Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Punching P.'s boss in the face

I can't remember what I was dreaming of last night, but two days ago I saw I was with P..A car stopped in front of us. It was a grey or light blue old school car, like these that were made in Europe during the 80's, rather square-y, a design with almost no curves, not particularly big. The rear door opened and I saw it was much bigger inside. It had a prolonged roomy seat covered with black leatherette. Inside it was P.'s boss with a couple of prostitutes dressed in white. He was wearing a black suit and a hat. I have never actually met him and I can't remember the face I saw in my dream, probably a generic 40 years old man's face, slightly unshaven. He said something to P. about work that irritated me a lot. I got inside and started punching him on the face and arms. He was trying to avoid my blows but I did not feel that I was hitting him hard enough. It felt as if I was barely touching him. I got out of the car and as it started moving I managed to create a large hole on the street, a big rectangular pit, the size of a pool. Inside I could see clear blue water. It was the sea. The car fell in. I had got rid of him and the water was beautiful.

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