Monday, 22 November 2010

Riots and Vampires

It seams I have not dreamt in ages, at least nothing I could actually write down about.
I have slept only for four hours. This means I shall be suffering by the time I get home since I finish working at nine o'clock local time and then I might have to go by a friend's to discuss about a project on which I don't have the faintest interest. My dog woke me up. She heard people outside our apartment door; we haven't had next door neighbors until now and it was the second time somebody got into the next door apartment. I returned to my bed and remembered I woke up in the middle of the night because I had had a nightmare and since I didn't really feel like going back to sleep I decided to record what I could remember from it.
I dreamt I was with P. We were in another apartment, in a high-tech upper-class building in which we had recently moved-in, near a university campus. Outside, a demonstration was taking place and things were getting hot. I remember a big square outside a large building, designed in an eclecticism style of architecture -large Doric columns and all- and young people running towards it from all directions. It was dark outside and we took a turn at a small alley and went home. The entrance of the building where we lived was wide and covered with gray granite and chromium. There were three elevator doors. I remember seeing the place vacant and filled with people of various ages. I think we might have gone up and down again. At some point we went back down and things were warming up there as well, but for different reasons than outside. We had discovered that some of our neighbors were dangerous people. I had got into a lift but P. was going towards another direction with a stranger. I through my keys at him, made him alert and he came were I was. My keys bounced on the wall and fell on some lockers. I asked P. if he had his own keys so as to open the apartment door and he responded negatively by moving his head right and left. We didn't panic though and returned to our apartment.
We had crawled into bed to hide from our dodgy neighbors that by that time were defined as vampires. Somebody got to as and was trying to get his snout under the sheets to get a nibble. I did not know what to do and decided to byte him as well and show that I had fangs too.
I woke up rather spooked and did not want to go back to sleep as I was afraid that my dream would through me back into that scary world. I saw ugly dolls whenever I closed my eyes; I am a collector of ugly and unintentionally scary dolls and yesterday I added a piece in my collection of which I was especially proud. Now it is time for some more sleep because my head started aching from sleep deprivation. Sweet dreams.

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