Friday, 7 January 2011

the arch-bishop and E's red bike

I dreamt I woke up really early on a Sunday morning. I left P. slumbering and I went out for a stroll. I walked through a quiet posh neighborhood and came to a church. It was a very big and impressive building. The mass was taking place so I stood there to listen to it and see how it goes. It finished and I went outside and stood on the stairs behind a huge crowd, dressed in their best clothes. Groups of people paraded in front of us and then we saw the archbishop. The crowed was cheering and he had an awful grin as he he greeted them with his arms up-lifted. I decided to stay there and see the rest of the show. The crowd moved so as to create a narrow path through which the priest walked towards the church. I was standing further back, almost near the church door, so when he approached I was on my own. I decided to walk to him and ask for an autograph, to see what would happen. He was pleased and gave me the previously mentioned awful grin. He turned to the crowd and lifted his arms once more. Some people cheered. He touched my cheek with a "fatherly"/mafia gesture. I felt aversion and thought that him too looked like the Emperor from Starwars.
I went back inside the church because people where still there. I saw a group of craftsmen working on something that looked like a set for a play. There were stools and a long table and somebody near me was mending a very long red drape. We started talking and he said he was a volunteer that worked there on Sundays. It was indeed a set for a play that they were making. He had average height, a thin body and very short hair. We kept talking and started to like each other and he invited me there next Sunday as well. I replied that I might make it and I wanted to but I thought of P. still sleeping. Then I thought how easy it would be to visit my new friend every Sunday while P. is in bed. I decided to think some more on it. Another reason that made me not so comfortable with the thought was that our meeting place would be a church and I did not want to have to go to church every Sunday. I thought of M., a friend of P., that had a christian boyfriend that went regularly to church and though she did not go to the same temple as he did, she had picked the habit and she had told us "So now I go to church, too".
I went outside and waited for my friend E. She came with a nice red bicycle that had attached to it one of these carriages you see sometimes attached to old-school motorcycles, mostly BMW, in which a second passenger can travel and look like little pods. She left it at the entrance of the church yard and walked to me. We wanted to go for coffee and tried to choose a nice cafeteria. We walked to her bicycle and saw a beggar stealing a particle from the back side of it. We were just standing there chatting casually and I asked her if she wouldn't go there to stop him. She said she did not mind but walked to him anyway and they spoke for a little. I understood she had told him he could have it and he had thanked her. We would meet another girl, G. (These two are actually friends in real life. They had fought once, though. Later I had heard that they were sharing a man, as well, and that they had quarreled about it during a threesome). We would go to a cafeteria that was quite close and had a corner window.
Later I saw that I was alone in an area with lots of bistros and restaurants and I was waiting for my sister. I was walking around trying to choose where to sit, when E. came to me in her lovely red bicycle. She showed me another one, the male version of the one she had actually. It was exactly the same apart from a missing particle that linked the sit with the steering handles. She said she would not be able to drive it but I thought it would be exactly the same.
My alarm clock went on. I turned it off and slept for another hour.

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