Tuesday, 23 November 2010

I smashed a car

I dreamt I was with my boyfriend in a car. We had just parked near our house and were going towards that direction. Then I was in the car again alone and I had to park it. There were plenty of vacant places and it all went quite well. As I was about to get out, I accidentally pushed the handbrake and the car started slipping backwards. Luckily I stirred the wheel just in time so as not to hit the car that was parked behind me. I tried to put it back in place but the stirring wheel was not responding and I ended up turning it completely towards the other direction. With small manoeuvrings I managed to approach the pavement sufficiently. I thought for a little while that it will be difficult to leave from there since I was parked towards the wrong direction on a one-way street. My boyfriend re-appeared in the dream and as we had just managed to get out of the car and lock it, a huge truck went past and completely smashed the street-side side of the car. The mass of the vehicle was so big that the earth trembled as it went by. We run after them to get their plate numbers. Somehow a pale girl fell off it. I caught her by the wrist and took her where the truck had stopped. She did not respond at all as if she was hypnotized or something. The truck had stopped a bit further at a point where the street had got very wide. The driver had got off and was sitting next to a wooden box serving as a table next to a hobo hut. There was a fire and they were preparing something. It was night-time at this point. We sat with them to sort things out. I can't remember the talk we were having but I changed chairs and went to sit by the girl to try to help her sort out her personal issues. She proved to be younger than she looked. She was trying hard to look tough and I started telling her a made-up story about a friend of mine that tried to do the same and how things turned out for her. That must have been the point when I woke up because that is all I can remember.

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