Thursday, 14 February 2013

Cooking contest for Fine Arts

I was participating in a cooking contest that would ensure my acceptance in the school of Fine Arts with a scholarship. I was supposed to have gone through the same process a few years earlier when I studied sculpture. Things were different than I remembered. For example, in the past there were post-its  everywhere with instructions on what to do and what was prohibited, all the meals had to be cold and the participant would only present one dish to the judging committee on the final day. Now we could use the cooker, no description of our scopes was available and we would submit one dish per day. The first few days I was just walking around, not even getting in the room where I was supposed to be cooking and taking advantage of the general slackness. A tall, overconfident, boy was constantly bragging. To sat him up I mentioned that I had already completed a few fine art courses. On the last day I decided to do something spectacular. I thought that since I had presented nothing yet I could only make a cake to reach to the judges' hearts without having to prepare a full meal. I was inspired but a mini croissant. This was my answer; I would make a huge croissant covered in milk chocolate that would taste supreme! I took my sister and went to the supermarket and there we got lost.
I don't know if I ever completed the cake but I do remember finding my sister. Then I was on a train with P. and I., our dog. There were many small children around and although I.was calm I was afraid that one of the little ones would do something to piss her off and she would react violently. We got off the train and got to a porch above a garage. P's friend A. appeared. Bellow us a car parked and a woman got off. She was about to take some shopping bags from her trunk when I. went after her. P. was also there but he did not seem to be aware of the danger. I. had turned into a boy with a muscly hunch-back, a striped sweater, a neck as big as a tree trunk, and large claws. She looked very aggressive and was moving with big paces towards the lady with the bags. I was frightened and amused at the same time by the scene. I tried to call at them, at P. to restrain the dog and at the woman to get in her car. I. went close and made a growling sound. She looked funny indeed with all these muscles and on two legs, although still with the basic proportions of a dog, and a green and blue striped  jumper. The woman fell back on her car but I. did not go any closer. I had completely forgotten her name and could not call for her. I woke up.         

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