyfriend that went regularly to church and though she did not go to the same temple as he did, she had picked the habit and she had told us "So now I go to church, too".
I went outside and waited for my friend E. She came with a nice red bicycle that had attached to it one of these carriages you see sometimes attached to old-school motorcycles, mostly BMW, in which a second passenger can travel and look like little pods. She left it at the entrance of the church yard and walked to me. We wanted to go for coffee and tried to choose a nice cafeteria. We walked to her bicycle and saw a beggar stealing a particle from the back side of it. We were just standing there chatting casually and I asked her if she wouldn't go there to stop him. She said she did not mind but walked to him anyway and they spoke for a little. I understood she had told him he could have it and he had thanked her. We would meet another girl, G. (These two are actually friends in real life. They had fought once, though. Later I had heard that they were sharing a man, as well, and that they had quarreled about it during a threesome). We would go to a cafeteria that was quite close and had a corner window.
Later I saw that I was alone in an area with lots of bistros and restaurants and I was waiting for my sister. I was walking around trying to choose where to sit, when E. came to me in her lovely red bicycle. She showed me another one, the male version of the one she had actually. It was exactly the same apart from a missing particle that linked the sit with the steering handles. She said she would not be able to drive it but I thought it would be exactly the same.
My alarm clock went on. I turned it off and slept for another hour.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Pinokio on a ramp

I dreamt I was in my house with my mother, sister, P. and our dog. It was a large modernistic cottage, built in levels with complicated corridors and lots of doors. The floor had a very dark colour. There were five or six stairs on the right-hand side of the room and next to them a long ramp. My dog was running towards me on this ramp and her name was Pinokio.
Later I saw i was in an apartment. I was standing in the corridor when I noticed thick smoke. I was alone in the house and I wondered what could have happened. Then I thought that maybe earlier my mom was cooking in the kitchen and she might have left something on the cooker unattended. It had been hours since she had left so the damage would be huge! I started walking faster and faster towards the kitchen but could see no other signs of fire.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Punching P.'s boss in the face

I can't remember what I was dreaming of last night, but two days ago I saw I was with P..A car stopped in front of us. It was a grey or light blue old school car, like these that were made in Europe during the 80's, rather square-y, a design with almost no curves, not particularly big. The rear door opened and I saw it was much bigger inside. It had a prolonged roomy seat covered with black leatherette. Inside it was P.'s boss with a couple of prostitutes dressed in white. He was wearing a black suit and a hat. I have never actually met him and I can't remember the face I saw in my dream, probably a generic 40 years old man's face, slightly unshaven. He said something to P. about work that irritated me a lot. I got inside and started punching him on the face and arms. He was trying to avoid my blows but I did not feel that I was hitting him hard enough. It felt as if I was barely touching him. I got out of the car and as it started moving I managed to create a large hole on the street, a big rectangular pit, the size of a pool. Inside I could see clear blue water. It was the sea. The car fell in. I had got rid of him and the water was beautiful.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

the boy who was constantly running

The first dream of the year:
I dreamt of a boy who was constantly running. My story has no consistency, neither linear structure.
I saw I met a boy that was constantly running. I was trying to talk to him but he was running away in the middle of our discussion. I sprinted after him but could not always catch up. He was lean, around twenty years old, with long hair, down to his shoulders. He wore a bright-coloured sweat-shirt and wide trousers.Then I met his father. He lived on a terrace. I had followed the boy there. His father had taught him to move fast and get away. He was a tall man in a white-cowboy hat and hair going grey. We spoke for a little while and then the boy run away. I remember constantly running after him, catching up for a little and talking and then, all of a sudden he would start racing again.
At some point I was talking to some girls, three or four, next to the stairs of an underground station. I saw the boy ambling past me. I went after him, leaving my discussion in the middle. I had started talking casually without knowing them. They seemed nice.
Later I dreamt I was in a similar scenery with P. We were in a city with similar attributes. It was very white and bright with wide roads and buildings with a maximum height of three floors. We were somewhere together and we had to leave towards different directions. We decided to walk together for a little and part further down the road. We were talking and I did not realize how far I had gone from my destination. At some point we said goodbye, I turned right and took a road that was leading higher in the city. I figured out then that I was miles away from where I wanted to be. Further more I was bare-foot! I would have to walk a great distance up-hill, on a muddy road, as clouds were gathering in the sky above me and with no shoes on. I was taken aback slightly by the smoothness of the ground. I expected it to be harsh and hurt my feet but, on the contrary, I was walking quite comfortably. I recall looking at my feet on a muddy side of the road and on a white pavement. I also met people that inquired on my lack of shoes.
I went to bed around eight o'clock in the morning. The new year's eve party was not particularly successful, but I did manage to see the first dawn of the year. I don't like going to bed before the sunrise. In my country after the last meal of the year we make a cake in which we hide a coin. Whoever finds it gets a small present and it is supposed to be a sign of good luck. Every year until now I usually find the coin, but it has never increased my luck. On the contrary, I think I receive a lot of negativity from whoever envies me about that, especially if I happen to be not with my family but in another house, I do get strange looks. This year I wished for the coin to go to someone else. Fortunately it did. I hope to get luckier.
P.'s mother woke us up at half-past ten. I pretended to be sleeping. I dislike the fact that she never respects our sleep and makes a lot of noise outside our room. She knows we go to bed late. I don't understand why she does not keep her voice slightly lower. I tried for a couple of days to be nice, not pass judgment on people and show great patience. It didn't really work, psychologically-wise. I'll have to leave it here. Happy new year.