Tuesday, 12 February 2013


I dreamt that it was christmas and an acquaintance of mine, D.F., whom I am very fond of, had given me his shop to sell my things. I had done fine but moments before I closed I got robed. I did not loose all my money though, thus I could repay him. I called him but our conversation was interrupted by pauses, hence I was not sure about the place where we would meet. I did not know the town well enough either  but I met my friend E. and she would help me. We were walking around and I had my dog with me. We passed by a bar where we met the guy's sister. She said that to get where her brother was we would have to get some means of transport. We continued walking until the dog got tired and I had to carry her. We were a long way from home. I saw a large and complex, cutting edge design, bridge that would lead us close to our destination but my friend did not want to go that way, which was why we continued walking underneath it. We came to a vacant square and then she understood where the bridge led. By the time we met D. it was very late. He asked how it had gone and I responded that it had gone well apart form the robbery incident. I understood that he expected me to give him a percentage of my earnings as some sort of rent. I was alright with this but did not know how much I should give him. I must have waken up. I had plenty to drink last night and my sleep was upset with a lot of images, but they have all left my head by now.     

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