Wednesday, 12 January 2011

art-ship sunk

What on Earth was I dreaming of?
I remember that I was with a house and I had done something I did not want to mention to him. I had not been cheating, but I think it was related with nudity. I also recall meeting him and hugging him in a living room. Then I saw that I was in a situation related to my status as an art-practitioner and that a ship sunk in which there were lots of artists and artworks. Somebody told me that a sculptor I don't really appreciate was in it and that he drowned. Then I was wondering how I would feel if all my sculptures were among this ship's cargo and I decided I felt relief. Then I thought of a girl I know, a painter, and wished that her and her work were safe. I am not particularly fond neither of her or her work but I did not wish for anything bad to happen to her, on the contrary I was sincerely hoping that all that concerned her was going well.
That is about all.

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