Thursday, 21 February 2013


I was at a house that resembled my mother's and I was about to leave when we heard loud voices from the outside and the gangsters crushed in. I was exactly by the door so I stuck to the wall and hoped that they wouldn't notice me. The last man that came in saw me. I looked at his face and averted my eyes instantly because I thought that if I don't see his face, none of their faces, they might let me go since I will not be a threat. I whispered "can I go?". He said that even if he allowed me there were more thugs outside guarding the place. I peeped and saw that there were, indeed, two more punks watching over the front door. The gangsters bullied us. The head of the clan looked like a young Al Pacino. He brought his face really close to mine to scare me. I made eye contact only for a second and then pleaded again "Can I go?". I have a small gap there but then, I had left this place and I was walking on a busy street and it was nighttime. I was trying to get as far as possible. A car pulled towards me and the driver was S., a dude I fancied some ten years ago. He was not very tall but with very broad shoulders, dark eyes and sideburns. I got into his car and we made out.
Later I was at a dingy bar when he called me. He asked if I was at home and sounded astounded when I informed him about my whereabouts. He said he was at the gym and that he would be late. I was cool because I did not really want a relationship with the guy, snuggling with him was enough, but he had insisted. I saw his car parking outside the window. I leaned forward and saw him. We were still on the phone so I asked if he was outside. He came in with a female friend of his. I asked him why he lied and explained I did not care for a commitment. We parted.
Then I was at a stadium but I am not sure if there would be a music festival or a sports event. I met some acquaintances of mine and they told me that S. would be there too. I decided to avoid him because I was a little hurt, not because he left me, but because he had been lying to me. Everyone went inside, cheering, and I was left outside, alone. I walked and found myself again near the house with the gangsters.
I think I also remember something about cooking, but the rest got lost while preparing coffee and getting dressed.     

Saturday, 16 February 2013

The shadow girl

I was with a woman for whom I would do some work. She had a shop with an attic, where we went. In the attic I shaw a dark figure larking in the shadow. There were a lot of boxes and other old furniture so it was easy for one's eyes to play tricks but I knew I had seen movement. The next time I went up there, despite my suggestions, her little girl followed me and got caught by the shadow that changed places with her, but only I could see it. To everyone else, even to the mother, nothing appeared different but when I looked carefully at the girl I saw that she was a zombie in the color of shadows. I wanted to help her change back so I tried talking to the mother. She had noticed differences in her child's behaviour but only saw the zombie face after close scrutiny. Yet, she did not care much as long as she still had a child. In order to save the real girl I had to convince the dark impostor to lead me to her through the attic, but she refused. Unfortunately, my dream was interrupted by my dog's barking.
I went back to sleep and this time I was the victim of the villain in my second dream.
I think that it all started at my mother's house. She was not there but my father was. It was morning and I was broke, so I was looking around in the house for change. I found some odd money and then under a piece of paper I found a fiver and some coins. He came near and I hid the money. I led him to the back yard where we would have coffee. We sat on the table and my grandfather and my old teacher of sculpture, F., were there too. I had left my dog at the neighbor's roof and I was worried about her, so I asked them If I could bring her to our yard. I called for her and waited. The neighbor's children came to the edge and looked at me. Soon after I heard her running and then she jumped down to come to me.
Latter, I was at a train station and I was carrying a green bag made of synthetic fleece. It was oddly shaped and I had trouble holding it. A woman approached me from behind and suggested that I empty my bag and leave it at a counter near by to be fixed. I told her I had a lot of things in it that I could not carry in my hands and she offered to help me. I was suspicious but somehow she convinced me to store some of my things at her house. At the next moment I was left alone in the middle of a city I had never visited before. I did not know how I had got there but I was vaguely aware it had to do with the woman's advices. I was looking for an office of some sort, or a shop, but I had failed to find it. I was at a crossroads not knowing where I was or where I had to go. I wanted to get to the woman's house to take my things. For a little while I panicked. I was totally lost and alone, broke and with no way to contact somebody. I searched in my pockets and found my phone and this made me feel somewhat more confident, so I decided to explore. I was walking around in the empty streets of this, otherwise beautiful, place and I took a route that would lead me higher up a hill. At some point I looked up and saw that the balcony above my head had filled with water and looked like a fabric, or a balloon that was ready to burst. I crossed the street and examined the whole building from a distance. My first impression was that it had just been built and that it was yet uninhabited. All the verandas were filled with water and the ceilings were hanging downward, about to break. I thought that it must have been because the mechanics had forgotten to add a drainage system. I also noticed it was raining a lot, although I did not feel wet. Then, through a window I saw lamps and furniture and realized that people must have recently moved in there.
I kept walking and eventually I got to a more central part of the town where I met my sister. I asked her if she would like us to go out together later for a drink, but first I wanted a coffee, although it is not a habit of mine to drink coffee so late in the afternoon. We walked together and got into a club. People were dancing to psychedelic trance and I was a bit off-put. I saw my friend D. with her boyfriend M. and thought that I might return to meet them later. For the time, I avoided them and passed to the next room. My sister and I agreed to go home first so that I could leave my things and then return to this district but first she wanted to wee. I stood outside the toilet and waited. Two long-haired guys that looked like students and a girl were standing in front of me and one of them asked my name. I thought he was talking to somebody behind me because his eyes were focused somewhat to my left and further back. He reached out with his hand and I realized it was me he was talking too. I made small talk and tried to explain that the large pillows I was holding were my work. They lost their interest soon, as expected, and left me alone. My sister was taking too long a time and I took my phone out to call her but could not find her number. I decided to look inside. A wave of people came outside, as if they were evacuating the building. I looked again and saw that there was a large empty room and on the opposite wall there were many doors that led to long corridors. People were coming out of the corridors as if from a water slide and there was my sister with her roommate M. . She told me she wanted to stay because M. had told her that now was the best time and that later it would not be as much fun. I was tired and disappointed and really needed a coffee and somewhere to leave the things I was carrying. I thought that I would prefer to sit at a small, rustic, corner restaurant I had seen. I woke up.         

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Cooking contest for Fine Arts

I was participating in a cooking contest that would ensure my acceptance in the school of Fine Arts with a scholarship. I was supposed to have gone through the same process a few years earlier when I studied sculpture. Things were different than I remembered. For example, in the past there were post-its  everywhere with instructions on what to do and what was prohibited, all the meals had to be cold and the participant would only present one dish to the judging committee on the final day. Now we could use the cooker, no description of our scopes was available and we would submit one dish per day. The first few days I was just walking around, not even getting in the room where I was supposed to be cooking and taking advantage of the general slackness. A tall, overconfident, boy was constantly bragging. To sat him up I mentioned that I had already completed a few fine art courses. On the last day I decided to do something spectacular. I thought that since I had presented nothing yet I could only make a cake to reach to the judges' hearts without having to prepare a full meal. I was inspired but a mini croissant. This was my answer; I would make a huge croissant covered in milk chocolate that would taste supreme! I took my sister and went to the supermarket and there we got lost.
I don't know if I ever completed the cake but I do remember finding my sister. Then I was on a train with P. and I., our dog. There were many small children around and although I.was calm I was afraid that one of the little ones would do something to piss her off and she would react violently. We got off the train and got to a porch above a garage. P's friend A. appeared. Bellow us a car parked and a woman got off. She was about to take some shopping bags from her trunk when I. went after her. P. was also there but he did not seem to be aware of the danger. I. had turned into a boy with a muscly hunch-back, a striped sweater, a neck as big as a tree trunk, and large claws. She looked very aggressive and was moving with big paces towards the lady with the bags. I was frightened and amused at the same time by the scene. I tried to call at them, at P. to restrain the dog and at the woman to get in her car. I. went close and made a growling sound. She looked funny indeed with all these muscles and on two legs, although still with the basic proportions of a dog, and a green and blue striped  jumper. The woman fell back on her car but I. did not go any closer. I had completely forgotten her name and could not call for her. I woke up.         

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


In my dream I was still a student at the university. At the beginning I was at my mother's house, in the living room with the blue couches, with my friend M.. She committed suicide by taking poison there on the couch. She had no clothes on and she fell. I was amazed by my lack of feelings. I was annoyed by how untouched I had been by her death. I left her there and went to see my mother who was working in the basement. A lot of time passed before I informed her about the corpse upstairs. My mother suggested that we called the deceased's folks. I led her to the dead body, that had been by now covered with clothes and objects randomly left on the couch, and I showed it to her. At that moment it stirred and came back to life. I embraced her and started crying, although my feelings were still a bit shallow.
I packed my bags and went to school because I was to meet an old friend, E. ,whom I haven't seen for many years. I was in the studio, waiting, when my friend I. showed up. I called E.and she said she would not make it because she was fucking. I got angry with all of them. I had no reason to get angry with I. but somehow I did. I started putting things back in my bag. I.would also leave and we could take the same bus but seeing me so pissed-off she hesitated to ask. I did not mention anything either because I thought that we could walk separately but we might meet at the bus stop and travel together. I left my blue calendar behind.
Before I left I wanted to go to the loo. The toilet had big glass windows with curtains but they did not provide adequate isolation. In the corridor I met a dude I knew from primary school although we had never been friends. I asked him in a manner that did not take no for an answer to come with me in the toilet so as to block me from the view of passers by. I almost pushed him inside, made him sit with his back towards me and put all of my things at his back. A woman nocked on the door to ask what we were doing in there. I explained the situation and she left us. I tried to wee but nothing came out. The guy turned his head towards me and I asked him not to look. I took notice of his feet and commented on the fact that they were really small, like girl's feet, just slightly bigger than mine. He said that they were truly small for men's feet. I kept moaning about my friends and how they kept betraying me, even the one that died at the beginning of the dream, why had she chosen my couch to die on. Eventually the dude turned towards me and we started talking about friends. I still could not urinate. He flushed so that the sound of water might help me. I said that trying to pee without touching the toilet seat was very hard, especially with an unfamiliar audience. I put some toilet paper on the seat so as to sit on it but still not a drop. Somebody knocked on our door and informed us that we should leave the premises because  an anti-terrorist group would scan the building. I made a last, fruitless effort and got outside. I almost fell on the leader of the group. He was a man from eastern Asia. He opened my backpack and found a big bag of flour I had bought for my mother. He asked what it was and I said it was flour. He sliced the bag open and put his tongue inside. I seriously disliked that. After verifying the content himself he let me have it. A woman took me with her in the kitchen to purify my flour with a cool machine that used  the centrifugal force. It was interesting to look at. She also gave me candy, since we were in the kitchen.
I took my things and got going. Nobody was there to escort me to the bus stop. I walked by my self and I was hoping my friend I.would be waiting for me. I woke up with an image of a baby's head whose hair resembled small flowers and looked like a drawing by Quino.     

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


I dreamt that it was christmas and an acquaintance of mine, D.F., whom I am very fond of, had given me his shop to sell my things. I had done fine but moments before I closed I got robed. I did not loose all my money though, thus I could repay him. I called him but our conversation was interrupted by pauses, hence I was not sure about the place where we would meet. I did not know the town well enough either  but I met my friend E. and she would help me. We were walking around and I had my dog with me. We passed by a bar where we met the guy's sister. She said that to get where her brother was we would have to get some means of transport. We continued walking until the dog got tired and I had to carry her. We were a long way from home. I saw a large and complex, cutting edge design, bridge that would lead us close to our destination but my friend did not want to go that way, which was why we continued walking underneath it. We came to a vacant square and then she understood where the bridge led. By the time we met D. it was very late. He asked how it had gone and I responded that it had gone well apart form the robbery incident. I understood that he expected me to give him a percentage of my earnings as some sort of rent. I was alright with this but did not know how much I should give him. I must have waken up. I had plenty to drink last night and my sleep was upset with a lot of images, but they have all left my head by now.     

Friday, 8 February 2013


In my dream I saw A., P.'s friend. It was very early in the morning when he came over. I had just received a message from a place where I had applied for a job and I was trying to call them. A.was terribly hungry and, since I did not rush to his assistance, he was about to cook pasta. I managed to get threw to my new employer, who sounded like a gentle woman, but after apologizing for calling so early in the morning and before I managed to book an appointment with her we were cut. A.was causing mayhem in my kitchen. The water was over-boiling and he put a whole packet of pasta in the pot. I kept calling and at the same time I was telling him off in a low voice so that if somebody picked up the phone on the other side they would not think I was hysterical. A. left without eating but as cheerful as always. I was looking at all this pasta, not knowing what to do with it. Simultaneously I was on the phone, making excuses and arranging time schedules.
I got there and saw it was a sort of rehabilitation centre. All my colleagues seemed fine. We were at the yard, that reminded me of a golf course, laughing and fooling around, waiting for the patients and our supervisors. A woman arrived somewhat later than the rest and we decided to get intimate. We got under a blanket and I was laughing a lot. She got on top and when her pubic hair touched mine I covered it with my hand.
I have a small gap of memory there but then I saw that I returned to my house, that was a nice loft and nothing like my real house, where I met my mates because at that point I was a young dude with a slight, constant, hang-over. I laid on my bad and they made fun of my situation. Subsequently, we all went out and started playing with toy cars, although we were all to big to fit in them. One of our friends, that had got lost earlier in the house, showed up with all of his skin covered in black paint. We told him that we did not appreciate his joke but we used some specific, non-sensical phrase I no longer remember.
I woke up.    

Thursday, 7 February 2013

The farmer's market and our mice-infested house

I dreamt that I had an appointment with my mother at the local farmer's market. I arrived first, very early in the morning. I was at a stall that sold turnips and parsley. A woman was chopping turnips that looks like a pile of weeds and selling them in portions per serving. There were a lot of people waiting. I was watching her and I was wondering how much I might need because she was giving big quantities and I knew I needed less. I was among two stalls and I turned towards the one with the parsley, to listen to what they were talking about. A mentally challenged, large woman in a red sweater and bright hair blew air in my ear with a plastic straw. It hurt a lot and I started yelling at her, saying that it really hurt and that she shouldn't do this to everyone because people like me, with sensitive ears, experienced a lot of pain. I was holding my ear and asked for parsley. I put my hand in the muddy vegetables, chose the the strand I wanted and gave it to the seller. I got little brown snails on my fingers. They gave it to me in a paper bag but not the kind that is used at the grosser's but the sort they give you at quality shops. I turned towards the other side and asked for turnips for two people. They wanted to give me 4-5 portions but I said that 2 would be enough. People were staring at me and I felt uncomfortable. They put my turnips in a bad like the previous one, although this time it was a small blue one and the other was deep red. I said I did not need two bags and put all my vegetables in one. Then I thought that, because I was dressed nicely- I was wearing a skirt- they thought I was one of these people that did not want people to know that they do their own shopping, so they gave me these bags so that people will think I had bought clothes or that it was a present.
It was so early that I had not have coffee yet, or gone to the loo. I walked towards the cafe district. The places that looked the nicest already had a lot of customers and I wanted some privacy so as to go to the toilet. I noticed a man that looked familiar. I decided to go home. As I was walking I saw the man pass by me in a blue car. He parked it near my house. When I got there he was getting off it. From his body language I knew he wanted to go to the toilet too. Yet he came near me and we made small talk. Then two big, muscular dogs showed up. They were very tall and aggressive and moved towards me. They barked and tried to bite and I got nervous. I decided not to show it and I made a big step and a loud sound. They backed off a little but then they came at me again. My mom's dog came to my rescue but they bit him and he left me. They tried to bite my arms but they did not really close their teeth so as to hurt me. I pulled out my keys from my pockets and with trembling hands I opened the door.
I was in the kitchen when the man with the blue car came to visit me. He was in the construction business and I needed his help because our house was falling apart. The bottom of our kitchen cupboards was so infested with mice that they made a commotion. I wondered how my mother managed to sleep in there. She showed up and I introduced the man to her. She had a confused look. I looked outside and saw that he had many bulldozers parked across the street with is logo printed on them. They were white and the logo was in black, red and blue and perhaps a little bit of yellow. I got back in and lit a cigarette. The smoke went through a little pipe to the rats inside the cupboard. I got a clear view of a contraption they had made to collect the cigarette fumes from outside and smoke them in a concentrated form. Once they inhaled they went nuts, in a cartoonish way. They were pink and large-headed with bulging eyes and funny teeth. It was hilarious. I woke.      

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I swallowed baloons

I was somewhere. The place reminded me of my father's warehouse but later it transformed into an industrial exhibition building and a hospital.
There were a lot of people doing different undefined things. I was doing nothing in particular so I was looking for somebody to assist. I met some people that were in the middle of a photo-shoot. One looked like, or had the same attributes to be precise, with a man I knew when I was in the university. He was an old graduate that showed-up from time to time to talk to one of the tutors. The other might have been a christian-orthodox priest. They lacked some props and I remembered storing things like these in the labyrinthine storage rooms of my father. I went round and got in from the main entrance. There were attached rooms that apart from the doors that linked them had separate doors  that led to the yard too, but they were so stuffed with things that sometimes these exits were blocked. I took a long breath and moved from one room to the next, turning on the lights in each one by old industrial switches. I've always been fond of these small, green boxes with a small black ball at the end of the lever.
My research for props was successful. I found old clothes and vintage sunglasses and some balloons. I put three of these in my mouth and tried to hold my breath until I got out. I could not hold it for that long and I, accidentally, swallowed them. The photographer was very pleased with my findings but, once I told my father I had swallowed balloons he became furious. I said I would try to vomit and I went looking for a toilet. It was then I found myself in the hospital.
It was a massive building with a lot of hidden doors, odd staircases and half floors. I was searching but I could not find the toilets. When I did they were too dirty even for puke. Eventually I got from a half-hidden passage to a room that had small, wooden cubicles with this function. I got into one and pushed myself to be sick. My efforts were fruitless. I gave up and headed back.
It must have been at that moment that my scenery changed into the exhibition facility. A very large show was up and I met some people that I used to see often but had never been acquainted with. We started chatting and I was explaining how I chose to become an artist instead of a silversmith. Then we were talking about older shows and then I saw that N., a dude I know, was also showing his work there and I was very curious to see what he had been up to. Instead I woke up. It had been an hour since I turned off the alarm clock and I was barely in time to wake my partner, so that he wouldn't be late for work. I am afraid that there are important bits and pieces of this dream missing but this is all I can recall. 

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


My dream was awesome. I saw that P. and I had gained superpowers after some incidents. I don't remember what sort of powers they were, although I know they were connected with the possession of an object. Some people that were like vampires were after us and we were traveling from city to city. We visited a rural town where we stayed at the house of some old relatives. They had an odd little son. So little as to fit into one's palm. Everyone had gone to a christening and they left us alone with the child. P.was standing next to him and I went near. There were flowers and behind us there was one of these old furniture people have to show their brick-a-brack on them. The child pretended to meditate and when we were not looking he moved in big paces among these old knick-knacks. I lifted him and put him closer to us but he did the same.
Then we left this place and were in a corn-field. Somehow we got separated and I was lured by the vampires at their place. I think that at that point my ability was to change faces. I was a man but they knew who I was and the super-villain asked one of his men to catch me and turn me into a vampire too. I saw the creature's canine teeth grow. They were ugly  but not pointy. I thought that his bite must hurt a lot. I managed to escape by a last face-swap and I run to meet P. again. He was at a hospital and had our magical object with him. At some point I saw that we were sitting in a dimly lit hospital bed and we had merged. I had been cut in half and my bum was missing but we could transform into one person, although P. was intact. Our nurse came over and told us we had a visitor. During my last face-swap I had brought a man with me  who was now leaving from a basement knowing he was our enemy but too dazed to catch us. Then the super-villain came into our room. He had something ours and a black extension cord he plugged into his mouth. He was a very tall man, with broad shoulders and short hair. He had charged himself enough to do great damage. P. asked me to save whatever it was we had that made us special. I took it and run.
I found a door with a very big golden knob. Behind it there was another door, more regularly shaped that led to the garden. I crawled on the floor and spotted a creature. I captured it and saw it was a bird that was very small and fat. Usually, when you catch a bird it feels very small and fragile but the one I found was so fat I could not feel its skeleton. Its belly was featherless and gray. It had great, big eyes and its colours varied from red to yellow with a warm orange as the dominant one. I knew I had to keep it.
I was walking on the streets with my bird in my hand and my hospital clothes. It was like a touristic yet nice district without traffic and swerving roads. I thought I saw P.. It was indeed him and we went to a shop where we met more people like us who told me we were all being persecuted and we would have to get to a sort of colony.
Then I was at a crowded crossroads  and I might have been with my sister. The bad guys were after us but there were so many people around they could not really harm us. We had to catch the bus 115. We were approaching a station of double decker buses. We were in a hurry to catch it before the villains got to us. We crossed a road and they were left behind because a bus passed in front of them. Eventually we got on and although it was not the 115 it proved to be the right one. Lots of odd people were in it. I saw a familiar old lady with a strange yellow animal that resembled to a cat. The bus was very narrow and in the upper floor there was only one row of seats in each isle. All the seats faced toward the centre. I took one. Apparently we were all fugitives and not well aware of one another. Another old lady asked me about the existence of some unexpected creature. The bus started and I woke up.   

Sunday, 3 February 2013


In my dream, I saw we were drug-dealers without our knowledge and that we were almost caught by the police. Then I was at a house that might belong to a relative, where I met a supposing third cousin of mine whom I thought to be quite attractive. I went to work and I saw him again as I  passed by an office, talking to the directress of the establishment. On my way to the classroom I met a student that had just woken up. He was still in his bed. I went inside and sat by his side. He took some medicine from a strange container. I asked but did not understand what his medical condition was. I left and found myself wondering in a large city. I was at a crossroads and I wanted to go to a district of which I was entirely unfamiliar. I checked my pocket and touched my oyster-card. It was still daytime at that point, but the next thing I remember is going down the opposite direction at dusk and the place looking vaguely like the public square above the train station of my hometown. I returned home and met my cousin again in the living room. I took a good look at him. He was tall, nicely built, with bright eyes and light-coloured hair and he wore a fluffy old-fashioned sweater. I was positively attracted to him. Subsequently I dreamt I was walking round the house and I reached his room. I went in and laid next to him in his bed. I remember thinking that all I wanted was some cuddling, that I was not in love and that it didn't matter that we were related. I kissed him and did not like the texture of his mustache on my lips. Eventually I got out of the bed and started thinking that I really wanted to cuddle in bed with somebody. I woke up and found my regular cuddling material sleeping peacefully next to me. I had an awful soar-throat and I got up to make some coffee.