Monday, 25 March 2013

A museum, a cafe, a car and orange

March hasn't been a very good month concerning the narration of dreams. Most of the times I remembered too few information to make any sense and other times I just saw that I was playing video-games or made something repeatedly.

Last night, though, I saw a classic. I was at a museum in England, but it looked more like the lower side of Aristoteles square in Thessaloneke.  The exhibition was very big and I was planning to spend my day there. Everything was fine. I found a nice bench and took my sketchpad out of my bag. Then, I had to go to the loo. I searched but could find no toilets for the public, so I got out, I crossed the street and paid a visit to the nearest cafe. It was a very classy place with expensive rotundas, flower vases and eccentric architecture. Yet the toilets were scarce there as well. I found one but it had been clogged. Then I found another but it was odd. There were no cubicles, just toilet seats, one next to the other. People were just waiting in a line outside the door, leaving one person to go in at the time.
Inside was a couple. My need to urinate was so strong that I just went in and took a seat. I found it hard to start urinating as long as they were there but, although I am not entirely clear on that because I don't remember the action as much as the sense of relief, I probably managed to empty my dream bladder.

I left the toilet and I was trying to find the exit when, quite by accident, I got to another section of the building that was secret and had to do with military secrets. I passed by blue-lit, grey corridors and found my way out without being caught.

Then I got to a shop where I had to buy something so as to be a customer and thus it would be all right that I used their toilet. I took some gum in the colour of amber. When I was about to pay for  it I realized that I had left all my things at the museum, unsupervised. I remember searching my pockets. I was wearing a large man's shirt with chest pockets and nothing was in there. I pledged with the cashier and the security to escort me to the museum where I had left my bag. The cashier was cute, but reminded me of a christian fundamentalist for some reason.

Then the narrative changed completely. I was in a car and I had made a cardigan that the cashier had ordered. I was going to deliver it to him. The car was still and I was in the front passenger seat but there was no driver. The car started moving, so I had to get to the driver seat but it was full of gift and shoe boxes. As the car was accelerating I threw the boxes at the back seat and sat on the wheel. I drove for a small distance but then I got to a busy intersection where I realized that my breaks were not functioning properly. They made the car slow down somewhat but did not make it stop. Luckily I was passing outside my uncle's garage and got to stop somehow. From there, I did not get back to the car but got where I was going through an old storage space.

I found the cashier in a room that was used by the full-time stuff for rest. I removed the vest he was wearing, that at that point reminded me of a bullet-proof vest, and helped him put on the new cardigan. I made fun of his hair and told him he looked like a chicken. Then I grabbed him by the waist and pretended to lift him up. He was so light I did indeed lift him up and turned him upside down and back to a standing position. Then I approached his face, and since he did not go away I closed my eyes and kissed him. When I opened my eyes it was not him I was kissing but another dude that was supposed to be an old acquaintance of mine. He was laughing a lot and made fun of me for liking the christian boy. I thought that I would not mind spending time with him either but pretended not to care, at least until he would stop laughing so hard on the little joke they had played on me.

As we were standing there, talking, somebody shot him on the head. There was a hole in the middle of his forehead and bright orange light coming out  but no blood. He remained conscious but lost his balance and fell back on the bed. I was stunned.

Then I remember working on Adobe Illustrator and making fantastic illustrations and then my dog woke me up and I got up.            

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