Thursday, 14 March 2013

The mad elevator ride

My dream was awesomely atmospheric, although stressful at times. All gloom and quick cuts.
I was with familiar people and I was supposed to go help a girl with her homework. It was a new job. I arrived at the building where she lived and got to the elevator but as I got in I realized that I had forgotten something and went back out. I returned (I don't know what took place in the in-between, I just have this mental image of me getting in and out of the lift) and pressed the second floor button. It did not stop there but took me all the way up to the seventh, where I got out to a corridor and, through an open door, I saw a man working out in a gloriously sun-lit, spacious apartment. I went back in the elevator and tried to descend but as I was already moving, instead of the correct button, I pressed again the seventh floor one, that was right above the one I intended to press. The elevator was moving up and down and I could not get where I had to. I looked for the stop button so as to bring it to a halt and concentrate on giving the right demand to its electronic brain. The buttons multiplied, the cubicle was pulsing, the lights went dim and my hands were too shaky to press anywhere specific. In my effort to do so I was pressing random buttons and some of them seemed to get out of their sockets. The elevator started accelerating skywards and I almost screamed in panic, as the floors appeared to be increasing. Eventually it crushed through the ceiling and slid on the roof. The walls had transformed into car windows and I was on a car-seat with my seat-belt on. I thought it would never stop and I was wondering if I would fall off the rim. Luckily, I saw that I would most probably crush on the next building and avoid the dive. I passed by some thugs that were conspiring, on the roof, and pretended not to see them. When it came to a stop I took out my phone and tried to text message somebody to come to my rescue, but my fingers were too shaky and my phone was dysfunctioning.
 I had not been there for long, though, before a group of people came to my aid. They told me they had seen the elevator rising in mad speed and they had run. A nice girl helped me walk because I was trembling so much that I went off balance. Then I thought that I must have been so high up that the view should be spectacular. I looked on the side and what I saw was awesome. It was as if every view from above I have ever seen in my waking life merged to form this amazing landscape. It looked like Tibet and Machu-Picchu and Mordor and Nagorno Karabkh and every incredible metropolis landscape all at the same time. I was impressed.
I was led to the ground and the scale of things was restored. There I met a guy I went to primary school with. He had grown up to be rather handsome although a little towards the plus size. His brother, though, was still a small boy, in my dream, and I would tutor him. The brother and I became close and we asked the brother if he minded waiting for me for a little in his room. I woke up.            

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