Saturday, 30 March 2013


P. and I were sent to prison after attacking people, during the carnival, with axes. We had not hurt anyone but we had crossed some sort of border and where we got, celebrating the carnival was forbidden. We were sentenced to three and a half years but we were sent to a mixed facility.
Being in there was dreadful. The place was overcrowded and the guards were bullies. I was trying to paint and decided to mix the yellow and red paint in my mouth. I felt disgusted and I had to see a doctor. As I was searching for one I met an old friend of mine, E. . She was trying to take me to one but in the meantime my mouth cleaned by obsessive spitting and rubbing my teeth with my fingers. I wanted to let my mom know that I was there but could not contact the outside world. Then I thought that I should do my tax return in a few days and I was wondering how that would be managed if the state had no way of knowing that I was in prison. Would they give me a fine? Perhaps if I got a document form the prison they would discard my fine. What happens to people with shops if they get sent to prison? Where they allowed a few days to settle their obligations?
It was a very unpleasant dream. Luckily, I woke up.   

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