Friday, 8 February 2013


In my dream I saw A., P.'s friend. It was very early in the morning when he came over. I had just received a message from a place where I had applied for a job and I was trying to call them. A.was terribly hungry and, since I did not rush to his assistance, he was about to cook pasta. I managed to get threw to my new employer, who sounded like a gentle woman, but after apologizing for calling so early in the morning and before I managed to book an appointment with her we were cut. A.was causing mayhem in my kitchen. The water was over-boiling and he put a whole packet of pasta in the pot. I kept calling and at the same time I was telling him off in a low voice so that if somebody picked up the phone on the other side they would not think I was hysterical. A. left without eating but as cheerful as always. I was looking at all this pasta, not knowing what to do with it. Simultaneously I was on the phone, making excuses and arranging time schedules.
I got there and saw it was a sort of rehabilitation centre. All my colleagues seemed fine. We were at the yard, that reminded me of a golf course, laughing and fooling around, waiting for the patients and our supervisors. A woman arrived somewhat later than the rest and we decided to get intimate. We got under a blanket and I was laughing a lot. She got on top and when her pubic hair touched mine I covered it with my hand.
I have a small gap of memory there but then I saw that I returned to my house, that was a nice loft and nothing like my real house, where I met my mates because at that point I was a young dude with a slight, constant, hang-over. I laid on my bad and they made fun of my situation. Subsequently, we all went out and started playing with toy cars, although we were all to big to fit in them. One of our friends, that had got lost earlier in the house, showed up with all of his skin covered in black paint. We told him that we did not appreciate his joke but we used some specific, non-sensical phrase I no longer remember.
I woke up.    

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