Sunday, 23 January 2011

Black riders

I was at a school meeting. A lot of people were there. I remember going down a small number of stairs, getting out of a door and approaching a brick construction, too low to be a room. It looked more like a box. It was in the shape of a cube, and the walls were up to my chin. The people were standing close to each other. I saw a girl with my built approximately and long, light-brown, curly hair. I had my white laptop with me. I had placed it on the brick construction. There was a smaller red one there as well. A motorcycle stopped in front of me with two riders, a man and a girl. They were dressed in black. They got off and tried to steal my laptop. I did not know why they wanted it but I was sure it was very important that they did not get it. I took it and run in the house that had transformed into my mother's house. I had also got the red one with me. For a little while I was not sure I had taken them but I saw them placed neatly near me. I wanted to take a shower and I was wrapped in a white towel or bath robe. I went back outside to take my shower where I was previously standing. I think I remember soap running on my face. The riders appeared again through a door in the house and I run to save the computers.
I also remember faintly of a dog and marmalade, maybe from another dream session.

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