Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Goths and vampires

I have been watching a lot of episodes from "the nanny" latelly and I saw her in my sleep. Only, she was merged with an old, lean, generic figure of a mature man with silver hair. I woke up in the middle of the night with this disturbing image on my mind but no further details of what I had been dreaming.

I slept again and saw the man again, or someone with a similar description. He had me staying in his manor that resembled both a loft and a castle. It was night and posh people were there, sitting around a table, eating and drinking. Then Hell broke loose and at first we were chasing around a couple of attackers and then a thin, goth girl stopped me as I was running down the stairs. It was the kind of staircase you see in old horror movies, that runs around a circular-built, brick wall and has no balustrade. She informed me that the man was a vampire and that the only thing he wanted from me was my youth. She made herself pretty clear and I was convinced of the truth of her statement. As I was about to escape with her the vampires reached us. It was a big scene with people screaming and accusing each-other. We kept running around and then I woke up again. It was dawn and I went back to sleep.

I met the man once more. I was angry at him for trying to take advantage of me, although I did miss his gloomy-classy, vintage-horror, minimal mansion and la-di-da friends. I sat next to him at a round, wooden table and brought my chair rather close. My hair were straight and I had black glasses on. We went on talking about this and that and moved closer to each-other in a careless sort of way. He gave me a small piece of paper and I started drawing doodles on it. Then his father came and sat with his business associates on our table. I was very rude and did not pay any attention to them, only continued drawing doodles. He informed his father that I was a psychiatric patient and therefor anything could be expected from me and all would be justified. I could act regardless of every social convention. I felt like a diva in my sunglasses and long black hair.

Later I was standing by him, as he was sitting on a chaise-longue, talking about the orthography of adjectives and more specifically of the word "platonic" in reference to love. We agreed to go to a party together and he became significantly younger. We walked into a super market and did some shopping. As we were approaching the cashier I remembered that I had forgotten the most important things: beer and snacks. I asked him to wait for me and I would rush and get some. I found the most extraordinary package! It was a long glass tube that rose as a spiral and had multiple cans of different brands of beer inside. Spectacular! I grabbed a couple and as I was walking towards the bakery I saw my mother and sister coming down the stairs. We spoke for a moment as I was picking up buns and my dog came as well. I thought it was very inappropriate for a dog to be at the bakery and pushed her aside. A random girl passed between us. My mother, my sister and I walked to the cashier and found my fellow waiting patiently. When we got out it was night-time again and he sat down at the pavement. I exhibited the package of booze I had discovered and I was very proud about it. It started liquifying in my hands and I put it in my back-pack. My mom had fallen asleep next to a tree and next to her was a custom-designed juice carton. We woke her up and asked her if she had ordered for it but she replied that it was not hers.

We left that place and sat at the top of a small hill that overlooked a part of a city. I think that my mother and sister were still there but probably sitting at a small distance from us. I was sitting on the ground with my legs crossed and next to me was my new friend, that by that point was as young as I am, dressed like a glamorous goth. Next to him was a girl in similar clothes. They were both lying on their tummies and I could see their round and slim buttocks under their skinny trousers. We were talking about old class-mates and friends from the university and my friend T. and Ch., a girl I was never fond of, came up as a subject. He said something silly and I spanked him. The girl laughed and I hit her bum too. Then I accused her of enjoying the incident too much. The sky had the colours of dusk and I woke up.

Friday, 3 February 2012

huge fluffy fungus

Initially I was with friends designing reindeer. I didn't know if I should make them to be presented from above or from a frontal view point. At that point I also started treating the subject as a three-dimensional object and as a drawing at the same time.

Then, through a complete change of scenery, I found my self at a student's dormitory that was partly a squat. As I was about to walk to my room a big girl stopped me and informed me that we were being invaded by skinheads. She also told me it was not the first time and that the only way to save ourselves from getting beaten was to escape through the top floors to the nearby mountains. My room was at the top floor and we rushed there, collected a few things for the night and got out through the window.

It was tricky to climb up the trees that lead to the mountain top. A funny mountain it was because it felt all fluffy and soft, like a very large fungus. We were crawling on all fours on it and as the wind blew it moved and I saw inside the cracks that opened on its surface. I saw my old duvet in there. We kept crawling until we reached a spot from where we could see our building. We hoped they couldn't see us. Soon the enemies reached my room. I saw them though the window. One of them saw us too and asked how many we were. The girl responded that it was just the two of us. I had hidden underneath a bulgy, colourful sombrero I found in my back pack. The guy asked if I was Mexican. I got rid of the hat because apparently it turned me into a target. We camped there and heard the reports of the victims in the buildings. Most of them were the invaders that had assaulted each other. I told them that they were a disgrace to the rest of the punks and that they had turned a squat into a massacre.

Morning came and I pooped in the middle of a green carpet we had to create soap. Subsequently I took a very big bar of green soap that I had wrapped in oil-paper and put in my bag, sliced it and hid the poop in there. I asked the girl if there was no other way from the mountain to the city apart from my window. Her answer was negative. She told me that if we moved further we might meet more people that have escaped the building. We walked further down the mountain and reached some bookshelves with my books. I was very happy that they had been salvaged but there were also a bunch of posh lads that had borrowed a few for the night. I was not happy at all about this. I saw my Discworld volumes and caressed them lovingly. Dark was starting to fall again and I decided to take a stroll at that part of the town. I had never been there before. As I got off the fungus mountain I found myself on a narrow street with tall brick walls on either side. It looked mystified.

The alarm went off and I woke up.

I went back to sleep and this time I was at the top again, in a rather spacious tent and P.was there too. He had a desk by the window through which we could observe the mayhem. We heard noise as if somebody was approaching. I hid in my sleeping-bag and kept quiet. Then I started wondering how we hoped to be hidden and lay low in that mansion-size tent. I accepted it as a convention.

P. was awake, listening to music. I also woke up. I had a sip from a cup of luke-warm cocoa he had left beside me. Good-morning would have to wait.