Monday, 10 January 2011

"people who marry princesses do it because they like having someone carrying their things for them"

I saw I was near my mother's house in my hometown. Quite close to where I grew up passed a dried river. It would only get filled with water in cases of excessive rainfall and would lead the water to the sea. My mother remembers seeing it full only once in her lifetime, and my grandmother commemorates it flooding once, when two children where found drowned under the carcass of a donkey when it dried again. When I was a child it had a few narrow bridges for pedestrians some wider ones for the cars to go over it. Now it is covered by concrete and dirt and there is a drainage system installed inside it to prevent a disaster. The climate might be much drier than it used to be but then again, you never know what might happen and if it will rain as much again. Anyway, in my dream I saw I was walking over it after it had been made flat. I was nearing the building block where the house is when I was approached by a herd of wild dogs. I saw a woman with a young child crossing the street and I hurried to go near then as the dogs did not seem to have the intention of hurting them. I was supposed to have just acquired a quality that should prevent them from attacking me but it did not work and I could not explain this to them anyhow.
Later I saw I was heading towards P's maternal house. In the doorway I saw his sister's boyfriend to whom I felt reluctant to speak, but I went upstairs with him. They were packing and preparing to leave so our encounter would not last very long. I found P. upstairs with them. I also spoke to this mother without seeing her because she was busy in another room. Their house was crammed with things and we sat next to a sewing machine. His sister was putting on a blouse and for a little while I saw her in her brassier but I turned my head the other way out of discretion. She had a ponytail and she asked us not to look.
In the next scene I was in a kitchen doing the dishes. I had not made a single sound while washing dishes and mugs. It was a very big sink that made it rather easy. I had to wash a very big glass among others; the kind that is used for wiess bier, the tall sleever one for Franziskaner. It had dirt stuck on it and I had to rub it. As I was trying to clean it thoroughly I kept hitting it on other things and it made frustrating sounds. Then I heard P. saying loudly at his cousin D. that I had a habit of breaking those glasses and that she should come keep an eye on my, in a half-serious/ half-humorous manner. It is true that I have broken multiple of these fragile glasses. I remember thinking that they should not complain because I was the only one with hands small enough to clean the glass properly, and how once I had cleaned a glass in my mom's house in which she could not get her hand into. D. came over and said that since that I had the curtessy to do the dishes they shouldn't be complaining about anything. I replied that I indeed have broken multiple glasses of this sort and that once P. had washed one and he had placed it in a very perilous way in the drier. Consequently, when I had tried to take something else form there I had dropped it and it had smashed on the floor, blocking my exit of the room as I was barefoot and the floor in front of the door was filled with fragments of crystal. I had accused him of trying to murder me then. She gave me a dull smile.
I woke up with the phrase "people who marry princesses do it because they like having someone carrying their things for them" but I can't associate it with any images.

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