Sunday, 31 March 2013

Bitches 2

    I was working at a bar, or I had gone there on business, it is not clear. The bartender was S. and G.E., a tutor I had in uni., was co-owner. I was talking to S. and I trying to make him interested in me. My laptop was there and when other people approached the bar I got on Facebook. G.E. told me something about how my photos look troubling and that this is why I am not popular. He pointed out a few better ones. I asked for a cigarette and his advice on increasing my popularity but he left without giving any substantial advice. I asked S. for a Pina Colada in a paper cup because I had to go.
   Then I found a dog. It was beautiful. It was tall and dark-grey with blue eyes. It followed me home and I let it stay until I figured out what to do with it. I went to an apartment with P. I think it belonged to his friend M. We were cuddling in bed when P. told me he could not go for another round. He had a very funny expression on his face and looked like a duck. We decided to leave. I presented the new dog to him and asked him if we could keep it. My other dog I. was sitting on my other side and said that the new dog was very clever. They seemed to be doing fine.
   As I  was collecting my things I thought that I should go downstairs and take a few books. I would need them for a tutorial I would give. I remember talking and saying "girls, we should take some of the books".
   I was on the street, walking among a large group of people all of which were girls and most of which I knew. The new dog turned into a girl who told me her life's story, how she had left her house and she had transformed into a dog. I complained that we should have taken the books and she said she would go as a dog to take them.
   The dream ended.

Saturday, 30 March 2013


P. and I were sent to prison after attacking people, during the carnival, with axes. We had not hurt anyone but we had crossed some sort of border and where we got, celebrating the carnival was forbidden. We were sentenced to three and a half years but we were sent to a mixed facility.
Being in there was dreadful. The place was overcrowded and the guards were bullies. I was trying to paint and decided to mix the yellow and red paint in my mouth. I felt disgusted and I had to see a doctor. As I was searching for one I met an old friend of mine, E. . She was trying to take me to one but in the meantime my mouth cleaned by obsessive spitting and rubbing my teeth with my fingers. I wanted to let my mom know that I was there but could not contact the outside world. Then I thought that I should do my tax return in a few days and I was wondering how that would be managed if the state had no way of knowing that I was in prison. Would they give me a fine? Perhaps if I got a document form the prison they would discard my fine. What happens to people with shops if they get sent to prison? Where they allowed a few days to settle their obligations?
It was a very unpleasant dream. Luckily, I woke up.   

Friday, 29 March 2013

traveling back in time

  In this dream I had gone on vacation at some isolated village where I found a friend. He was a man I met a year ago and although I thought he was flirting with me I was told he was not interested in women. He was very polite and a charming fellow. He was exactly like that in the dream too, although what led us to being together is vague. I remember walking with him and visiting sights. The village was very rich and well taken care off and I sort of stuck out. Then I met another man, whom I liked less but he took me to a jewelry shop where he bought me a ring.
  It was night time and we gathered at a bistro and sat outside on the square. Both men were there. I had my eyes on the first man and wanted to get rid of the second. The first man kept staring at me and I back at him but the other fellow did not seem to grasp the situation.
  I returned home with the first man that hagged me and I sat on him on a chair. I told him the story of the second man and the ring and he said he would get me out of it. It was very nice being with him and I was wondering why had my friend M. told me that he would not be interested in me. I followed him at an opening in the forest where the villagers had set a theatre. They all acted and the villagers form the neighbouring village had come over. There was a conflict between the two villages and they stood facing each other ready for a fight.
  Then I travelled back in time and got to the beginning of the dream. I met the guy I liked and tried to explain the situation to him. I was aware that the moment of my departure, so as to travel back in time, was further in the future than the last moment I remembered staying in the village and I was wondering how and why it had happened and if it had to do with our relationship. I woke up

Thursday, 28 March 2013

The pool

  I dreamt of a pool. I had been taken there and I was with other people, none of whom was my friend apart from Mi. We jumped into the pool but the cover was still on and thus we remained on the surface. I thought of going under but that would increase my chances of drowning. An old man managed to remove the covers from their positions and somebody took them away. Then, each of us was provided with a basket-ball, a tennis ball and some other gymnastics-related objects. I did not think that playing with all these objects would be particularly interesting and I just swam. I have never been in a pool and I was observing the density of the water. Swimming proved easier than I expected and I went to the deeper side, where I  held the railing and chilled for a little.
   Next, we were asked to get out and collect the toys and our personal belongings. Some people had left things behind and I could not find mine. I also had to carry two laptops and I was wondering if my bag was waterproof and if I could swim to the other end of the pool. I put everything in one of these cage-like baskets on wheels that are used to carry groceries and walked.
   I got to the entrance of the building where the instructor was collecting the things we were bestowed with. I gave her mine but they had all shrunk in size, so that the basket-ball looked like a tennis ball. She made fun of me and then Mi. and I decided to go out for dinner.
   The restaurant was in the same building. Mi. had made reservations for her and her father but he came over just for five minutes and she offered me his place. The table was peculiar. It had a sort of built-in roof, decorated with real flowers. The food was a huge piece of lamb. I said that I don't usually eat lamb but I would try it. It was not bad but it had a lot of fat and it took me a quite some time to prepare a fat-free bite. We talked and laughed and I pecked with my fork on her nose. Her skin split but no blood came out because it was cooked. I apologized for destroying the shape of her nose. A waitress came to our table and informed us that we were the last customers and that they would turn off the rest of the lights. I looked around and indeed the place was empty and dark apart from our table, that created the impression that it was the only one in an immense, dark room.
   We decided to go out for drinks and I knew exactly where we were going because I had been there in another dream. Before we went there, though, we would go to her house.
   Her father and grand-parents were there, but they were not hers but some people that reminded me of relatives of P. . From the basement I kept hearing the sound of dripping water. I went downstairs and saw that the ceiling was supporting an elaborate system of pipes and faucets, one of which was leaking right on a light-bulb. I went back upstairs and explained the situation. They said that the construction was financed by a stringy relative of theirs and that it was rapidly falling apart.
   I must have woken up at that point.      

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


   I dreamt that I was at my hometown and I had just woken up. I left the house and got to the end of the block where I found a shop that sold children's clothes. It was plain and old-timish. I noticed they had a special offer on Indian silks and I chose a skirt and two blouses. I took these to the cashier to ask how much they cost. There was an old man that was the shop-owner, a younger woman who was his daughter and  two clients. They told me that the clothes I had chosen were originally very expensive but at a bargain price now, although they could not say how much exactly because their son and brother, accordingly, knew about this. I told them I did not have any money on me either but that I was a neighbour and that I would return. The man left and I stayed with the girl that was showing me clothes. I saw a skirt  that was supposed to be the same as one I wore as a teenager and then I saw a blouse too. It used to be my favourite but I gave it to my mother. I explained that I have a sister and sometimes her, our mother and me, exchange clothes. I also told her I was a pilot. I was not but I was getting ready to pass some exams that were related to this profession. We walked between the rows of hanging clothes and got back to the door. There was a new desk, an old, long secretariat, dressed with an old, baroque fabric, where the old man sat and kept notes.
   I went back home where I realized it was very early in the morning, around seven, and I wondered about three things; I wondered why I had gotten up so early, why was the shop open and why had it been so busy. I thought that things for businesses, as well as churches and parks, should be very slow at this hour.
   I had to poop and got into a lift. I was carrying a large back pack which made things more difficult. As I was about to lower my trousers I reached the bottom floor and through the wobbly glass I saw a woman. I pushed the button to go back up before she opened the door and although I was still alone in there I decided to abort the mission.
  I returned home where I found the son and the daughter from the shop. The boy had come to show me some clothes and the girl had come because she wanted to meet my brother. This character was very vague. Sometimes he was P. and other times he was undefined. I was very sleepy but I had to study for the exam. I was lying under a sleeping bag on the couch and my eyes were shutting.
   Then I was at the bedroom. I had to get dressed to go to school because it was almost nine. In the other room, through the door's wobbly glass I saw that the girl from the shop had curled up inside my brother's bed and was waiting for him. I wanted to look at my back in the mirror and I closed the curtain. It was dark outside at that point. I thought that people could probably see through the curtain as I could see a neighbour that had just got out of bed and was putting on her brasier. I took off my pyjamas and found out I could also remove the lower half of my body. I observed my anus and genitalia and thought of pleasuring myself. I wondered if I would feel it if it was not connected to the part of the body where the head was. My anus started protruding and it grew teeth. I tried to finger my self but my vagina was too tight. I could feel it though. I decided it was getting very late and that I hadn't studied enough. As a matter of fact I remembered nothing. I woke up.


Monday, 25 March 2013

A museum, a cafe, a car and orange

March hasn't been a very good month concerning the narration of dreams. Most of the times I remembered too few information to make any sense and other times I just saw that I was playing video-games or made something repeatedly.

Last night, though, I saw a classic. I was at a museum in England, but it looked more like the lower side of Aristoteles square in Thessaloneke.  The exhibition was very big and I was planning to spend my day there. Everything was fine. I found a nice bench and took my sketchpad out of my bag. Then, I had to go to the loo. I searched but could find no toilets for the public, so I got out, I crossed the street and paid a visit to the nearest cafe. It was a very classy place with expensive rotundas, flower vases and eccentric architecture. Yet the toilets were scarce there as well. I found one but it had been clogged. Then I found another but it was odd. There were no cubicles, just toilet seats, one next to the other. People were just waiting in a line outside the door, leaving one person to go in at the time.
Inside was a couple. My need to urinate was so strong that I just went in and took a seat. I found it hard to start urinating as long as they were there but, although I am not entirely clear on that because I don't remember the action as much as the sense of relief, I probably managed to empty my dream bladder.

I left the toilet and I was trying to find the exit when, quite by accident, I got to another section of the building that was secret and had to do with military secrets. I passed by blue-lit, grey corridors and found my way out without being caught.

Then I got to a shop where I had to buy something so as to be a customer and thus it would be all right that I used their toilet. I took some gum in the colour of amber. When I was about to pay for  it I realized that I had left all my things at the museum, unsupervised. I remember searching my pockets. I was wearing a large man's shirt with chest pockets and nothing was in there. I pledged with the cashier and the security to escort me to the museum where I had left my bag. The cashier was cute, but reminded me of a christian fundamentalist for some reason.

Then the narrative changed completely. I was in a car and I had made a cardigan that the cashier had ordered. I was going to deliver it to him. The car was still and I was in the front passenger seat but there was no driver. The car started moving, so I had to get to the driver seat but it was full of gift and shoe boxes. As the car was accelerating I threw the boxes at the back seat and sat on the wheel. I drove for a small distance but then I got to a busy intersection where I realized that my breaks were not functioning properly. They made the car slow down somewhat but did not make it stop. Luckily I was passing outside my uncle's garage and got to stop somehow. From there, I did not get back to the car but got where I was going through an old storage space.

I found the cashier in a room that was used by the full-time stuff for rest. I removed the vest he was wearing, that at that point reminded me of a bullet-proof vest, and helped him put on the new cardigan. I made fun of his hair and told him he looked like a chicken. Then I grabbed him by the waist and pretended to lift him up. He was so light I did indeed lift him up and turned him upside down and back to a standing position. Then I approached his face, and since he did not go away I closed my eyes and kissed him. When I opened my eyes it was not him I was kissing but another dude that was supposed to be an old acquaintance of mine. He was laughing a lot and made fun of me for liking the christian boy. I thought that I would not mind spending time with him either but pretended not to care, at least until he would stop laughing so hard on the little joke they had played on me.

As we were standing there, talking, somebody shot him on the head. There was a hole in the middle of his forehead and bright orange light coming out  but no blood. He remained conscious but lost his balance and fell back on the bed. I was stunned.

Then I remember working on Adobe Illustrator and making fantastic illustrations and then my dog woke me up and I got up.            

Thursday, 14 March 2013

The mad elevator ride

My dream was awesomely atmospheric, although stressful at times. All gloom and quick cuts.
I was with familiar people and I was supposed to go help a girl with her homework. It was a new job. I arrived at the building where she lived and got to the elevator but as I got in I realized that I had forgotten something and went back out. I returned (I don't know what took place in the in-between, I just have this mental image of me getting in and out of the lift) and pressed the second floor button. It did not stop there but took me all the way up to the seventh, where I got out to a corridor and, through an open door, I saw a man working out in a gloriously sun-lit, spacious apartment. I went back in the elevator and tried to descend but as I was already moving, instead of the correct button, I pressed again the seventh floor one, that was right above the one I intended to press. The elevator was moving up and down and I could not get where I had to. I looked for the stop button so as to bring it to a halt and concentrate on giving the right demand to its electronic brain. The buttons multiplied, the cubicle was pulsing, the lights went dim and my hands were too shaky to press anywhere specific. In my effort to do so I was pressing random buttons and some of them seemed to get out of their sockets. The elevator started accelerating skywards and I almost screamed in panic, as the floors appeared to be increasing. Eventually it crushed through the ceiling and slid on the roof. The walls had transformed into car windows and I was on a car-seat with my seat-belt on. I thought it would never stop and I was wondering if I would fall off the rim. Luckily, I saw that I would most probably crush on the next building and avoid the dive. I passed by some thugs that were conspiring, on the roof, and pretended not to see them. When it came to a stop I took out my phone and tried to text message somebody to come to my rescue, but my fingers were too shaky and my phone was dysfunctioning.
 I had not been there for long, though, before a group of people came to my aid. They told me they had seen the elevator rising in mad speed and they had run. A nice girl helped me walk because I was trembling so much that I went off balance. Then I thought that I must have been so high up that the view should be spectacular. I looked on the side and what I saw was awesome. It was as if every view from above I have ever seen in my waking life merged to form this amazing landscape. It looked like Tibet and Machu-Picchu and Mordor and Nagorno Karabkh and every incredible metropolis landscape all at the same time. I was impressed.
I was led to the ground and the scale of things was restored. There I met a guy I went to primary school with. He had grown up to be rather handsome although a little towards the plus size. His brother, though, was still a small boy, in my dream, and I would tutor him. The brother and I became close and we asked the brother if he minded waiting for me for a little in his room. I woke up.            

Saturday, 9 March 2013

The sex slappers

I saw that my previous boyfriend was in town, but then again, I must have been in his because he was about to go home. There was some issue with his folks and he asked if I would like to go there for supper. I felt a wave of nostalgia in the sound of this but declined the offer. Although I am sure this is the first part of the dream that I can remember, the order of the rest of the stories is mixed up.
I remember a station. I was there with my dog I. .I had a lot of bags and backpacks with me. In the waiting room, with us, was an old pikey with black curly hair. He kept coming towards me and I thought he wanted to mug me so I told him that the dog bites. He continued moving dangerously close to us and I had to pull I.'s lease so that she would not realize my earlier threat. At some point he told me that there was no reason for me to be afraid because he was not a thief. I believed him and felt bad so I apologized warmly. After a while he started following me again so I had to tell him once more that he should keep his distance for his own good if he didn't want the dog to bite his hand.
What felt odd about this dream is that whenever I thought of something I got such a clear mental image of it as if it was part of the dream's reality. It happened on this occasion, when I saw the gypsy's bitten hand bleeding and at the beginning of the narrative when I imagined myself at the boy's house with his parents, in the living room, just before supper would be served.
I got home and I would sleep on a large bunker bed that was too high and in order to get there I had to climb a steep ladder. When I got to the top I had to grab the bed and jump on it because the distance was too great for my short feet. I got on easily after a couple of rehearsals. The ladder was new. My mom had it made by our neighbor who is a carpenter and she had asked for more stairs but he had made it just like the previous, inconvenient one. When I tried to get up there with all my baggage I realized it was impossible. I got off and sat on the toilet. P.was there and his cousin D. among other people. I pooped, right there, in front of everybody. I turned and flushed. Nobody cared. P. started taking a shower and I wanted to wash my hair. People started leaving the room.
I think that then, there was an interval in the story about washing.
I was at another room in this house where a performance would take place. There was a group of young people who called themselves "slappers" or something of this sort. They gathered on a bench and started slapping themselves and each other. Then they climbed on each other and started humping. There were a lot of viewers but once the spectacle became voyeuristic they started leaving the room. A lean couple kept some distance but stayed there. The woman made gargling sounds as if she would be sick and then she excused herself. I could hear the orgy taking place but was prevented from staring directly.
I returned to the first room and I could hear people talking, although I was alone in there. I went to the attached bathroom, that was D.'s and started washing my hair. I was sitting there, observing my breasts and pelvis. Then I checked the cabinet behind the mirror and found the electric board. It was shaped like a book and you could turn the pages. Buttons and writing were all jumbled. In one of the first pages I found the switch for the boiler.
When I returned to the room with the beds I found people. Somebody was rolling a spliff and I decided to stay. I woke up.