Sunday, 28 November 2010

Not going back

I was dreaming I had not left London decisively but only for a short break, with the intention to go back and search for a job there. I had spent my last day here with P. A couple of hours before the flight, I would go to my house to collect my luggage and he would go meet his sister. I went to my house and tried to make sure I didn't let anything behind, but I kept finding unpacked stuff on the table and the chairs of the living room. I was putting everything in my hold-bag that would get over-stuffed and overweight soon. I departed for the airport by monorail and when I got there, as I was passing through long, futuristic aisles I could not stop thinking how much I wanted to stay. I thought about how much I have missed London, the town itself and my life-style there, even the miserable hours of sundown at three o'clock in the afternoon (where I am now three o'clock is always noon- even during the middle of the winter when the sunset comes at five). I didn't want to leave anything behind and with the given current financial situations my chances of getting a job here were equal to finding a decent one there. I turned and got moving towards the opposite direction while simultaneously I started calling people and announcing my decision. I did not manage to complete any telephone conversation though. I wanted to visit everyone and I was building up the dialogues that would follow, in my mind. I phoned my mom and sister, my friend D and her sister (I wanted to tell her not to go back either- I was also wondering why we weren't going to fly together this time, as we would have to go back in similar dates), my x-boyfriend's house (I wanted to make my relationship public) and of course P. In my dream I could see where everyone was and their reactions when they picked up their phones. D and E where in their living room, one was on the couch and I could see her face while the other was sitting on an armchair and I could she her back. My mom was where I had left her, by the living room table. K's mother was also in her living room and P was sitting on a bench by the seaside with his sister.
The dog wanted to wee and she woke me up with the typical face-wash licks around ten o'clock. I had the impression it was Monday and I was happy to find out that Sunday had not gone by without me realizing it. I might re-design (or destroy completely) my boots now.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

I lost my ninja toys

I was with P and then I was on my own going towards his sister's house. I was walking on a wide road in Athens. I did not know the district I was in, apart from my route and I was afraid I would get lost if I took a wrong turn. I remember been in that road twice. Once I managed to get safely to my destination, the other time I was followed by a tall and thin dodgy man, as I was walking under a gallery. I tried to walk faster so as to avoid him but he was keeping up with my pace. Subsequently, I tried to see if this was only a fake impression I had. I slowed down and the guy passed by me pushing me slightly and mumbling something about people walking too slow. I continued walking. He got into a store that looked like a ticket office. He yelled something vulgar as I was passing by.
I got into the apartment and the sister was there with two other friends of ours. I had given the sister a small bag with beads to make something for herself. She didn't want them though and had given them to another girl. I got irritated because I found out that I accidentally put in the bag some very small ninja toys I have and I wanted them back, but the girl had used them and would not give them to me. I was further annoyed because I kept finding more and more beads I really liked and did not like at all their new owner. It seamed like cheating.
I disputed for a while with them but nothing came out.
I also dreamt of a vintage furniture store a guy I know opened at another town and haven't visited yet. It was around the corner from the road I was talking about.
This was all.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

I smashed a car

I dreamt I was with my boyfriend in a car. We had just parked near our house and were going towards that direction. Then I was in the car again alone and I had to park it. There were plenty of vacant places and it all went quite well. As I was about to get out, I accidentally pushed the handbrake and the car started slipping backwards. Luckily I stirred the wheel just in time so as not to hit the car that was parked behind me. I tried to put it back in place but the stirring wheel was not responding and I ended up turning it completely towards the other direction. With small manoeuvrings I managed to approach the pavement sufficiently. I thought for a little while that it will be difficult to leave from there since I was parked towards the wrong direction on a one-way street. My boyfriend re-appeared in the dream and as we had just managed to get out of the car and lock it, a huge truck went past and completely smashed the street-side side of the car. The mass of the vehicle was so big that the earth trembled as it went by. We run after them to get their plate numbers. Somehow a pale girl fell off it. I caught her by the wrist and took her where the truck had stopped. She did not respond at all as if she was hypnotized or something. The truck had stopped a bit further at a point where the street had got very wide. The driver had got off and was sitting next to a wooden box serving as a table next to a hobo hut. There was a fire and they were preparing something. It was night-time at this point. We sat with them to sort things out. I can't remember the talk we were having but I changed chairs and went to sit by the girl to try to help her sort out her personal issues. She proved to be younger than she looked. She was trying hard to look tough and I started telling her a made-up story about a friend of mine that tried to do the same and how things turned out for her. That must have been the point when I woke up because that is all I can remember.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Riots and Vampires

It seams I have not dreamt in ages, at least nothing I could actually write down about.
I have slept only for four hours. This means I shall be suffering by the time I get home since I finish working at nine o'clock local time and then I might have to go by a friend's to discuss about a project on which I don't have the faintest interest. My dog woke me up. She heard people outside our apartment door; we haven't had next door neighbors until now and it was the second time somebody got into the next door apartment. I returned to my bed and remembered I woke up in the middle of the night because I had had a nightmare and since I didn't really feel like going back to sleep I decided to record what I could remember from it.
I dreamt I was with P. We were in another apartment, in a high-tech upper-class building in which we had recently moved-in, near a university campus. Outside, a demonstration was taking place and things were getting hot. I remember a big square outside a large building, designed in an eclecticism style of architecture -large Doric columns and all- and young people running towards it from all directions. It was dark outside and we took a turn at a small alley and went home. The entrance of the building where we lived was wide and covered with gray granite and chromium. There were three elevator doors. I remember seeing the place vacant and filled with people of various ages. I think we might have gone up and down again. At some point we went back down and things were warming up there as well, but for different reasons than outside. We had discovered that some of our neighbors were dangerous people. I had got into a lift but P. was going towards another direction with a stranger. I through my keys at him, made him alert and he came were I was. My keys bounced on the wall and fell on some lockers. I asked P. if he had his own keys so as to open the apartment door and he responded negatively by moving his head right and left. We didn't panic though and returned to our apartment.
We had crawled into bed to hide from our dodgy neighbors that by that time were defined as vampires. Somebody got to as and was trying to get his snout under the sheets to get a nibble. I did not know what to do and decided to byte him as well and show that I had fangs too.
I woke up rather spooked and did not want to go back to sleep as I was afraid that my dream would through me back into that scary world. I saw ugly dolls whenever I closed my eyes; I am a collector of ugly and unintentionally scary dolls and yesterday I added a piece in my collection of which I was especially proud. Now it is time for some more sleep because my head started aching from sleep deprivation. Sweet dreams.