Monday, 17 January 2011

Two dogs

I dreamt I was observing my face in a mirror. I had put on a lot of weight and my cheek-bones had disappear under fat. I also had a double chin. I was changing my expression and pulling my cheeks so that I would look even worst.
I also dreamt of my dog. I met some people that had a dog-sized rat for a pet. It was very friendly and I kissed it on the forehead like I do with my dog. Then I thought it was not a good idea because even domesticated rats might be carrying a lot of diseases. We were supposed to have taken the dog to my mother for a couple of days. I missed her terribly and decided to go and pick her up and never leave her to anyone, ever again. She was very happy to see me and let a few drops of wee on the floor. We were hugging when the door opened and my mother came in with a male white dog, that looked quite similar to mine. I got angry because my mother wanted me to keep both. I thought it was an awful idea because they could have puppies! I told her that it was not going to happen and that she should take the dog back where she had found it. We had to leave the dogs together for some time. As soon as I could I returned to the house. I was looking for my dog but I could only see the new one. He had made pipi inside the house, next to the bathroom door and on a stool. I did not need another dog, especially a not house-trained one.
I woke up with the sound of the dog barking at somebody that was standing outside the door of the neibouring apartment.

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