Thursday, 7 February 2013

The farmer's market and our mice-infested house

I dreamt that I had an appointment with my mother at the local farmer's market. I arrived first, very early in the morning. I was at a stall that sold turnips and parsley. A woman was chopping turnips that looks like a pile of weeds and selling them in portions per serving. There were a lot of people waiting. I was watching her and I was wondering how much I might need because she was giving big quantities and I knew I needed less. I was among two stalls and I turned towards the one with the parsley, to listen to what they were talking about. A mentally challenged, large woman in a red sweater and bright hair blew air in my ear with a plastic straw. It hurt a lot and I started yelling at her, saying that it really hurt and that she shouldn't do this to everyone because people like me, with sensitive ears, experienced a lot of pain. I was holding my ear and asked for parsley. I put my hand in the muddy vegetables, chose the the strand I wanted and gave it to the seller. I got little brown snails on my fingers. They gave it to me in a paper bag but not the kind that is used at the grosser's but the sort they give you at quality shops. I turned towards the other side and asked for turnips for two people. They wanted to give me 4-5 portions but I said that 2 would be enough. People were staring at me and I felt uncomfortable. They put my turnips in a bad like the previous one, although this time it was a small blue one and the other was deep red. I said I did not need two bags and put all my vegetables in one. Then I thought that, because I was dressed nicely- I was wearing a skirt- they thought I was one of these people that did not want people to know that they do their own shopping, so they gave me these bags so that people will think I had bought clothes or that it was a present.
It was so early that I had not have coffee yet, or gone to the loo. I walked towards the cafe district. The places that looked the nicest already had a lot of customers and I wanted some privacy so as to go to the toilet. I noticed a man that looked familiar. I decided to go home. As I was walking I saw the man pass by me in a blue car. He parked it near my house. When I got there he was getting off it. From his body language I knew he wanted to go to the toilet too. Yet he came near me and we made small talk. Then two big, muscular dogs showed up. They were very tall and aggressive and moved towards me. They barked and tried to bite and I got nervous. I decided not to show it and I made a big step and a loud sound. They backed off a little but then they came at me again. My mom's dog came to my rescue but they bit him and he left me. They tried to bite my arms but they did not really close their teeth so as to hurt me. I pulled out my keys from my pockets and with trembling hands I opened the door.
I was in the kitchen when the man with the blue car came to visit me. He was in the construction business and I needed his help because our house was falling apart. The bottom of our kitchen cupboards was so infested with mice that they made a commotion. I wondered how my mother managed to sleep in there. She showed up and I introduced the man to her. She had a confused look. I looked outside and saw that he had many bulldozers parked across the street with is logo printed on them. They were white and the logo was in black, red and blue and perhaps a little bit of yellow. I got back in and lit a cigarette. The smoke went through a little pipe to the rats inside the cupboard. I got a clear view of a contraption they had made to collect the cigarette fumes from outside and smoke them in a concentrated form. Once they inhaled they went nuts, in a cartoonish way. They were pink and large-headed with bulging eyes and funny teeth. It was hilarious. I woke.      

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