Saturday, 16 February 2013

The shadow girl

I was with a woman for whom I would do some work. She had a shop with an attic, where we went. In the attic I shaw a dark figure larking in the shadow. There were a lot of boxes and other old furniture so it was easy for one's eyes to play tricks but I knew I had seen movement. The next time I went up there, despite my suggestions, her little girl followed me and got caught by the shadow that changed places with her, but only I could see it. To everyone else, even to the mother, nothing appeared different but when I looked carefully at the girl I saw that she was a zombie in the color of shadows. I wanted to help her change back so I tried talking to the mother. She had noticed differences in her child's behaviour but only saw the zombie face after close scrutiny. Yet, she did not care much as long as she still had a child. In order to save the real girl I had to convince the dark impostor to lead me to her through the attic, but she refused. Unfortunately, my dream was interrupted by my dog's barking.
I went back to sleep and this time I was the victim of the villain in my second dream.
I think that it all started at my mother's house. She was not there but my father was. It was morning and I was broke, so I was looking around in the house for change. I found some odd money and then under a piece of paper I found a fiver and some coins. He came near and I hid the money. I led him to the back yard where we would have coffee. We sat on the table and my grandfather and my old teacher of sculpture, F., were there too. I had left my dog at the neighbor's roof and I was worried about her, so I asked them If I could bring her to our yard. I called for her and waited. The neighbor's children came to the edge and looked at me. Soon after I heard her running and then she jumped down to come to me.
Latter, I was at a train station and I was carrying a green bag made of synthetic fleece. It was oddly shaped and I had trouble holding it. A woman approached me from behind and suggested that I empty my bag and leave it at a counter near by to be fixed. I told her I had a lot of things in it that I could not carry in my hands and she offered to help me. I was suspicious but somehow she convinced me to store some of my things at her house. At the next moment I was left alone in the middle of a city I had never visited before. I did not know how I had got there but I was vaguely aware it had to do with the woman's advices. I was looking for an office of some sort, or a shop, but I had failed to find it. I was at a crossroads not knowing where I was or where I had to go. I wanted to get to the woman's house to take my things. For a little while I panicked. I was totally lost and alone, broke and with no way to contact somebody. I searched in my pockets and found my phone and this made me feel somewhat more confident, so I decided to explore. I was walking around in the empty streets of this, otherwise beautiful, place and I took a route that would lead me higher up a hill. At some point I looked up and saw that the balcony above my head had filled with water and looked like a fabric, or a balloon that was ready to burst. I crossed the street and examined the whole building from a distance. My first impression was that it had just been built and that it was yet uninhabited. All the verandas were filled with water and the ceilings were hanging downward, about to break. I thought that it must have been because the mechanics had forgotten to add a drainage system. I also noticed it was raining a lot, although I did not feel wet. Then, through a window I saw lamps and furniture and realized that people must have recently moved in there.
I kept walking and eventually I got to a more central part of the town where I met my sister. I asked her if she would like us to go out together later for a drink, but first I wanted a coffee, although it is not a habit of mine to drink coffee so late in the afternoon. We walked together and got into a club. People were dancing to psychedelic trance and I was a bit off-put. I saw my friend D. with her boyfriend M. and thought that I might return to meet them later. For the time, I avoided them and passed to the next room. My sister and I agreed to go home first so that I could leave my things and then return to this district but first she wanted to wee. I stood outside the toilet and waited. Two long-haired guys that looked like students and a girl were standing in front of me and one of them asked my name. I thought he was talking to somebody behind me because his eyes were focused somewhat to my left and further back. He reached out with his hand and I realized it was me he was talking too. I made small talk and tried to explain that the large pillows I was holding were my work. They lost their interest soon, as expected, and left me alone. My sister was taking too long a time and I took my phone out to call her but could not find her number. I decided to look inside. A wave of people came outside, as if they were evacuating the building. I looked again and saw that there was a large empty room and on the opposite wall there were many doors that led to long corridors. People were coming out of the corridors as if from a water slide and there was my sister with her roommate M. . She told me she wanted to stay because M. had told her that now was the best time and that later it would not be as much fun. I was tired and disappointed and really needed a coffee and somewhere to leave the things I was carrying. I thought that I would prefer to sit at a small, rustic, corner restaurant I had seen. I woke up.         

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