Sunday, 15 April 2012

Publishing house

I dreamt I was with my girl-friends. We were trying to get an opportunity to pitch a project at a big publishing house. We were standing outside their establishment in order to book an appointment. Time was passing and we realized that nobody was bothering with us. We turned and started walking further down the road. A man called us then. He was a very dodgy-looking man, that now reminds me of Edward James Olmos at Blade Runner. He informed us that an editor would see us there and then and that we would have to follow him. We did and we went inside and then through a side door and inside a lift that led us, by getting out from the other side of which we got in, to the attached building. There were no furniture and the whole place had the colour of concrete with intervals of the cloudy sky that was visible through the openings left by the absence of finished walls. The industrial site made our prospect encounter even stranger.We must have been rather high, judging by the view. I could see that the clouds were almost at eye-level. We walked further in passing by small, silent groups of people dressed in faded colours, as if they wanted to match the environment. We were still following our suspiciously looking top-dog, getting increasingly stressed by the fact that we had nothing in our hands to present. After all we had only gone there to book a date. I wished I had a card with my blog address on me when I saw that one of the girls was beginning to act like a harlot. This enraged me. I had had enough of this girl, always getting her way in this intolerable manner. I started feeling increasingly confident about my work and quickened my pace. We stood in front of a large, threatening opening on the wall.

Somebody woke me up. Darn.