Wednesday, 13 February 2013


In my dream I was still a student at the university. At the beginning I was at my mother's house, in the living room with the blue couches, with my friend M.. She committed suicide by taking poison there on the couch. She had no clothes on and she fell. I was amazed by my lack of feelings. I was annoyed by how untouched I had been by her death. I left her there and went to see my mother who was working in the basement. A lot of time passed before I informed her about the corpse upstairs. My mother suggested that we called the deceased's folks. I led her to the dead body, that had been by now covered with clothes and objects randomly left on the couch, and I showed it to her. At that moment it stirred and came back to life. I embraced her and started crying, although my feelings were still a bit shallow.
I packed my bags and went to school because I was to meet an old friend, E. ,whom I haven't seen for many years. I was in the studio, waiting, when my friend I. showed up. I called E.and she said she would not make it because she was fucking. I got angry with all of them. I had no reason to get angry with I. but somehow I did. I started putting things back in my bag. I.would also leave and we could take the same bus but seeing me so pissed-off she hesitated to ask. I did not mention anything either because I thought that we could walk separately but we might meet at the bus stop and travel together. I left my blue calendar behind.
Before I left I wanted to go to the loo. The toilet had big glass windows with curtains but they did not provide adequate isolation. In the corridor I met a dude I knew from primary school although we had never been friends. I asked him in a manner that did not take no for an answer to come with me in the toilet so as to block me from the view of passers by. I almost pushed him inside, made him sit with his back towards me and put all of my things at his back. A woman nocked on the door to ask what we were doing in there. I explained the situation and she left us. I tried to wee but nothing came out. The guy turned his head towards me and I asked him not to look. I took notice of his feet and commented on the fact that they were really small, like girl's feet, just slightly bigger than mine. He said that they were truly small for men's feet. I kept moaning about my friends and how they kept betraying me, even the one that died at the beginning of the dream, why had she chosen my couch to die on. Eventually the dude turned towards me and we started talking about friends. I still could not urinate. He flushed so that the sound of water might help me. I said that trying to pee without touching the toilet seat was very hard, especially with an unfamiliar audience. I put some toilet paper on the seat so as to sit on it but still not a drop. Somebody knocked on our door and informed us that we should leave the premises because  an anti-terrorist group would scan the building. I made a last, fruitless effort and got outside. I almost fell on the leader of the group. He was a man from eastern Asia. He opened my backpack and found a big bag of flour I had bought for my mother. He asked what it was and I said it was flour. He sliced the bag open and put his tongue inside. I seriously disliked that. After verifying the content himself he let me have it. A woman took me with her in the kitchen to purify my flour with a cool machine that used  the centrifugal force. It was interesting to look at. She also gave me candy, since we were in the kitchen.
I took my things and got going. Nobody was there to escort me to the bus stop. I walked by my self and I was hoping my friend I.would be waiting for me. I woke up with an image of a baby's head whose hair resembled small flowers and looked like a drawing by Quino.     

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