Sunday, 3 February 2013


In my dream, I saw we were drug-dealers without our knowledge and that we were almost caught by the police. Then I was at a house that might belong to a relative, where I met a supposing third cousin of mine whom I thought to be quite attractive. I went to work and I saw him again as I  passed by an office, talking to the directress of the establishment. On my way to the classroom I met a student that had just woken up. He was still in his bed. I went inside and sat by his side. He took some medicine from a strange container. I asked but did not understand what his medical condition was. I left and found myself wondering in a large city. I was at a crossroads and I wanted to go to a district of which I was entirely unfamiliar. I checked my pocket and touched my oyster-card. It was still daytime at that point, but the next thing I remember is going down the opposite direction at dusk and the place looking vaguely like the public square above the train station of my hometown. I returned home and met my cousin again in the living room. I took a good look at him. He was tall, nicely built, with bright eyes and light-coloured hair and he wore a fluffy old-fashioned sweater. I was positively attracted to him. Subsequently I dreamt I was walking round the house and I reached his room. I went in and laid next to him in his bed. I remember thinking that all I wanted was some cuddling, that I was not in love and that it didn't matter that we were related. I kissed him and did not like the texture of his mustache on my lips. Eventually I got out of the bed and started thinking that I really wanted to cuddle in bed with somebody. I woke up and found my regular cuddling material sleeping peacefully next to me. I had an awful soar-throat and I got up to make some coffee.            

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